Flawless Door Hardware ~ Unless You’re A CAT


A fantastic idea for door hardware. Super unique. Super inexpensive


I would like to apologize to the residents of COLBORNE Street.

I have no idea where your street sign went.  I haven’t seen it anywhere.  I swear.

If I did happen to see it, I would use it for a DIY.  Just sayin’.


A super unique #DIY on how to create your own door pull with a street sign AND a horseshoe door handle #GreatIdea #DoorHardware #DoorIdea


This little door hardware DIY  is a snap to do.

 It is unique.

 It is flawless.

Unless  You’re  a  Cat


Our barn cat…. FELIX ….always considered himself the King of the Castle.   And he considered himself a house cat.  He missed the memo that he was born in a barn.


He had higher ambitions.  Like ~ living in a house.


He was, technically…. FREE.  For about 3 seconds of his life.  He considered himself worth his weight in diamonds.  He may have cost more than the six-million-dollar-man.  If you don’t know who the six million dollar man is, I am officially an old fart.


Felix was the only $400 barn cat for miles.  Maybe Provinces.  Maybe countrywide.

I know.   I’m dumb.  And cat poor.  Life would be boring without my stupid decisions.  But that wee little kitten face of his, made me melt.

 He would have done this :

Worlds funniest cat photo!

Photo via dumpalink.com

Because he had the personality to pull it off.

The little bugger was neutered, had all the proper vaccinations, medications, flea prevention whatevers, heart-worm something or other …. blah blah blah…. six million dollars later….voila….


We had a barn cat that was fit to live in Buckingham Palace.


P.s. Being a conscientious cat owner while living in the countryside is equivalent to putting a child through college.  Wearing diamonds.  Driving a Ferrari.  It is re-donk-u-lous.  Having said that, I thought I should do something responsible.   I didn’t want Felix roaming the streets impregnating all the neighborhood cat floozies.


While rustic , vintage hardware may only work in certain settings, it always reminds me that thinking OUTSIDE THE BOX is a pretty cool place to be.  Having a horseshoe door handle and street sign on your door is not going to work everywhere.  Doing something DIFFERENT, with an eye catching POP is something that does work everywhere.


A super unique #DIY on how to create your own door pull with a street sign AND a horseshoe door handle #GreatIdea #DoorHardware #DoorIdea


Have you tried something unique on your doors?


A super unique #DIY on how to create your own door pull with a street sign AND a horseshoe door handle #GreatIdea #DoorHardware #DoorIdea

Art  Gallery  Door  Handle




  • Bamboo could be a tropically cool idea.
  • Driftwood could make a great beach side coastal look.
  • A tree branch could look awesome.  A birch tree branch, or something unique.
  •  A mosaic house number, a funky mailbox, or bench could be great focal points.


A super unique #DIY on how to create your own door pull with a street sign AND a horseshoe door handle #GreatIdea #DoorHardware #DoorIdea



One focal point at your front door can make it stand out from the crowd.  It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Leave that up to the cat 🙂


A super unique #DIY on how to create your own door pull with a street sign AND a horseshoe door handle #GreatIdea #DoorHardware #DoorIdea

Horseshoe  door  handle.  Hellooooo  Cowboys.

To make your own you will need :

1.   A street sign and a horseshoe.  Minus the horse.

2.  Street sign push bar :  4 screws to attach the street sign to the door.

3.  Horseshoe door handle: 2 screws, and a small hollow metal tube.  The tube will host the screw on the upper part of the horseshoe, so that it juts out from the door. (as seen in photo above) …and starts to act like a handle.  It has been trained to be a shoe all its life.

I  hope  you  don’t  have  a  CAT

A super unique #DIY on how to create your own door pull with a street sign AND a horseshoe door handle #GreatIdea #DoorHardware #DoorIdea

Our  Horse   Was  Shoeless   for   a  while 🙂

 Felix had the ability to sleep right across the door push bar {aka street sign}.

As if it had a ledge.

 Which it didn’t.

 The edge of the street sign is about as thin as a wafer.  That cat could have slept on top of a bean pole. I am certain.  It became quite the event. He perched himself on top of the street sign and fell into a deep snore-like sleep.  Often.

A super unique #DIY on how to create your own door pull with a street sign AND a horseshoe door handle #GreatIdea #DoorHardware #DoorIdea

Then in happened.

 One day.

 Not surprisingly.

 He fell through the screen.  Technically, his fat butt shoved the screen in and made it flap in the wind.

I suppose window screening wasn’t built to hold a cat.  Pffft.

A super unique #DIY on how to create your own door pull with a street sign AND a horseshoe door handle #GreatIdea #DoorHardware #DoorIdea

Home   Sweet   Home


The screen came loose from the door.  So we fixed it more times than I cared to confess to Michael occasionally.

It became quite a ritual.


The contractor could read the  ‘I am going to kill the cat  look on my face.


We should have just put a zipper on the screen.  Problem solved.

Or sold the cat.  For a million dollars.  That would help to repay my cat bills.


Felix also had a habit of jumping in cars.  He hopped in my car one day (while I was unloading groceries) and stayed in it for 2 days.  I sold that car.

He hopped in friends cars too.  I would get the phone call….. ‘Hi Lynne.  I am about 45 minutes away.  I have your cat.  He has quite the personality.’


A super unique #DIY on how to create your own door pull with a street sign AND a horseshoe door handle #GreatIdea #DoorHardware #DoorIdea

Dear West St. folks, do you have a naked street post?


Back to his SCREEN DOOR extravaganza ……

During his ‘door naps’ Felix would fly through the screen like Houdini.


Moments later…suddenly, miraculously he was fast asleep on the living room sofa.  What the what what ??!!  He pretended to be asleep.  I know, I heard the thud.  I know I heard the screen door move as he pounced through it.  Then, moments later, his eyes would be firmly shut.  Sleeping like a baby.  On the sofa.   I swear he faked a snore.  One eye slightly cocked open, watching for me.


A super unique #DIY on how to create your own door pull with a street sign AND a horseshoe door handle #GreatIdea #DoorHardware #DoorIdea



Aside from my Felix the cat flaw, the door push handle was flawless.  The horseshoe was a last minute addition.  I made that choice after having a heart attack in the hardware store while pricing door handles.  The horseshoe LUCK factor was a bonus :  A little lucky charm never hurt anyone.


I bought the street signs at a flea market for $10 each.  Of course, you can buy vintage, authentic door push hardware, if you have a bag of gold stashed in your basement.  I bought the flea market signs.  Buying vintage, authentic door push bar hardware would have meant taking out a second mortgage to pay for them.  And the cat.  And the diamond studded collar that he clearly thought he was entitled to.


A super unique #DIY on how to create your own door pull with a street sign AND a horseshoe door handle #GreatIdea #DoorHardware #DoorIdea


Proud as punch I was.  I was.

I had a unique screen door.

I saved some moola.

I had a crazy cat.

I still had my sanity.

Sort of.

Not really.

I will never be bored.




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30 Responses

  1. Marla says:

    I also have a cat like your Felix, except his name is Oreo and he was feral. It took me two and a half years to get Oreo to trust me, it started out by him scratching my leg if I wouldn’t pet him long enough to suit his needs. After several loosing battles with the neighborhood raccoon, and me patching him up with peroxide he decided he would tolerate me, except when I decided to wipe his nose one day after cleaning his eyes. Oreo is now called the $85,000 cat as he bit a piece of my thumb area and three surgeries in five days and almost loosing my thumb later he is now the official house cat. Took him to be neutered and the vet figured he is about seven years old, missing front teeth, a broken canine and now the most loving and bothersome cat in the world and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    • Holy Batman Maria,

      We had two cats at the time and their names were Felix and Oreo ! Ha ! Small world ! You have quite the entertaining cat life! Haha!

      Thanks for sharing your story !!

      Lynne xx

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  5. Kim Bee says:

    As one crazy cat lover to another I feel ya. I love the screen doors. I just keep picturing you confusing the UPS man something awful though. Your going to end up with some fabulous packages meant for someone else. Score!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      The UPS man is hilarious around here too. He is not so confused. He actually comes in the house sometimes to heat up his lunch. No kidding. Then he tells me funny stories. Never a dull moment. LOL.

  6. The Decor Girl says:

    OMG! Hilarious – my “sister”. After reading about Felix, I am reminded why my two are house cats. Or as Felix might say – living the boring high life. Maybe Felix has been watching too much TV while you are out? I mean really – joyriding in people’s cars and the rampant vandalism to the screen door? Wait – how is his singing voice? Maybe he’s just working street cred for his upcoming kitty rap album.


  7. It’s like I’m reading about my own life. We’re new to this country livin’ thing and to the two barn cats we inherited. I too want to be a conscientious cat owner, but everybody looks at me like I’m nuts when I talk about taking the cats to the vet. And now I think we’re too late, at least for this season. Our “floozie” (who also has a thing for climbing into visiting vehicles) is expanding, and I think we’re about to add barn kittens to the homestead. Ahhh, life in the country. Love the horseshoe door handle, btw.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Don’t you worry Julia, you are not the only nut in town. 🙂 You and I would be great countryside neighbors! Life in the country has a way of attracting animals…and then more…but it is all worth it. Have a blast 🙂 !!
      Lynne xx

  8. Maureen says:

    Ok…so just to get this straight, you have more than one street sign in your possession… from a flea market…… and you switch them up? Cool!… I’m afraid, to ask, but what happened to poor snoozy doozy Felix?

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Mo xx
      Actually, I bought 4 street signs, and put them on all my screen doors. Who could resist such funky street signs?! You will see them when you come for our treehouse adventures. *_*
      Sadly, Felix passed away. He lived one HAPPY life tho. What a little dude he was.

  9. Judy says:

    I was referred to your blog by friend who owns a knitting store in Bracebridge and I wasn’t disappointed. We’re both inveterate cat lovers. Your story about Felix, the million dollar cat is lovely. Thanks!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Judy!
      I bet Michele Meadows referred you (?) to my blog. She is one awesome gal, and is related to a close friend of mine. Thanks so much for stopping by, and thx for the great blog compliment.
      Lynne xx

  10. Nivaas says:

    Thanks for sharing….nice designing

  11. Laura says:

    This entire post is amazing! I never knew that when I began reading it that it would end up where it did nor did I think I would find out about your cat which was a funny story. The door handle thing is super unique as well.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Laura …
      That makes the two of us. I never knew where it was going either. I started writing about our screen door, and then I had to include the nutty cat. I should have mentioned the claw marks down the door, from his sliding off ! What a turkey 🙂
      Big hug!

  12. Nancy Carr says:

    This post is tooooo funny and great! I have to send it to my friend who has a very expensive (vet fees, etc.) cat. And, I just adopted a baby kitty two days ago. Now I have three dogs and a baby kitty. What was I thinking! You are a wonderful. Keep writing and posting of your adventures. Oh yes, I have a horseshoe from our family farm in Missouri that maybe I can have get someone to mount on my iron gate at the front porch, Thanks for that idea. Nancy Carr, Vieques, Puerto Rico

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Nancy
      You rock out loud, made my day, made me smile, made me jump up and down like a stupid giddy goof ball….I loved your comment so much. *blush*.
      Can I please come and live with you in Puerto Rico? I want your life. Wait, never mind. I feel a cat bill coming on. haha.

      • Nancy Carr says:

        Yes, you can come and live with me. I am living the life I designed. and was drawn to the name of your blog. After reading what you wrote I knew we have a lot in common. Come any time.

  13. That is one smarty pants cat. To make his plan to sleep on your sofa look like such an accidental thing? I’m impressed.
    And i love your doors/handles. My doors would be hiding their heads in shame except they’re so booooooring they would need to wake up from their naps first to do so.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Janet !
      I saw your post on doors…we definitely LOVE the same things!!
      Gorgeousness ! Ahh, and your doors….I bet you lie. That will cost you a bottle of wine. haha. Your place looks gorgeous from what I have seen so far.
      Lynne xx

  14. Jessica says:

    I need a horseshoe… this home needs a horseshoe!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      I have some extra ones. Next road trip…when we meet IRL…you are getting a horseshoe. Minus the horse poop.
      Lynne xx

  15. I officially have to move out of suburbia, I want a cool door too!

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