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Who likes presents ?!

I know you are jumping up and down.

‘I do. I do.’

Stop that. Your cat is probably wondering what the heck you are up to again.  Seriously, this is getting embarrassing.

Well, my friend.  Get a hold of yourself.  I have an announcement to make.



first blog giveaway.

Drum roll please.  Or at least a big air fist pump.  And don’t get too excited…you are NOT getting the boobs in this next photo.  Just the dragonfly.

 I must keep the only firm breasts I have.  Even if the firm breasts are made of mosaic glass.  They still count.

 * snicker *

Hand made Dragonfly from Bali, Indonesia

Handmade Dragonfly

All items are handmade in Bali, Indonesia.  Hand picked by yours truly.  Dangerous.  Picking out items while shopping in Bali is equivalent to shopping for a puppy.  I want them all.  I saved the best ones for a giveaway.  Lucky you.

How do you enter the contest ?


What this means is that you will be notified when new blog posts are posted.

I am a lazy sod busy gal, so that usually means one new blog update per week.

How do you subscribe !? :

It’s easy sneezy peazy.  Pinkie swear it.

 {Fill in your email address in the subscribe box }

The subscribe box is located in the upper right corner of the blog. Look up.  Look right.  There it is :). Fill in your email address and click enter.  EASY, huh?

You will then receive a confirmation email from Feedburner in your email inbox.  Click the confirmation link that you will see in the body of the email that Feedburner sends you{otherwise your subscription will not confirm} and VOILA. Done.  Like Magic.  Without the magician.  Or a rabbit coming out of a hat. Being a subscriber to this blog is way more entertaining than a rabbit.  Rabbits poop.  Not fun.


* Current subscribers are already qualified to win, you lucky dogs.  Jump.  Jump for joy *

Hammered tin with lightly scented candle

Hammered tin with lightly scented candle

Now if I screw this give-away thingy up, hang in there with me.  I am new at this give-away-a-present-on-the-blog-and-pretend-that-it-is-easy-to-do.  This is like going on a first date, and hoping that you don’t get toilet paper stuck on the bottom of your shoe.

Wish me luck.  For your sake.

The winner will be chosen randomly (aka computer generated).  The winner will be announced from a top secret envelope.  Like American Idol.  I would cheat if I was 12 years old and playing crazy eights card games with my friends. But this time, I will be all official like.  Technically, I am still 12 though.  In case you were wondering.

The Balancing Act

I chose a gift that was easy to ship.  Otherwise I could go postal. If this first giveaway was a big large cumbersome thing, I would probably throw it in the post office door.  I would do the arm wind up, and whip it through the entrance-way.  Thankfully, I live near a small town, and they KNOW ME.  If something comes flying through the door…they know where it came from.

 ‘  That crazy lady that likes to make twig curtain rods. ‘

Not gonna lie….Twig projects = twig can sometimes, suddenly, swiftly fly through the air.  Then I stand there looking all perplexed.  Like I had no idea how that twig rod flew out the window.  As if I would ever hurl a twig through the air.  I would never do that.  I would totally do that.

I wish I was a dragonfly.  Brilliance.  Flying through the air BRILLIANCE.


Dragonflies are symbolic for living IN THE MOMENT.

Look how the dragonfly CONCENTRATES. He is staying 'in the moment'.

Maybe I should keep this DRAGONFLY.  I may need it more than you.

Now this is not just any old dragonfly.  I wouldn’t do that to you.  Well, I might.

 It can balance on the corner of just about anything.

So well balanced :)

One could label it a miracle dragonfly.  In my house, I move my dragonfly around to see just how very talented it can be.  It balances like a cirque de soleil balancing act.  It has moved around the house so often, it’s like finding WALDO.  I like to test him.  I can’t believe that it can balance itself so perfectly. Anytime.  Any place.  I can’t balance on one foot for more than one second.  The dragonfly makes me look like an idiot.   I am sure my brother will enter this contest.  He loves it when I look like an idiot. This is pure, sibling FUN to him.   And normal.  He is accustomed to me looking like an idiot.

News flash : The blog giveaway is more that just a miracle dragonfly.  It is :

Two dragonflies

One yoga mat cover

A softly scented candle in a hammered tin container

Four jewellery boxes with four necklaces

Yoga mat cover and jewellery boxes

All items are handmade in Bali and smuggled into Canada by me, myself and I.  Jokes.  Kind of.

In my next life, I am going to have a love affair with a customs officer.  After paying customs, duties, shipping, blah blah blah ….I am convinced that having ‘ a love interest ‘ with a customs officer is probably a really smart, money saving idea.  I missed my calling.  I should have been a hooker.

I bought all the blog giveaway items near the small zen-like yoga-ville town of UBUD.  Ubud is one QUIET place.  I stayed at a yoga retreat for one night.  P.s.  The closest I have come to yoga, is ordering handmade yoga mat covers.

Yoga mat cover with carrying handle. Puuurty, isn't it ?

My yoga prowess= owning yoga covers. Impressive, huh?  My plan was to be all yoga-esque for 3 nights in Ubud.  That didn’t happen.  You could hear a pin drop at the yoga retreat.  That quiet.  I almost lost my mind.  The retreat also didn’t sell any alcohol.  There was no food that was bad for you.  Just healthy, raw, organic, pure living.  Not a bad thing in sight.

 That, my friends, is what I call PRISON.

Ubud is in the northern mountainous region of Bali, Indonesia.  It is STUNNING.  Rice fields, beautifully kind people, gorgeousness abounds.

It is also the area where EAT PRAY LOVE was filmed.

 {just thought I would share that little tidbit with you}.

Maybe Julia Roberts touched the dragonfly.  No she didn’t.  I can’t lie for long. I did tour her hotel where she stayed at during the filming of the movie.  My driver thought he would share the stunning hotel with me…. for design ideas.  ( I buy goods in Bali for container shipping).  You can read about that here.  After touring the hotel, I didn’t know if I should kiss my driver, or kick him.

Dragonfly made from wood

 I was inspired and depressed all at once.  I had to go back to my reality hotel after that luxurious tour.   It was like eating the finest quality cheese ONCE and then eating plastic wrapped cheese slices for the rest of your life.  You know the kind.  There is more nutrition in the plastic wrapper surrounding the cheese slice than the ‘cheese’ itself.

That bad.

 I decided that it would be really nice to be a movie star.

To do a giveaway, one must typically figure out a retail cost for the giveaway.  I need your help with this one.

 See if you can figure out the $$ value :

A flight to Bali, hotel, endless eating, but not drinking.  I would never do that.  Cost of traveling the island, shopping at 3 million stores, cram jam packing everything possible into luggage.  Jump up and down on luggage to close it.  Wrangle it.  Sit on it.  Sweat. Worry about busting the zipper while closing luggage.  Sweat some more.

 Luggage overweight charges.

Yes.  On one of my buying trips, my overweight luggage had a fee of $1600. Yup. $1600.

  I swear it.

There are two things I don’t joke about : Luggage charges, and cupcakes*.

 *Cupcake eating is serious business.

  As I stood at the ticket counter in the airport {with jaw wide open, and chin hitting the ground} I imagined wrapping a seat belt around my luggage and having it sit right beside me on the airplane. At that price, I could have flown the luggage first class.  I wouldn’t have even had a chance to sit with it.  I was in the bag of the plane with the rest of the real people.  I don’t mind sitting at the back of an airplane.  Have you ever seen an airplane fly backwards into a mountain? NOT.  Back of the bus, all the way for me. No probs.

How did this story end?

I left my luggage in Bali.

So, the dragonfly is worth $1600 at a minimum.  That was the risk I took by stuffing dragonflies in my bra.

It gave a whole new meaning to having perky nipples.

Wooden dragonfly handmade in Bali

Value of Giveaway gifts = one million dollars.  LOL.


Now go enter the contest.  Subscribe by June 5th to qualify.

You can’t win if you don’t subscribe, dufus.



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59 Responses

  1. Cindi says:

    hey…i just got ourhomes an thats how i found u….your place is amazing …an your outhouse lol …no one will want too leave..remember the good old days my mom would say dont touch nothin an dont look down soooo whats the first thing you dooo…..groosssss…love ourhomes everyone always has great ideas in there…glad i found u…..noww i can spend the evening browsing your site…am i too late for the dragon fly cuz hes so neat…….just like me always changing the furniture around….lol

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Cindi !
      Nice to ‘meet’ you and welcome to the blog ! Here I was, being all quiet and incognito in Grey Bruce…and the magazine changed all that. LOL.
      You are right about the magazine…we have lived her for 10 years, and even I found some new trades/suppliers that were local…and I had no idea that they were here. Crazy. True.
      P.s. If you love the dragonfly, I am selling them now. I can mail you one :). Or pay less, since the shipping is zero ! :))
      Cheers! Lynne xx

  2. Kevin says:

    You are cool ! Thanks for the contest ! Take care !!!!!!!!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Kevin,
      A BIG FAT HELLOOOOOoooo, since you are the first guy to make a comment in my blog. I think. So I am celebrating this moment of ‘guy presence’ !! :)

      How is it to be surrounded by women?

      Geez, I hope you are not a customs officer. LOL.

      • Kevin says:

        Well… I am honoured ! And… it feels GREAT ! I really enjoy your humour and look forward to many more uplifting posts. BTW… Dragonflys are my favorite… hint… hint !!!

  3. Heidi says:

    I have really been enjoying your blog! And your talents! What A creative inspiration!

    I have heard that your home has been featured in magazines. Would love to read about it.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Heidi-
      Yes, we have been recently featured in OUR HOMES magazine. The issue is coming out this week. I am so stoked, I can barely contain myself.
      I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get into a national magazine someday. Until then, I am dreaming away….
      Lynne xx

  4. Lynne-found your blog through twitter (thanks for following us too!)–love it! I actually went to Bali on my honeymoon eight years ago so it means a great deal to me. Wish I hadn’t lived in a small city condo (now chicago, but i’m a canadian transplant!) at the time and could have brought home a tanker.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Sounds like you ADORE Bali too ! Once you travel there, it just hits you deep down in your soul…doesn’t it? Have you ever met so many awesome souls in one country? I just love spending time with the Balinese.
      That would have been cool to BRING HOME A TANKER. Or at least stuff your bra full of really cool things for your trip home. :)

  5. How about a contest to be your Bali travel partner?! Then there’s an extra suitcase (or two) to split the extra weight luggage fees!

  6. Christine says:

    I love your blogs, they make me laugh so hard! Hope I win, you know you want to send stuff to the Antipodes 😛

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Christine !
      How are you, LOVE ?! And ps. you are right. You better not win. *snicker* or something will go flying through the post office door. You are on the opposite side of the world ! ( you lucky dog ). What a life!
      Great hearing from you, my friend.

      • Christine says:

        See, the mental image of you scaring the bejeezus outta the postie people makes me wanna win even m,ore!!! hahaha

  7. Ardis says:

    Your writing style is sooo entertaining and clever! That dragonfly is Gorg!
    Thanks so much for sharing! :)

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Ardis
      He is one funky dragonfly. I would be lying if I didn’t say he was even cooler in real life. Ok, I lie sometimes, but not this time. LOL.
      Lynne xx

  8. Mo says:

    Dang this is cool stuff! I’d be playing with that dragonfly instead of tending to business, but hey, life is short, right? Thanks for the super cool offer! I’ve been following you in Google Reader ever since I discovered those kick-arse rain chains and can’t get your site out of mind.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Thanks for writing to me, MO ! Unfortunately, with Google Reader, there is no way to track an email to enter it in the contest. Now, I have your email, and can enter you in the contest. Wooohooo!
      LOL – ‘Kick arse rain chains !’ – Love it !

  9. This has got to be your most nutty post yet – loved it! In a world of grey-minded dull-ocrats you are like that dragonfly – witty, flitty and free. I am a subscriber so I will be crossing my fingers (and breasts. I am *that* old that I may actually be able to cross them. lol) that I win. I will jump for joy too.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Ahhhh you just made me laugh out loud ! Thanks Kellie for the AWESOME COMPLIMENT. I am crossing my fingers, toes, and errrrhhh *breasts* for you.
      Cheers !

  10. Thanks for the follow Lynne! I might not have found your blog had you not….and who doesnt love a good blog post with breasts in it 😉 It made my morning to read, i love your sense of humor :)

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Thanks Corey !
      I am happy to hear that someone else can laugh at breasts. :) whew! P.s. Isn’t twitter AWESOME ? I had no idea how fun twitter could be. I have met the best souls on twitter, and found the most incredible blogs. Thanks for finding mine. :)

  11. Auntiepatch says:

    You are just too funny for words! Love your mom and Auntie Gail, too! What a happy, funny family! I’ll never get to Bali; my husband won’t fly anywhere! (He has to “hold up” the plane by the armrests using his fingernails!)

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Well it is good to hear that someone is holding the plane up. Your hubs would be so entertaining to fly with.
      Well…there is always a GIRLZZZ road trip. I think we should muster up a bunch of women and go for it!

  12. Becky says:

    just stumbled across your site. Love the quiet pictures!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Thanks so much Becky ! I hope you come back again and again. Thanks for stopping by !
      Lynne xx

  13. Susie (@Remodel_w_Feia) says:

    Hi Lynne-
    Your blog made my day! (It’s been one of those days….) Now I just need to escape to Bali. Road trip for 2013? -Susie

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Susie!
      You just made my day, so we are even :). Reminds me of our Bali conversations in Chicago. Girls road trip !!! LOL.

      • Rose Dostal says:

        You know I was there when you had the Bali convo, right? Just sayin…

        p.s. thought I’d let you know that I need all of the above. Once again, just sayin…

        • Lynne Knowlton says:

          Rose !
          How are you – my beautiful friend?! Girls road trip to Bali should be in our plans for 2013. Deal? Deal. xx

          • Rose Dostal says:

            Oh GOSH…DEAL!!! Shall i block a date now? I’m already ready! How many exclamation point shall i type to show you my excitement?!!!!!! MWAH Georgeous:-)

  14. Gail Wyer says:

    Lynne…I already receive your blog, messages, and whatever, BUT here it is, and please pay attention I HAVE TO HAVE THE DRAGONFLY…NO, I REALLY MEAN IT, IT IS CALLING FOR ME…I KNOW WHAT I’M GOING TO DO WITH IT…IT TELLS ME TO HURRY AND LET YOU KNOW…HER NAME IS ‘FLITTER’ AND SHE NEEDS, YES I MEAN NEEDS, TO COME HOME TO ME….Alright, I will pay anything to have her. And btw, my birthday is coming up!! I so love her and NEED her,,,,,,,desperately.
    Your absolutely favourite Aunt Gail XXXX

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Auntie Gail. xx
      Ok, since you are related, I will save one for you ( I have EXTRA’S). Since you have her named and all. Flitter will be yours. :) Does this mean that I am in your WILL now? LOL.
      Happy Birthday !
      P.s. I will see Mom next week. Would you like me to send ‘flitter’ home with her ?!
      Love, your best-est niece. haha

      • Gail wyer says:

        I promise flitter will be happy and spoilt! I’m meeting your mom for lunch at the Globe in rose mount..join us if you dare! This time NO peanut brittle!!! Would be great to bring Flitter home…hide her from your Mom….and btw, the ring is yours now!,xx

        • Lynne Knowlton says:

          Not gonna lie….I have been dreaming of your ring for about 20 years. But you know that about me already :). I think that is a fair trade. Ring for a dragonfly. LOL!

          • Gail wyer says:

            Yup, fair trade, hope you don’t mind waiting just a tad longer…I’m still wearing it!…but it’s yours, pinky promise!,,,

  15. Gurl…. you’re crazy. And that’s why I love you. ‘Cause I’m certain I’m going to get a sh*t ton of crazy in my inbox by subscribing.

    Oh well…..


    Let the sh*t storm begin…..

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Speaking of sh*t ton of crazy, that is why I follow your blog on my We are two peas in a pod.
      Maybe now we can STALK each other. xx
      Even Steven.
      Excuse the pun.

      • Brandon S says:

        You’re stalking me now? Crap.

        Oh that’s right… you did leave chocolate in my hotel room. Wait. That didn’t sound right.

        • Lynne Knowlton says:

          LOL ! Haha! Yes, I have been following your blog for ages. And your twitter. And your hotel room. Did that sound all wrong too?
          Get your butt to Toronto, and come visit our place. Treehouse living is where it is at :)

          • Brandon S says:

            So you know…. I told Steve that we should go to TO for Christmas. He told me it was too cold. I told him to suck it up and wear a sweater. We have such a fun relationship. Oh well.
            I’ll probably win and we’ll be in Canada anyway.

  16. colleen says:

    just wanted to say I was married in Bali 25yrs ago – spent 2 weeks travelling the island and fellin love with everything Balinese incl the dragonfly! I brought back 10 of them as gifts and all were damaged in return flite home to Toronto,Canada. I am entering the contest and hope to have one of these in my home !

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Colleen !
      Sounds like we fly into the same airport, and we both love BALI and dragonflies :) !! Next time, you must stuff the dragonflies in your bra. That will ensure their safety. LOL.
      Lynne xx

  17. lou-anne Wolfe says:

    I wish I was as balances as the dragon fly ,

  18. lou-anne Wolfe says:

    Beautiful work !

  19. all signed up
    I love all of your prizes…and would love to go to Bali……some day… maybe
    but for now I’ll just keep reading your blog and admiring your photos and the very unique and creative items you find as I sit in boring beige cubilce land..
    thanks for sharing!

  20. sign me up…I also subscribe via google
    I love all of your prizes…and would love to go to Bali……some day… maybe
    but for now I’ll just keep reading your blog and admiring your photos and the very unique and creative items you find as I sit in boring beige cubilce land..
    thanks for sharing!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Victoria
      Did you sign up via the subscribe box? I hope so. That is the only way that you can automatically be entered in the giveaway. Otherwise, people like my MOM and my besties, and my DOG HAHA, would try to sneak in an extra address for an entry….by trying to bribe me to do it for them. Cheater cheater pumpkin eaters that they are. LOL.
      I hope you get to BALI some day. It is so fabulous!!The Balinese people are the nicest souls on the face of the earth.
      Happy winning !

  21. great blog Lynne…luv it luv it…good luck to u all!!! luv all the photos!!!!

  22. Rose says:

    filling in your box……

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Ohhh Rose,
      Only you could get away with saying that. haha! ‘filling in your box’. Bad A$$.

  23. mom says:

    Hey…can’t you fix it so your mom can win?? no one will know….I promise I won’t tell LOL

  24. I subscribed, even though i’m already subscribed in google reader. Because even though i never, ever win contests, one day my ship has got to come in. Am i right?
    lOvE that dragonfly!,
    PS….when you start your affair with the customs officer, can you please ask him to give me back the Dutch tulip bulbs they took from me at the airport?
    Dank u wel

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Haha Janet !
      so….what you are saying is that I need to have this love affair with a DUTCH customs officer that handles BALINESE shipping with CANADIAN flair? That should be no problem! LOL!
      P.s. I love google reader too, but couldn’t figure out a way for people to WIN via reader. There is no email address with that option. Poop. Good idea to have both. You are a smart cookie. haha!

  25. Mary says:

    I’d pay for the breasts! Thanks for the giveaway. (That’s “processed cheese food”–ick!)

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