Treehouse + Barn Wedding = INSPIRED


Treehouse + Barn Wedding = Inspired via @lynneknowlton #DesignTheLifeYouWantToLive



I love a blog post title that just comes right out and smacks you in the face with a promise.  Well this is it.  I promise to show you :


Barn wedding + cupcakes + treehouse = awesome sauce.

(mixed with an explosion, a cupcake face plant, and dastardly squirrels)


 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn


We all need some inspiration at this time of year.  Right ? Right.  It’s been winter around here since 1954.   Enough already.  I’m tired of waking up in the morning, sipping my energy mud coffee and wanting to punch winter in the face.


It has been serious winter hibernation.  I could probably knit my way from here to Cleveland right about now.



We need something to get our engines running, don’t we?!!  We need MOJO injection.  We need off the chain inspiration.  We want it through the roof.  We need it all.

It’s called winter survival.


How do we get through it ?


Barn drooling inspiration.  Even I need it.   Technically, my barn looks like the North Pole right now and the extra bits of summer barn inspiration pull me outta the winter gutter.


Want some too?  Here we go …


 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn


 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn


 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn



I love barns, cupcakes, boozy booze and tree houses … in no particular order.  Oh, and I love George Clooney. Just sayin’.

Whisper voice :  I’d marry him in the barn.


This is the story of my wedding to George Clooney nieces wedding in a barn.

 #Barn Wedding with gorgeous DIY ideas and faboosh inspiration Design The Life You Want to Live


Truth  bomb :

It all started with an explosion and ended with a cupcake.  Or two cupcakes, or twelve.   I took cupcakes to bed with me that night.  First, I stared at the cupcake stand while thinking.


I want that.  All of that.  STAT.  *Stomps foot*


I enjoy long romantic walks to the cupcake display at weddings.  Should I be admitting all of this in my outside voice?


My bad.


 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn



The barn wedding happened last summer.  I’m fast at posting things, don’t you think?  I’m a speedy GoGo gadget AND I can tap my head while rubbing my tummy at the same time too.  I’m freaking brilliant.


Truth is, I wanted to wait until I needed to pull inspiration outta my pocket.  Because winter has been going on here since 1954 and it might end around 2020… I needed to pull the inspiration rabbit out of the hat.

Let’s get this party started.  Oh, and every good party starts with cupcakes.  Fooshur.


 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn


I wholeheartedly believe that barns are waaaaaay too pretty for hay.  They should have a chandelier, puuuurty lights, and cupcakes.  They should have George Clooney in them too.


Let’s invite him to the party.

 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn

Come on in …


The barn door is open.  PS.  That is also country talk for ‘your zipper is down’.  I learn fascinating facts like that while living in the country.  You’re welcome.


 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn


When we first moved to the countryside, our barn was a barn.  You know that thing that is full of hay, 800 years of cobwebs and the odd mysterious I dunno what that is and I hope I never find out sorta stuff ?!  We had it all.  Ain’t that special? 

I decided right there and then that this barn was going to be different.  We kicked out the raccoons, took twenty-nine thousand trips to the local dump and then lit the barn up with funky lighting.


 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn



 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn



 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn




 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn



 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn


Enough about the lighting.  Let’s talk cupcakes.

It’s no secret that I like good things and dislike bad things, unless that bad thing is a cupcake.

Everything is better with a cupcake in it.


 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn


Weddings are the place to crush that glass of wine and face plant a cupcake.

Oh yeah.

But not at the same time.

That would just be gross.

 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn

Cupcake  Heaven



 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn

I Do …  Want  to  Eat  That



 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn

You know how you could just face plant a cupcake sometimes?

Yeah.  Me too.

We just get each other.


 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn



 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn


Barn  +  Cupcakes  +  Twinkle Lights  =  Best. Day. Ever


I stuffed my face with cupcakes to my hearts content.

Oh wait.

They were there for the wedding ?!

Who knew?


 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn



 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn



 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn



 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn

  Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn

What is the best thing to play with at weddings?  No, the answer is not the drink umbrellas.


  Don’t you just love babies?

Until they poop.


 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn


And cars …

I bet you can’t tell what kind of car my family likes.

Three guesses, and the first two don’t count.


 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn


  My niece loves our treehouse, so we set it up as the honeymoon suite.


 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn

Learning to share :

Last summer, I decided that I needed to stop hogging the treehouse as my blogging studio and start sharing.

We decided to rent it out every once in a while, and see what others thought of sleeping in the trees.

We listed the treehouse on tripadvisor as a vacation rental retreat.  Whatcha think?

Go  out  on  a  limb

 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn

TreeHouse Front Porch

Hugging trees feeds your soul.


 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn



 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn


Do you love tree houses ?  If you are a lover of fire flies and hater of fruit flies, this may be just the place for you.


 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn


I don’t know what heaven is like, but sleeping amongst the trees is pretty darn close.

The smell.  The sounds.  The relaxing vibe.  The complete and utter quiet, sometimes interrupted by a bastard squirrel.


The squirrels had better be sweating bullets right now.  I’ve got my game on for this summer.  Squirrel game.  I’m sure they have their faces jammed with acorns right now just waiting to spit them at me and grin.  Then run.


Think you can handle a squirrel?   Perfect.  You’re invited.

 Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn


If you know how to arm wrestle a squirrel outta the treehouse, then you are my new bestie.

{ squirrel looks around nervously, and sucks thumb }

Squirrels are totally nuts.  Excuse the pun.

Well there you have it.  You just had a summer barn wedding, even if it may be snowing out your window 🙂


 Celebrate !!

#Barn Wedding with gorgeous DIY ideas and faboosh inspiration Design The Life You Want to Live

  Barn Wedding + Cupcakes + Treehouse = Awesome Sauce #barnwedding #treehouse #treehouseRental #Wedding #Barn


Do   small  things  with   great   love

Much love and inspiration to you !

I heart you like that.


I have a favour to ask you!  Come check out and follow my faboosh pinterest boards here <– I screamed that while chasing squirrels.

Please pin the photos from the bloggy post and share with your pinny pals.  If you hover your mouse (not squirrel) over each photo, the pin it button is right there on the top left of every photo.  Easy.  Sneezy.  Peasy.

I’ll smooch you for it and flash you a big toothy grin!

Mwah !!



Source : Wedding photography by Samantha Erin Photography.

Do you want to not-so-secretly stalk weddings?  I’ve got you covered.   I’ve been pinning wedding photos like d’bomb over here in Pinterest.  I wore my paper pinterest crown.


Want more?

My pal Stephanie over at Fab You Bliss shares fantastic weddings on her bloggy.


Want even more?

Holy smokes, demanding. Ha!  Lucky for you, I’ve got it.  Click below if you love to face plant cupcakes, drool while looking at barns and frolic in adult sized tree houses …



Now, let’s talk cupcakes…

Wait.  Did I hear cupcakes?  I’m outta here.  I need to take a long romantic walk to the refrigerator.


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57 Responses

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  4. Hilary says:

    You should rent your treehouse on Air B n B ! So cute. Love your blog. I’m going to attempt making my husband the giant chunky throw for our bedroom as a Christmas present. We will see if knitting is just as effective as food when it comes to that warm place in his heart for me.

  5. Zoe says:

    Barns + Treehouses + Cupcakes – three of my favorite things! Thanks for the great inspiration. Though we are clear of winter here now (south west Nova Scotia) it was still the perfect thing to brighten up a rainy day in spring!

  6. Sarah says:

    Your post is quite possibly the best blog post I’ve ever read (and by that I totally mean that my thought process runs the same ridiculous way. ask my bf, ridiculous is good.) I wandered here via A Beautiful Mess and the tour of your treehouse…haven’t read anything else yet, but I’m 100% sure your writing style has locked me in as a new die-hard reader (btw, big Die Hard fan. The more ridiculous the title, the better.) You’ve made my day much more enjoyable! Have an awesome weekend!

    Sarah Elizabeth (I go by Sarah in case you want to be BFFs :-D)

    • Sarah …. you can be my BFF if you promise to get ‘yer butt over here and wrestle the squirrels who think they own the joint. Ha!

      Squirrels are little buggers dressed in fur coats, but somehow I still luv ’em.

      Thanks for hanging out on the bloggy today ! It’s great to have you here !!

      Lynne xx

  7. Trish says:

    I came via Twitter.
    I love this post.
    Our farm does not have a barn but we do have a big shed under erection and 5kms away on property is an old shearing shed.
    We have Squirrel glider possums (seriously)- one i think -to be truthful and we haven’t seen him again since 3 Sundays ago. CAT ? scared him off. I’d never heard of them and never knew our farm had resident possums ( we have roos, wallabies, echidnas , spiders, long scaly things I won’t mention lalalala and cows though)
    A tree-house is my dream.

    • Hi Trish,

      Sorry it took me so long to reply. I blame it on the squirrels 🙂

      Wait. You lost me at ERECTION. Okay, I’m 50 years old, but my head can sometimes think like a goof ball. LOL.

      You had me laughing with the laalalaalalalaala cows ! too funny !


  8. cynthia says:

    Gorgeous! Perfect! Magnificent! I’d get married again if I could do it in your barn. I went looking for George Clooney once as well:

    P.S. If you see an odd glow in the treehouse some evening, it’ll be me. Hiding. Working on my cookbook by flashlight. Some of my best friends are squirrels.

    • Teehee Cynthia

      I just envisioned you with the flashlight glow. It’s GREAT, until a moth decides to land on your head, then your book, then your head again, then your glowing laptop.. then all hell breaks loose. Hahahahaha

  9. Colleen says:

    Loved this, and love you, you’re just a hoot! Talent is everywhere,
    I hope some of it rubs off on me!

  10. Kathy jo says:

    Love all your pics, laughing at your words and wanting a cupcake in the worst way !!!!
    You inspire me
    PS ~ I want to stay in your Tree house….. It’s dreamy
    Thank you for your minds eye of beauty and your heart that shares it.
    Kathy jo

    • Awhhhhh Kathy Jo ….

      You are so eloquent. I want to keep your comment for forever and ever and ever. May I quote you some time in my bloggy testimonials? THANK YOU for your beautifully kind words…

      ‘ Your minds eye of beauty and your heart that shares it ‘

      Wow, Wow.

      Lynne xoxoxooxox

  11. Do you have any more neices that can get married? Because that is a great way to get more cupcakes. Or you could just pretend you have a wedding coming up and order cupcakes. And then when no guests show up, guess who gets to eat all the cupcakes? HA! A perfect plan. And if you have any extra left, you know who to call!

  12. AwesomelyOZ says:

    What a beautiful concept for a wedding 😀 Such a romantic honeymoon suite too, does it come with breakfast? 😉 Love the photos, they’re classy. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, hope everything is peaceful in your household! -Iva

    • It sure does come with breakfast, Iva.

      It’s called SQUIRREL 🙂 Jokes. Jokes. xx

      Yes, everything is peaceful in this neck of the woods. The snow is melting, and I can almost smell SPRING in the air.

      Whoooohoooo !!!!!

  13. Brenda says:

    I’ll see you your squirrel and raise you four – count ’em,, FOUR – rose murdering mule deer who as I speak are probably birthing a half-dozen more future rose killing prodigies.
    I am building a fence. A big fence. Might even be squirrel-proof, I’m that mad.

  14. Sharing your tree house, you are just such a giver, not sure if I could share that awesome space! It’s so beautiful, your tree house and that barn, oh wow!!!! I have a small barn obsession… off to pin the daylights outa this place! 🙂

    • Thanks Laurie !

      I was hoping that peeps would pin the heck outta the barn and treehouse.

      It’s totally pinny, right? Right. 🙂

      Thankfully, I didn’t post any photos of the tumbleweed fur balls of dust that roll through the barn every now and again 🙂

  15. Brandyn says:

    Hi Lynne!
    I used to work with your niece Brittney, and she posted the link to your blog. First off, this may be the funniest thing I’ve ever read! Your humour speaks to my soul. Second, your barn is the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. Lastly, what are the chances that your barn could be rented out… for say, a wedding? Either way, your blog is a new addition to my ‘must read’ bookmarks. Cheers!

    • Hi Brandyn !!

      That’s so cool that you worked with Britt ! Isn’t she a doll ?!! I LOVE her.

      Sad news : We aren’t renting out the barn. We only use it for family, because it would have to meet commercial code to rent it out to others.

      Ya know …. Emergency exits, lights blah blah blah <-- you can tell that I'm thrilled about that. LOL. Public/Commercial stuff would make it feel less like HOME. Drats, huh? We are only renting the treehouse this summer. I finally learned how to share. LOL. PS. Thanks for the bloggy love ! <3 Big hugs, Lynne xx

      • Brandyn says:

        She is super awesome, for sure!
        I totally understand! I wouldn’t want you to mess with what your barn has going on!
        Your treehouse is also super awesome, and I am in the process of convincing my fiancé that it isn’t too far away… 🙂
        Well anyways, thanks for the quick reply and I look forward to your next post!

  16. Suzanne says:

    I love your barn and I love your tree house. I would sit in your barn with cupcakes any day of the week. What a beautiful spot for the wedding and that tree house honeymoon suite is dreamy. ENVY!!!

    • Hey Suzanne,

      You know … we’ve been friends long enough now … get your butt to the treehouse and we can blog together from there.

      It’s pooch friendly. Ha!

      This summer, I will be doing videos from the treehouse, teaching others how to find their voice & how to be a kickass blogger.

      Those videos may give you more treehouse envy… so you better just show up and enjoy it 🙂

  17. Melanie says:

    Oh my days that treehouse is the best. Ive just looked at the pictures on tripadvisor too and Im in heaven what a beautiful setting and Im loving the lighting, hammocks, candles and you are 100% right George Clooney is definitely needed here I would fight you to the end for him sister. Imagine getting snowed in the barn with George . . . . . . ha ha ha I need a cold shower. Its truly amazing hun and the wedding looks truly spectacular. Bet you cant wait for better weather not long now ;o)

    • Too funny Melanie !

      I can see us on each arm of Georgie porgie puddin’ and pie 🙂

      As soon as that sun busts through the clouds, I can’t wait to get back in the barn ! I think I better hang up some posters of George. hahahahaha.


      • Melanie says:

        Well George is a charmer and loves the company of a good woman in fact I think you should invite him to the opening of your treehouse if you do I’ll be over there like a shot and I live in the UK. We could feed him cupcakes and drink lots of wine now there’s an idea – hee hee

  18. Auntiepatch says:

    It’s suppose to be 95 degrees here on Wednesday. Can you send us some snow/rain??? We would really appreciate it!

    • 95 degrees ? 95 ? Whaaaa 95 ?

      I don’t know if I should punch you or kiss you. I’m so jealous. Yup. Jealous.

      Enjoy the sunshine for me … although.. at 95 degrees you could probably bake a pizza on your front porch.

      { HUGS }

      Lynne xx

  19. Tracie says:

    If I am ever anywhere near your treehouse, I would so in a heartbeat be having my homemade baileys in that swing chair!! I love everything about that place, and maybe all I can do is dream, but it sounds like heaven to me……

    • Tracie !!

      It’s so sweet to see your beautiful face in the gravatar ! I’ve missed you!

      How are ya girlie ?!!

      I’ve tested that chair and baileys and they go together like white on rice.

      Perfect match made in heaven.

      I wish you lived closer … we really should test it out with you here !

      Big love,
      Lynne xx

  20. Craig says:


  21. Oh, so lovely, Lynne! If I were to ever marry again (which I won’t) I would do it in your barn (do it, get it?) I know you have a dirty mind like that sometimes 🙂 It’s not just the cupcakes. The tree house is on trip advisor? That’s fantastic!!

    • Never say never Lisa,

      … and you can do it in my barn … haha!!

      Yes, the treehouse is on trip advisor this year, and it’s starting to book up on the summer weekends already.

      It was ranked as a top vacation rental by tripadvisor and has a 5 star rating review.

      Woooohooooo !!! I hope the people who arrive this summer like squirrels 🙂


  22. Lynne,

    I love your barn! Especially the twinkle lights I saw in another picture of it. And I don’t usually like dark rooms. Can we secretly stick some seashells in there though? :0 And, your post is beautiful, interesting, funny and perfect! I see what you mean! And, and….I love cupcakes, George Clooney, weddings and cocktails. I think we’re sisters from another mother (and father)! Ha ha!



    • Oh me oh my Denise,

      We might be related. Guess what?!!

      There are shells in there (but you can’t see them in the photos) Ha !

      PS. You are a quick study with blogging. LOL.

      Night night to a sista’ from anotha motha. xoo

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