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Who am I?   You can read about me, myself and I right here.  I tried to keep that page as boringless as possible.


This blog isn’t about me.  It’s about you.


I hope that by sharing my home, life, biz and travel shenanigans … I inspire you to change things up in your life too.  My goal is to help you make your house a HOME. I’m here to help you Design the Life You Want To Live in a non-boring, blah blah blah way.  We like to have some belly laughing fun around here.


It’s all about lessening the noise, simplicity in style and appreciating the sunnier side of life.  And laughing.  A lot of laughing.


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Snoop through my house. It’s fun.


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Dear Cancer, You can suck it.


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Video. GAH. Halp *deer in the headlights*

Come on an airstream video tour! https://youtu.be/saWgWSFzU48      How to knit a chunky wool blanket https://youtu.be/uZed0uCrzkY      Cancer video & our children's perspective on watching their Dad with cancer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wka64n-PNaA

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