Although this page may be about me, my blog is about YOU.  I hope to inspire you to truly design the life you want to live.

That’s how we roll around here.  Nudging us all to take everything less seriously.


I started my blog to continue my over-sharing/open book tendencies. I’m a firm believer that treehouses are all that and a bag o’ chips. Judge me.  Views are mine but I’m happy to share. I love to be reckless with my words and laughing is my absolute fave.


How can I help?

Looks around nervously. Chews thumb.

I’m here to truly help you design the life that you want to live, both in your home life and business life. My goal is to inspire you to make your house a home. To travel. To help you design your online life.  To step outside your comfort zone.  To keep it real.


What do I do?

I’ve learned that done is better than perfect.  We are in this together.  More on that in a sec.

This blog is where I share my real life ideas, my travels, road trips, business tips & tricks … to inspire you to



Who am I?


My Life:  Blogger with a dirty mouth and a zest for life. I travel, design, DIY and write about it.  I take 4 billion pictures a day while going out on a limb in a treehouse….I’m flexible like that.  Happy camper & hitched to an airstream (see it here on instagram.)  I dream of glamping, home projects and eating cupcakes.  But not all at once.  That would just be gross.  LIFE.  Rinse.  Repeat.  I’m always dreaming of good hair days, because they never happen.


Social Style:  I like to think I drink well with others but after two drinks, I start licking faces.   Let’s face it, certain alcohol has beneficial antioxidants and I like to fight cancer sometimes.


My Home:  I’m a designer, lifestyle blogger and WordPress sumo wrestler when I share my home ideas with you.   I like to curate gorgeousness to inspire you to have the same in your home.  I feel like it’s my job to rid the ugly in the world.  I like to keep it affordable.  I definitely like to keep it feeling good.   Your home should always make you feel good.


Fashion Style:  I believe that kindness is fashionable.  Sometimes, I dress myself and  I share the deets with you here.


Writing style:   I’m very funny.  Sometimes.  Laughing may have been induced with hard liquor.  This homemade baileys recipe is my fave for the holidays.  #JustSayin xx


Pet Peeve:  When people say “opinions are my own.”  Of course they are, you wrote them doofus.  Gah.  Someone will get throat punched.


Age:  Just a pinch over 50.  Maturity wise, I’m more like 21.  Wisdom wise, I’m definitely 146.


Exercise:  I only run if being chased.


Hobbies:  Breakfast, lunch and dinner.   If it involves mashed potatoes, popcorn or bourbon, I’m all in.  I have a thing for food but not when I cook it.  Popcorn IS my perfect dinner.  Judge me.

Always dreaming of time to knit and read.. both of which almost never happen.  Currently knitting this chunky wool blanket because it is the quickest prettiest knit in the history of ever.


If it isn’t fun, I don’t do it.


Treehouse      Home      teepee



What are my days like?


I blog because I’m not a good rapper.  Damn straight. Creating content is not always a piece of cake. (mmnn, cake …)

I actually really love to blog and most days I start my day with a hot lemon water followed by a gigantic morning java “liquid energy mud” latte or an even bigger smoothie [when I’m feeling guilty about what I ate all week.]  If I feel gahhhhhh, I sip this delish detox water.

When I’m desperate and need to hit the reset button on my body, I do this juice cleanse.  I die. Literally.  The first day, I feel like I am dead.  After that, I feel like I could walk on the moon.



Let’s get social 


Then …oh then… I goof off [ AKA WORK ] on social media.  Gah.  Danger play.  Joking. Not joking.  It is actually fun to get social on social media.  It gives me a chance to stay in touch with you you and you.  LOVE. 


Click below and come say hellooooooooooooo


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My fave darling of social media right now is Instagram. A.d.d.i.c.t.e.d.



Current projects


Airstream:  Now that summer is over *sad face* I will be creating a before and after series on the blog about renovating an airstream.   Be sure to sign up at the end of the blog post to be notified when that shenanigan stuff happens.  It’ll be good!





My family 


I’m married to the man of my dreams and we live together in a big old century farmhouse two hours outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I’ve pretty much whitewashed the farmhouse into white bliss.  I have a shabby chic (although I kinda sorta hate that word) eclectic style of things.  It’s a mixture of twigs, white paint and anything else that reminds me of the sunny side of life.

We have four kids!  Shelby, Tristan, Mackenzie and Brett.  Almost all of the kiddos have moved out for Uni and work, and our youngest son Brett is at home with us now.  I really do like my kids.  It’s easy to love kids.  It’s also easy for me to like my kids.  They are good souls.

VIDEO Want to really dive deep?  This is a collection of home movies, life, cancer, kids and a birthday message to my beautiful fella.  Enjoy and puhhhlease ignore the fact that I’m an ugly crier.  Gah.





I often wonder what the hell I did with my life before kiddos.  I probably had my hair brushed more often.  Just sayin’



What am I doing/working on?


I’m currently working on developing online courses for YOU, which will be video and ebook based.

I’ll be teaching :


  •   Designing your home life
  •   Designing your travel life


If you would like to be the first to be notified for my online courses and would love to read all my insider secrets on how to be a kickass blogger

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Q.   What a great post! We would love to republish it for our readers without paying you, but don’t worry we’d totally put a tiny link to your blog in our social media and get you some exposure! 


You seem really sweet, but I get more exposure by going out in our Canadian winter in a sports bra.


Q.   Why did you start a blog?

I started a blog to keep in touch with my family and friends.  Cancer was whirling around like a crazy straw in my life.

Then this happened:



After two years, I stepped out of my grief for a little bit.  I nudged out.  I started this blog.  What I didn’t expect was finding all of you.   I think I love you.   Yeah, I’m talking about you.


Q.   Can we be best friends?

We totally already are. You’re inside my life and pretty much e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g right now. One of the major down sides of the whole “blog” thing is that people get to know me and I don’t get to know them in return.  The blog post comment section is a chance to change all that.  I love hearing from you!  I read every comment and try to respond to all.  It’s getting harder and harder, but please know that your words and thoughts really matter to me.

Comments and email notes from you are the best part of my day, unless you’re a jerkface/douche-a-saurus, and then they’re not.

Haters gonna hate.

When that happens, I have a wee poster in my home office and a mickey of tequila in my desk drawer …



calm                         seriously


It guts me when people are mean to anyone.  Gah.  Seriously, some peeps online can be so harsh.  I’m a delicate little rose bud.

I prefer to kill ’em with kindness… but my inside voice says


I really need a glass of wine and my own private island 



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Wanna talk to me?  GAhhhreat. Please do. I’m almost always alone or with a treehouse bastard squirrel.