$100 Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway. Maybe. With your vote.


Come vote for this living room on lynneknowlton.com for a chance to win a $100 Home Depot Gift Card ! Wooohooo ! It's fun and easy to win ! Come give it a try !

Living room IN the Kitchen

Did you know that there is a Home and Garden contest going on right now?

Right now.


In this moment.

A  contest !!

And I’m losing.  I’d hate to say that I am a sore loser.  I am a sore loser.  There.  I said it.   I hate to talk that way.  See what this contest is doing to me ? Help me.

What’s in it for you ? Money, honey.  Not Canadian tire money.  Not funny money.  Home Depot money.

The home and garden blog is having a wee contest with a $100 Home Depot gift card giveaway.  If I win, do you want to know what I am going to do with all that moolah ?  I’m giving it to you.    I know.  I know.  Kiss me later.   Especially if your name is Channing Tatum.


This contest involves Facebook, home depot, money money money, and a bit of swearing.  I just threw the swearing part in.  I like to swear.  Like a sailor. Possibly even a truck driver.  Shhh.

Have you ever stood back and taken a long hard look at your living room and thought to yourself:

Are you kidding me ?

Am I getting punk’d ?


My living room is punk’in me, big time.

Whattup wit dat?

I say ~ take the bull by the horns and punk it back.  I did.  I taught my living room a lesson.  I put it in my kitchen.  And you think I joke.  Everyone should attempt a sofa in the kitchen. Your butt will never regret it.  You won’t believe how fun it is to watch someone else make your dinner from your sofa.  I don’t care if the kids make me a PB & J sammy sandwich.  I’m happy.  I’m on the sofa.  I never turn down an opportunity for a sofa plunk.


You up for the challenge ?  Don’t worry, I won’t make you stuff your living room in your kitchen.  This is much easier:

You vote.  I win.  You get the money.  *happy dance*


Here’s how you play this game :


1.   Go like my Facebook page.  Stat.   Get movin’.

2.   Go like the Home and Garden events page.

3.   Go like my living room in the kitchen.

There is a whole lotta liking going on around here.


Come vote for this living room on lynneknowlton.com for a chance to win a $100 Home Depot Gift Card ! Wooohooo ! It's fun and easy to win ! Come give it a try !


This is what my living room in the kitchen looks like, so you know which one to vote for:

If you vote for a different living room… well…. well… I don’t know if you and I can be friends anymore.  You better bloody well have some bribery chocolate in your back pocket.  Hand it over.



4.   Leave a comment in the blog and let me know what you did.  I don’t need to really know what you did today.  You naughty thing.  Not that.  Let me know that you voted.  Unless what you did today was super interesting.  Spill it.  I love a good story.

* Hot tip * :  You can vote every day up to April 26th.  That could mean a vote a day by you = more opportunity to WIN.  Every vote counts as a voting point here on the blog.  Let me know each day in the comment section here on the blog.  That’s how you win.  The one who votes the most, wins !

But wait.  Stand by.  There’s more.  OMG, I just officially sounded like an infomercial.  Shoot me.  Shoot me now.

Come vote for this living room on lynneknowlton.com for a chance to win a $100 Home Depot Gift Card ! Wooohooo ! It's fun and easy to win ! Come give it a try !


Ask me a design question.  For free. 

Ask me in the comment section of the blog.  I will answer you.  I roll like that.  Unless I am taking a bubble bath.  I have learned that technology and bath water are not a good combo.  How’s that for a hot design tip?

The answer to your design dilemma will come directly back to you in your email inbox.  Coolio, huh?  I can’t promise I will know all the answers.  But I’ll pretend that I do.  I’ll just make shit up.  Jokes.  Just for you.  Because I love you.

Your dilemmas are safe with me.  You are talking to the gal who can’t look at a candle holder & a bucket at Ikea while holding it upside down and thinking… wow… this would make a great light fixture !

I won’t give you some fancy dancy schmancy answer, that will make your jaw hit the ground.  Nothing designer-esque with high fallootin’ names all thrown about.  I will give you the straight goods.  Cool ideas on how to do stuff for the least expensive way possible.  Unique.  Creative.  Practical. Suddenly, your home will love you again.  You will be having a love affair with your home.  Floozy.

Ready for it ?   I can dream up funky, unique, ‘outside the box’ stuff with my eyes closed and hands tied behind my back. I’m like the Houdini of home design.  Try me.  Go ahead.  Bother me.  I dare you.  Double dare you.

I’ll give you real deal ideas.

Simple ideas.

I can steer you in the right direction. Note : it may be toward Ikea or West Elm.

West Elm is rocking my world these days.   Have you been to a West Elm lately ? Holy Hannah.  LOVE. PS.  It is the same company as Pottery Barn and yet it is the eclectic modern version with a twist of affordable sexiness.

I’ll give you ideas in the comment section of this blog post that will make your house feel like home.  Ahhhh.  That’s enough to make a kitten purr.

You game ?!

Well then get voting.  Like, like and then like.  Share it with your friends.  Let me know about that too.  That counts as a vote ! Tell them to come and leave a comment and ask me some not so complicated questions.   I will even try to give your friends a different answer to their design dilemma so you kids don’t have matching houses.  Awkward turtle.  That could be embarrassing.  My bad.  My fault.  Your problem.

Whew.  I think I’m tired.


Come vote for this living room on lynneknowlton.com for a chance to win a $100 Home Depot Gift Card ! Wooohooo ! It's fun and easy to win ! Come give it a try !



Did you like this blog post?  I dish out cool ideas all the time.  For free.  Want to receive those funky ideas directly in your email inbox ? Click here to make that happen or fill out the form below.  It’s cool.  I promise.  No ads.  No spam in a can.  Just the real deal.  Once a week.  Or so.  I’m a bit of a wild card.  When the inspiration strikes me~ It will strike you too ! Wooohooo !


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64 Responses

  1. Tracie Berry says:

    P.S..S. Congrats on winning the living room contest!!!!! Of course you did…….and by a landslide to boot! :)

  2. Julie says:

    Hi. My name is Julie. I live in Pennsylvania. I have a wonderful husband, 4 beautiful boys, a sweet dog named Mollie, and I too love to decorate. Three days ago the wonderful husband was diagnosed with leukemia, I stumbled onto your blog today. It was a God thing.
    I hope and pray that Michael lives a long, long time. I hope we get through this with the strength and humor that you seem to have. We are scared. I am mad and shocked out of my socks that our perfect little life was shattered. I bet that sounds familiar. Anyway, thanks for the blog. You seem like a fun girl. Blessings to you and the family, Julie

    • Hello Julie,
      I am so happy that you wrote to me. It takes incredible courage to write about it, and it takes incredible courage to get through cancer.

      Make no mistake… I do have a great time and laugh my butt off… but I also cry my face off too. It is sooooo okay to be scared. It would be crazy if you weren’t scared. Cancer is scary. The unknown is scary.

      What have I learned along the way? Knowledge is power. The more you learn and educate yourself on leukaemia ( and any cancer) , the less scary it may feel. It is your husbands legal right to have all copies of his medical results. After every visit, take home a copy of the report and blood tests. Google it. I don’t believe in ‘Dr. Google’ for diagnosis, LOL, but when a report shows the actual facts and results… google them.. and understand them.

      You won’t believe how much it will bring comfort to not be in the dark. The reports are also handy if you switch doctors, or travel… then you have a binder of his medical reports.

      Always go to the Dr. appts together or with more than one person. Everyone will hear something different. After you leave, you can talk about it and clarify what you heard.

      Cry. It is okay to cry. Have a pity party. I mean it. I cried on my friends shoulders for FOREVER. They listened. It really helped. I still cry. Laugh. Laugh every chance you get. Your family will draw strength from each other and have some fun moments through all of it. I promise.

      Write to me. You can write to me anytime. lynne@lynneknowlton.com … I will answer.

      Much love and prayers to you and your beautiful family.

      Lynne xx

  3. Emily Rothmeyer says:

    I Pinned your post, Liked the pages & voted.

    Good Luck

  4. Sheena says:

    So Lynne I voted once again and guess what!!!!! I made your 100 vote you know what that means your winning!!! And what goes well with 100 likes? 100 dollar gift card :)

  5. Sheena says:

    Hi Lynne !
    I have been voting every single day and sharing it on my Facebook page. I hope I win. I hope I win. We are desperate for some outdoor chairs for our patio. I love Home Depot but I love your blog even more !!!!!!!

  6. Joey Carnes says:

    Very nice light, airy, comfy space you have! Love it! I like you on FB, I like the Home and Garden page, and I was just vote number 93 for you in the contest. Good Luck!!

  7. I think you won. I popped on over again to vote and it either won’t let me vote more than once or you’ve slaughtered the competition!


  8. Dee Dee says:

    All voted!! Now I need to formulate my fancy schmancy design question about my crappy bathroom. No pun intended.

  9. Tracie Berry says:

    Okay, you got my vote, of course! I shared on my facebook page and someone else had better get voting too! So far you’re tied at 48, but I’ll be back again tomorrow…….Still thinking of a design question. It’s not that I can’t think of one, it’s just that I’ve too many to chose from, lol. My son and his wife have a comfy couch and chair in their kitchen too, it’s just so cozy……..:)

    • Tracie
      At some point, you will surely have a mosaic question for me :) I will share with sugar bear then. haha ! You know where to find me :) xx

      • Tracie Berry says:

        Oh Lynne, I just adored your mosaic post……you gave very thorough instructions as well. I will no doubt have questions for you once I begin this project, but for now, how about dressing a bedroom window that houses an air conditioner? Grrrrr……….My curtains are all scrunched up around this monstrosity as privacy is an issue. We need the air flowing from the right-hand side of the window as the bed is in that direct line. I’m thinking blinds are the only solution, but really, I’m at a loss. HELP! ps your Mom sounds awesome!

        • Hey Tracie !
          Have you tried the custom cut blinds at Home Depot and Lowes ? They almost look like creamy coloured paper. Really pretty. They don’t have a string. They simply go up and down with ease & without a dangling mess.

          Another idea is a curtain, of course. Even a throw blanket that you turn into a curtain. For privacy, you could add on the plastic sticky window stuff that provides privacy (you can’t see through it) Although I don’t usually like that stuff, it works.. and they make some now that is quite spectacular.


  10. mom says:

    ….and I said I thought it was perfect for family and friends to enjoy HINT HINT…I’m your mom, I think I should be sitting on your couch watching you in the kitchen. I’m sitting here laughing remembering the time I asked you where to put the oven mitts, and you said the oven mitts drawer. The next day Krysia and I labeled all your drawers LOL Naw…your not organized LOL..the secrets out.

  11. lisa thomson says:

    I already liked your page, months ago. I just did number 2 (not that!) and 3 on your list. When I voted for your living room the page gave me a message that they had to stalk me on face book in order for me to vote. Weird. Anyhow, anything for 100 bucks. I love your idea of living room in kitchen. fabulous. I don’t really have a design question but if i think of one later i’ll be back. thanks, Lynne

  12. mom says:

    Ok…now they’re going to paint my walls black!!!! I wasn’t sure it “took” LOL….so I went in again and voted for you. THEY CAUGHT ME and said I have to wait 24 hrs to vote again for you. That’s it, I’m officially shamed. Don’t tell anyone what your mother did :o)

  13. Mary says:

    Voted, liked, and liked. Of course, I’m already a subscriber my friend! My design question? How does one properly design a treehouse built for squirrels–even though they share it with a woman who think it belongs to HER? Just wonderin’.
    Have a terrific weekend Lynne.

    • Hhahahaaaa Mary,

      I am learning to live with those little furry rodents dressed in fur coats.

      You know what they say… ” if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em ”

      The best part about the squirrels : Is all the funny photos that people send me with squirrels saying/doing/performing funny things. Crack me up @!!

      Thanks for the vote(s) my friend !!

      • Mary says:

        I moved my living room to my kitchen a long time ago btw. I have a green leather wing back sitting there. Wish I had the room for a sofa—but then I’d have to move the kitchen to the living room I’m afraid..
        Have a good one darlin’

        • Mary,
          You are ‘fraid ? Very very afraid ? I’m old enough to remember that from Elmer Fudd. I must be ancient. Moving the kitchen into the living room …that sounds like an interesting challenge. I haven’t tried that one yet. Just take out a wall. Or two. That solves everything.LOL. xx

          • Mary says:

            Really,,,I’m sceered! LOL Only full wall in this old house (downstairs) is the triple brick wall between my side of the duplex & my son’s side. 110+ year old family home,,,the grandbaby is generation 6 or 7 to live/grow up here! Do I have a design question for you woman! (Be afwaid,,,be vewwy vewwy afwaid–I’m older than you doll!)
            xxxxxxxoooooo (tweeted again today)

  14. Dave says:

    You are now at 41 likes. Partly our fault.

  15. Kevin Ross says:

    I liked… I liked… I liked… Good luck, Lynne. Your place looks nice !

    • Thanks Kevin !

      I tried to do a video of the living room, but all I could see was my double chin and all my bloopers.

      If the YouTube world existed on bloopers alone- I’d be fine. :)

      Thanks for the vote !!

  16. Nancy Carr says:

    Voted and liked and liked and more. Go Girl!

    • Thanks Nancy !!

      I hope ‘WE ALL’ WIN, otherwise… If I lose… I may have to have a *temper tantrum*. That could be embarrassing. Then I would have to pound some liquid grapes. Oh my, this contest stuff is dangerous living. My liver will hate me. LOL


  17. sidney says:

    Hello Lynne- I don’t understand why, but it won’t let me vote. Your Living Room doesn’t come up- I keep trying :)

    Hugs, Sid

  18. Kerry says:

    you got my vote girlie!

    • Thanks Kerry ! Now send the entire dance school to vote for me :) Share share share :)

      P.S. If you win, you are going to take me to Home Depot with you. I will throw all kinds of cool things in your cart when you aren’t looking :)

  19. What the what? I was totally confused how yours was not acres ahead, with all your bright and open space… but then I realized one is titled “cat” something. That’s almost like cheating.

    I endorsed your space.
    p.s.- don’t try to get in on my personal relationship with Channing.

    • Victoria !

      Channing is mine. All mine. It is a good thing Elvis wasn’t mentioned. We would be scrapping for him too. Wowsers, talk of two HOT men so early in the morning.


  20. Jenn M says:

    Sorry, typo, I meant “Linda”.

  21. Jenn M says:

    Lynn there’s a little red box toward the top right of each living room with a number of votes showing, you just check the box.

  22. Jenn M says:

    I liked both Facebook pages and voted for your living room. :D. Good luck! Yours really is my fave, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Nice and open!

  23. I did everything you asked but it doesn’t seem to let me vote, boo: (

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