Travel BIG, it makes your problems seem SMALL

Travel Big.. it makes your problems seem small


OK, you don’t think I am just going to blurt out the


of the blog giveaway contest,

do you?

Well. I am a blurt-er.   I can’t keep it a secret any longer.  I am about to BLURT blurt blurt.

It is too difficult to keep it such a secret.  Do you know what they say about secrets?

Three people can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.

My Mom had that on her coffee cup for about 100 years when I was growing up.  I think she was trying to teach me something.  Little did she know I would become a blogger.  Then spill all my secrets.

 A blogger keeping a secret is like a Nun doing tequila shots.

 Not gonna happen.  I wish my childhood teacher (aka Nun) did tequila shots.  At her school desk.  She would have been a whole lot more entertaining.

So…without further adieu

Here it goes….

Holy Batman, here is the winner :


Just like that.  Purple Lu won.  Yes that is the real name.  I am trying to keep at least one secret.  The email address of the winner.  Maybe they are a secret agent or something.  They clearly like the colour purple, so I already like them.  Purple is smoking hawt awesome.

Purple flower from Bali Indonesia

 How are you feeling?  Do you want to punch the winner?  Meanie.  Hang in there, I have a less violent solution.  Put your punching hands in your pockets and keep reading.

The draw was fair and square.  Even Steven.  I played nice. I did it all official- like and everything.

 How did I choose a winner without cheating ?  A free site called Random Picker.  If you are a blogger, it is a handy little site to have in your back pocket.  Why ?  It is handy for some of us who are way too tempted to cheat.


 Yup.  Cheat.

As I read through the comments, I wanted to give EVERYONE  a present.  No joke.  And I am a cheater at just about everything.  Card games.  IQ tests.  How many grapes I buy at the grocery store.  I eat most of them before I reach the cashier.  Then I swallow quick, and put on my innocent face.  You know the face.  It is ‘the face’ that kids make when they sneak all of the chocolate out of your pantry.

The problem with this contest is that it provoked the urge to not only cheat, but it scratched my travel itch.  I wanted to hop a plane and fly back to Bali.

Ornamental Grass Beach sand stone walls

 I am my fathers daughter.  My Dad could never-never-never drive anyone to the airport without the temptation of hopping on the plane with them.  No joke.  He once drove a friend to the airport to drop him off for a flight to Barbados.  My Dad hopped that plane.  His buddy didn’t even blink.  He knew my Dad.  Hours later….

 My Dad called my Mom from BARBADOS.

Who needs TV?  That is what I call family entertainment.  My Mom was a good sport. Whew.

Snorkel, pirate trips, scuba, paid, sailing sign

 Travel is bliss.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  My Dad had it all figured out.  Travel every chance you get.   If the opportunity doesn’t come to  you, do everything you can to go make it happen.  Travel opens your mind and your heart.

Travel makes your big problems seem small.


Except luggage.  Bali + overweight luggage = big problem.

Beach Umbrella in Bali, Indonesia

I have another problem. CUSTOMS.  I am thinking that customs might tell me to take a fly and leap flying leap.  Especially when they see dragonflies poking out from my bra.(yes, this is a normal occurrence  for me).  Don’t ask.  At least now you understand why a love affair with a customs officer would make a brilliant plan.  Never mind.  Truth is, I have a better plan.


Want to hear about it ?

P.s. Sadly, every time I write ‘it’, my computer spell checks it to ‘tit’. What-up with that?  My apologies.  I think my computer has a problem.   Or maybe it’s because I had 3 cups of high octane coffee while drumming up this idea.  Brilliance abounds after a truck load of coffee.  *Gulp*

Balinese statue

This dude is praying for me. I used the word TIT. Potty Mouth. I’m in Trouble.

Get ready.  This is where you HIT THE ROOF with excitement.

You need to hit the roof for 2 reasons :

1.  I am not usually this smart.

I had a stroke of genius.I suddenly have Smart-hood-ness.  Rare.  Rare indeed.


2. I figured out an easy way for you to buy these Balinese handmade goods.


And it is legal.  You can buy Balinese goods with the comfort and safety of knowing that I imported them legally.   I didn’t bribe a customs officer (not officially, anyway).  I just winked at him when the dragonflies were poking out of my bra.  He got it.  He really understood me.  MEN always understand WOMEN….especially when they have perky nipples.  Never mind that those perky nipples were actually dragonflies.  I wasn’t getting naked any time soon.  He would never know the source of my perky nipples.



driftwood floating at the beach

Most people like to shop at their local stores.

Note: We live in-the-middle-of nowhere-ville.  The boonies.  The sticks.  The middle of wilderness.  You get the drift.

 Buying locally means driving for 3 days to find a store.

 It is just as easy to hop a plane to Bali.

I can be in Bali in two days.

No probs.

Lighting at the beach lantern style


I have only a few items ‘in stock’ in my imaginary store that I just made up this week, on my blog. So if you love everything as much as I do, I will order more.  Especially those dragonflies.  If they are sold out before you get a chance to purchase one, let me know in the comment section, and I will do my best to order more.


Someone has to do the purchasing in Bali.

Someone needs to step up to the plate and smuggle in their bra import dragonflies.

I suppose I can take one for the team.

P.s. Dear Customs Officer, if you are reading this post, would you like to have a love affair?


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14 Responses

  1. Nancy Wardle says:

    Your blog just made me laugh so hard I had tears streaming down my face. It was the critters talking video that really got me! I needed a good laugh today for no other reason than it is just a good day to really laugh. Thanks!

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  3. Lynn says:

    I just adore your posts –
    and I COULD NOT RESIST clicking on the perky nipples link
    even though I knew what was there, I just HAD to look.
    Just in case I was wrong!!!
    Same name – similar freaks! 🙂 I am a pina colada drinking
    pro in case you need support in Bali btw.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Well, Lynn, I just adore your name :). Same name…and the same love of Pina Colada’s??! – yum ! Do you like your drinks delivered by a pool boy, with a drink umbrella ? It is even better when they deliver it in funky surfer shorts (not a speedo), Just sayin :).
      P.s. I promise, I am happily married. LOL !
      Lynne xx

  4. Annie Kip says:

    Hi Lynne – love your blog! I would like to get a dragonfly, but will wait until you have the multi-color – it looks beautiful!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Annie
      Thanks for the blog love! I will keep you in mind if I get my hands on some multicoloured little fellas :). P.s. The dark ones are beautiful too.

  5. Rose says:

    Next time…I say cheat!
    Still luv ya, to the moon and all the way back….

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Haha, I am with ya, Veronica (aka Rose). Next time, I say CHEAT too. I can’t help myself. Ooops, did I say that in my outside voice?
      Lynne xx

  6. Donna Olson says:

    Love the Blog today – actually love all your Blogs!
    Great 1st Give Away – and love the ‘shopping’ on your Blog now –
    That Michael – not just another pretty face – is he? 🙂

    By the way – love this font too!
    I’m just loving everything today – must be all the Diamond Jubilee coverage! LOL

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      HI Donna !!
      I am lovin’ that you are lovin’ it all :)))). The font is called Architects Daughter. Funky stuff, don’tcha think?
      Big hug, Lynne

  7. Rose Dostal says:

    I thought for sure you were going to announce that I won…something like:

    Oh well, there’s always our trip to Bali!

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