About Me. It’s all about me. Let’s talk about me.

Although this page may be about me, my blog is about YOU.  I hope to inspire you to truly design the life you want to live.   That’s how we roll around here.



ON CRYING:   I don’t know how to cry pretty. Erhmergerd.  No worries.  I mostly smile and usually it’s with spinach between my teeth.  Or liquorice.  Or a cupcake.

YOUR HOME:  I’m a designer, lifestyle blogger and WordPress sumo wrestler.   I like to curate gorgeousness to inspire you to have the same in your home.  I feel like it’s my job to rid the ugly in the world. LOL. I like to keep it real.  I like to keep it affordable.  I definitely like to keep it feeling good.   Your home should always make you feel good.


MY LIFE:  I’m always dreaming of good hair days, because they never happen.


@LynneKnowlton dreaming of good hair days

Dreaming  in  the  Treehouse

PHOTO GORGEOUSNESS:   I’m a planner of a good party, and taker of a decent photo.  I use apps for 90% of my photo editing.  For reals.  Apps.   These apps are my secret sauce.  Shhhhh


LIQUID FERMENTED GRAPES:    I like coffee and beer gardens, in no particular order.  I’m a lightweight.  After two drinks, I start licking faces.   I’m the first person to go to sleep at parties.  Always.  I’m exciting like that.   I like good things and I dislike bad things, unless that bad thing is a glass of red wine or a cupcake.  


Lynne Knowlton from www.lynneknowlton.com

Dreaming  of  Cupcakes


DECORATING:    I should come with a warning label:   I will re-decorate your house if you leave me alone in it.   There.  You’ve been warned fair and square. xo


I’M CANADIAN ‘EH:  I’m a Canuck.  That’s Canadian, y’all.    

Yes, we have computers in Canada.  

No, I’ve never seen a bear.

Yes, we sometimes say ‘eh.    

No, we never admit it.  

Yes, we have the best maple syrup on earth.  

No, it is not made by Aunt Jemima.  It’s from a maple tree, duffass.  

Yes, I like to laugh.  

No, I am not bored living in the middle of nowhere countryside.

Yes, I have thought about punching a squirrel


    Lynne Knowlton collage  



HOME:   We are a family of 6, living in the Canadian countryside.   Our home is 2 hours North West of Toronto, Ontario.  I adore my family.  Big time.  Especially when they make me dinner.  


MEALS:   I’m a crappy cook.  I have a thing for food.  But not when I cook it.  I do, in fact, have a thing for eating meals together though.  We have dinner together as a family every.single.day.  We have candles at every meal.  The candles are great for peacefulness and even better for less wrinkle sightings.   


MARRIED LIFE:   I’m married to the most down to earth beautiful soul of a man with {{cancer.}} His name is Michael and he is the love of my life.  We’ve been married for 20 years.  I’m still head over heels in love with him.  We live an extremely peaceful life.  We spend every day together and yet never raise our voices at each other.  Like ever.  In the history of ever.  It is a rare true love.  My heart still flips out when he walks into the room.  I adore him with every part of my being.   I can’t imagine my life without him.  I wrote about cancer and my love for him here.

This next wee video is the story of my blogging journey mixed with a bit of cancer….


Making a video is equivalent to standing naked in front of your mother-in-law.  Just sayin’.   It is tricky stuff.  Deer.In.The.Headlights.



MEN:  Men are still men.  MEN.  Michael’s still a guy… let’s be real hahaha, and I like to poke fun at his funnies… 40 things your Mom didn’t tell you about men.  


COUNTRY LIVING:  I live with Michael, our four kids Shelby, Tristan, Mackenzie and Brett and a ginormous dog named Oliver (update : Sadly, Oliver passed away.  You can read about him here )  Btw’s, that post may make you cry.  Sorry ’bout that.  I hope you don’t ugly cry like I do.   We also reside with the occasional mouse.  Hey, I live in the country, the mice just invite themselves in.  


These are my four munchkins… 


Design The Life You Want To Live family !

I  even  LIKE  my  Kids


Wanna get so so sooooo social ??!!  

If you write to me, I will answer you.  I roll like that.




TWITTER: @lynneknowlton  iTweet therefore iAm.  You should come tweetie bird it with me.  



FACEBOOK:  DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE  Like my page or get slapped with a wiener schnitzel.  


GOOGLE PLUS:  I fell on my face learning G+.  I dunno why.  Then I picked myself up.  You can too.  Read how to be a grand poobah in Google Plus here.   You may find me googling it out over here: Lynne Knowlton on G+ or looking googley eyed.  


PINTEREST: Occasionally, I lose myself in Pinterest for days on end.  It’s dangerous living.  Don’t go there.  OK, go there.  See you in a few days.  I’m over here:  Lynne Knowlton on Pinterest  


INSTAGRAM:  Last but not least, I share coolio pics on Instagram!  Instagram is my number one fave social platform.  You can read my blog post here about some great instagrammers.  You’ll learn some fab tips & tricks.   My insta photos are faboosh photos that I don’t always get a chance to post on a blog.   You should really go check them out and for the love of Pete…. Follow me, it validates my time spent on instagram existence.



Let’s insta-it-out-together :)  PS. You can shop my fave products on instagram now too!! Look for the liketoknow.it links with images in Instagram or shop them in my blog sidebar!  


You can even shop my fave jammies by clicking the photo below!  Yeah.  I wear BedHead jams every day.  Judge me :)  


Learn how to #blog as a career

My  fave  jammies  on  earth


TREEHOUSE LIFE:  Want to really stalk me?  We live in the middle of nowhere-ville.  If you find me, I am the one blogging from a treehouse {{in my pyjamas}} and looking like I’m having a bad hair day. Everyday.  


1.   HOME:   You can see photos and steal ideas for your home from my home here:   HOME SWEET HOME  


2.   TREEHOUSE:   Want to visit our adult sized treehouse & plan a sweet escape ? You can do that here:  OUR TREEHOUSE  


3.   UPCYCLE:   There are cool up-cycling, recycling green ideas in these tree house blog posts, if you want to learn how to create your own retreat and then get lost in it.  


4.   TRIPADVISOR:   Want to come and sleep in it?  It is now available for rent on TripAdvisor !  It’s ranked as a top vacation rental with 5 star reviews.  It is five star on the chillaxin’ scale.  


5.   PHOTO GALLERY:   Want to just look at photos?  You can get lost in pictures by playing around in the photo galleries.  That’s always fun if you don’t feel like reading words.  


6.   BLOGGING:  I only blog what I LOVE LOVE LOVE.  I respect you like that.  You can read more about my blogging mojo and advertising on the blog here.  Want to learn how to be a kickass blogger?  Read how to blog out loud here!  It’s even kinda interesting. Imagine that?!  


If it isn't fun, I don't do it.

THANK YOU for hanging out on my blog.  


7.   SUBSCRIBE:   I am truly grateful to have you here.  If you really love it here, sign up and receive a blog post directly in your email inbox each week.  You won’t believe all the epic~ness that I share.  For free.  FAHHreeee.  Because I love you like that.  



Live simply.

Love deeply.

Be kind.


Design the life that YOU want to live.

With much love,



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26 Responses

  1. Jo Hunt says:

    I don’t know if you accept product submissions. I represent a luxury tub and spa system manufacturer called Americh. They have beautiful designs and great hi-res images. Don’t know if you’re interested. .. but we would love to send you more info. Thanks so much for your time. Oh … the products are available in Canada .. eh!

  2. Sarah Preston says:

    Hi LYnne,

    You are fabulous! I’m loving looking at your projects and that treehouse is right out of a dream, I sent an e-mail your way yesterday. Is there any availability left for the treehouse this summer/fall?


    • Hi Sarah… I love love love having the chance to meet someone after chatting on the blog. It doesn’t happen very often, because the majority of my readers are from the US. I may need to take an American road trip. Woot!

      Can’t wait to meet you in October.
      Sending lurve from one Canuck to another!
      Lynne xx

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  5. Greg Poitras says:

    We just ordered and received your “How to Make Barn Door Track Hardware” PDF. I have downloaded it onto our computer but I cannot open it. I have used Adobe and Foxit PDF readers and get error messages saying that the file is either corrupted or cannot be opened. Do you have a recommendation on how I can open this PDF file? Thank you.

    Greg Poitras

    • Hi Greg,

      Thanks so much for your purchase of the door track hardware book. I bet you’ll LOVE it!

      I just sent you an email with the direct download of the book. Checking on the hiccup in my system too, to double check why the download didn’t work for you.


  6. Aidrienne Branagan says:

    Good morning to you, I am sitting here on a wet damp morning in Ireland. I came across your blog last night while looking for some info on extreme knitting. My eyes were shutting last night and I had to knock off the ipad. As soon as my girls left for school and college this moring I was back on the iPad wanting to see more of your blog. Wow I am just taken away. I love everything about it, but what hit me most so far is its sincerity. Also love the look and feel , it’s bright and airy. I can’t wait to read more . I love trying to make my house look lovely on a small budget. I lOve turning my hand to some craft that can help me to that achieve that goal. I just love love love your tag line. design the life you want to live . That is just so powerful on so many levels. Anyway I better go ans start my day or my girls will come home and I will be still in my favourite chair in my favourite corner on the iPad. Looking forward to getting to know you better .Aidrienne

  7. Anette says:

    Dear Lynne

    Love your story and your family.

    Ha, now that I have discovered you, I can give up on collecting ideas on Pinterest!! :)

    Just kidding… but serihoosly, your ideas are all gorgeous and perfect for stealing. I’m simply following the whole caboodle on Pinterest. Maybe I can even learn how to organise myself as neatly on Pinterest as you do (dang, how do you do it?!).

    We are in the planning stages of building a small house in a cave-type rock overhang on top of a mountain in South Africa, surrounded by miles of wilderness… and I find that it is REALLY difficult to focus on my work. My sister accuses me of being an agrarian idealist. All I want to do is source snug alpaca felt blankets, and plan my cave bathroom, and buy cutesy quilts, and plan the outside bathroom, and work 80 vintage windows and numerous carriage/barn doors currently in the garage, into our house plans! And all your beautiful ideas are just distracting me even more, eeek! (But you will NOT see me complain:)

    Greetings from a sunny Cape Town (well, actually, Stellenbosch), and I do look forward to watching (and copying on this side of the Atlantic) your every move (muahaha).

    • Hi Anette!!

      That’s so funny about pinterest. I’m a total addict there too. The problem is, I get swept away by the pinterest train, and think “I’M NOT WORTHY”…. everything looks so freaking perfect over there on pinterest. ha.ha.

      I sway between inspired and OMG, my pantry is a hot mess compared to that one on Pinterest. :)

      Your home in South Africa sounds dreamy dreamy dreamy. It is on my bucket list to get to Africa some day.

      I wish we could be neighbours :))))))))) Imagine the fun that THAT would be?!!! Dangerous living. We’d be knitting, felting, and rearranging all the windows :)

      Btw, have you seen THIS on pinterest?

      It’s window bliss.

      Big love from Canada to South Africa! I’m so happy that you are inspired on my blog! xoxox


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  9. Ruth says:

    As a newbie to your blog, I’ve spent the past two days getting inspired by all your cool ideas. Not to say I’ve actually DONE anything yet, but I’m inspired.

    My hubby and I own a SMALL, OLD (1935) cabin in Estes Park, CO. We renovated it ON THE CHEAP since we both have careers in education. CHEAP. We love that families can use our little blessing to spend time together, get back to simple living, and create memories together.

    I look at your gorgeous treehouse and think, “I could spruce up the old cabin a bit more.” And I am ruminating on some of your outdoor and hardware ideas.

    But with your indoor ideas, reality sinks in. How do you mix renters’ kids, dogs, and muddy hiking boots with all that white? And how often are those pooling sheer curtains turned to dental floss shreds by animal claws?

    And Rocky Mountains? Stunning! Great adventures! And for housekeeping, read pebbly sand. Everywhere. Do you have a tip for keeping the hard wood floors polished, other than redoing them once a year?

    Thanks for sharing all the great ideas on your blog, and thanks for any housekeeping tips on a rental.


    • Hi Ruth,

      So sorry for my massively late reply. xo

      Your cabin sounds ahhhhhmazing! Have you spotted the twig curtain rods on my blog yet? Just search twig curtain rod in the upper right search bar and you will see them. They’d be GREAT for your cabin!

      White: I actually find white easier to keep clean than dark colours. Weird. I know. LOL. You can bleach it and/or hang it out on the line to dry and the sun does wonders too.

      Everything I own is washable. Curtains and all. Even my white sofa covers. I use white in our treehouse rental too. I even use the fantastic spray bleach(meant for cleaning kitchen sinks) to spot clean a stain before I throw it in the laundry. Works like a charm.

      Wood floors: We clean our floors with a mix of vinegar, water and essential oils. You are right tho, if you have a soft wood on the floor, sometimes you just have to redo them. I recently found a product called Waterlox. It has held up GREAT in our treehouse bathroom (it gets a lot of traffic with our treehouse guests and lots of muck and guck from the outdoors)

      Gosh, I hope that helps. Keep on trucking on :)

      Big love from Canada,
      Lynne xx

  10. niki says:

    great site keep up the good work

  11. mary tabar says:

    Hi Lynne, thanks so much for all your info! I had some old grape vines and how know that the vines need to be green! LOVE the ball idea, I am so amazed at all you do! thanks, so fun meeting you!

    • Ohhhhh Mary,

      I just spotted your comment in my blog, about 2 months late. Sorry ’bout that.

      Yes, the grapevine balls work much easier with fresh grapevine, but if you have old grapevine, you can also just soak it in a bathtub. I imagine that would be super messy tho. Eeeeek.

      Thanks for all the amazement at what I do. So sweet of you to say!!

      Lynne xx

  12. Glenda Lewis says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog. I came upon it while looking for barn door hinges. Is there any way to install a barn door type closure for my tv which we want to put over the fireplace when there is a sliding door to the left of the fireplace and no where for the rod to extend? Someone suggested that I use the same time of hidden glider that is used on a drawer. ????? I can’t quite imagine it, and would still want the hardware look.
    Thanks – stay warm up there in Canada….

    • Glenda,

      You must want to punch me in the face for replying sooooooo late to your comment. It was hiding on me.

      Did you find a solution? If not, let me know and I can see if I can put my thinking cap on. I promise not to take too long to reply this time.

      Lynne xx

  13. Joey Ferrer says:

    Hi Lynne, I hope all is great!

    This is a fantastic blog lynneknowlton.com, fit’s just right for my client.

    Do you accept article or writing that is singular and relevant piece?

    Kindly update me, for us to talk about the details. :)


    Joey Ferrer
    Digitally Distinctive Dot Com
    Email: j.ferrer.digitallydistinctive@gmail.com
    Skype ID: joey.digitally.distinctive
    Telephone: +632 3550605

    • Hi Joey,

      I don’t accept articles from outside sources. My blog readers love original content … stuff that is fun and real. I don’t accept guest posts because sometimes they are *yawn* worthy. Sorry ’bout that, I hope you understand.

      Cheers and thank you for writing to me,


  14. Marc Doucet says:

    Happy Birthday Lynne!
    Despite your remarks you don’t look anywhere near what your birth certificate may indicate. Hope you had a cupcake fuelled day.

  15. Pam says:

    Happy Birthday Lynne! and welcome to the best years yet. Old enough to know better, young enough not to care! Enjoy your 50’s, at this age we have wisdom, knowledge, and still enough youth to enjoy it all.
    I absolutely love your blog and your Instagram feed.! Been stalking you for a couple years now. You are an inspiration, and funny as heck! And Michael, well can you clone him? I’ll take two please!
    Enjoy that Birthday cake and a glass of wine!

  16. Lynne Kunkle says:

    Lynne….hey that’s my name too! And what’s really strange, your signature looks just like mine!! I was in a 1 day training lead by Michael (your love). It was great and full of great information. I work for Quantum Health.. Love your site.

    • Hi Lynne!

      I love your name!!

      Soooooo cool that you know my love. Small world! :)

      Did you recognize him in the video above? LOL. I hope he wasn’t wearing the same shirt. haha.

      Thanks for popping by and saying helloooooo. xxoxox

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