Your phone called. It said you should buy this phone case.


Your phone called. It said you should buy this case.  Read how on

Sit down.  This is going to be great.  Oh wait.  You probably already have ‘yer butt in the chair.  

 Good job.  You are a good listener.  I think I like you already. 


Why?!  I have an announcement to make that is EPIC on epic proportions of epicness.


It is that good     <——————-     I screamed that


Epic is about to grace this page.   Truth is, I couldn’t tell you before now because I wanted to be a bazillion percent sure that I could make it happen.  I was so wracked with nerves waiting for it to all come together.  I sat at my desk … shaking … sipping vodka from a thermos.

And then it happened.  

The vodka drinking AND it all came together.


I designed wicked awesome phone cases. I designed them for YOU.  They are awesome. By the way.


They aren’t just any old phone case.  They are freaking amazeballs phone cases.  Blow your mind gorgy gorgeous phone cases.  Sexy as all get out phone cases.  One of a kind.  Über unique.  Each of them are individually hand crafted.  Limited Edition.  They are d’bomb dot com.


You've come to expect that from me, haven't you? 

Admit it.   Don't make me arm punch you.  Because I will.


Need I say more?


Okay.  I will.  Thank you very much.   Let me tell you about my small. town. phone. case. test. drive :


My phone case samples arrived yesterday.  I have only waited four thousand three hundred and 22 hours, six hundred minutes and twenty nine seconds.  Not that I was counting.

News flash:  I live in the country.   It is hard to do market research in small places.  The closest town has a population of 12 people.  Not all of them have teeth.




What did I do after I received the phone cases yesterday?   I happy danced all over the kitchen, like any Queen of the household would.   Then,  I put the new case on my phone and drove straight to town.  I went for an obvious casual stroll down the centre of town.  I flashed the case at the grocery store clerk.  I shook it in the face of the gas attendant.  Yes.  We still have guys that pump gas in Canadian small towns.  I’m as shocked about that as you are.

I stunned him with my phone case stun gun.   AKA …  I waved my phone case in his face in a Z formation.  My next tall order was to have it peeking out of my pocket in a super obvious subtle way.  Translation : I shoved it in the face of even more innocent strangers.  I jumped up and down and waved it at passer-bys.    I ran up and down the grocery store aisle with it like a crazed nut bar who just scored the winning goal at hockey.  I danced it out.  I never did find the milk I was looking for, but the stock boy in the grocery store gave me his approval.

It’s  sick  … okay … his words.  But still.  I was inspired.  So I stole a baby stroller.  I put my case in it like a new born baby.  I lifted the blanket and said ” Hey strangers, look at my gorgeous baby.  She doesn’t even cry.  Not a peep outta her.  Isn’t she the prettiest and quietest little thing you ever did see?  Gush “


Market   Research   Results :



I can say, without a doubt, that this phone case is highly recommended by at least three people.  One of them is wondering where her baby stroller went.

I’m so proud.  I high-fived myself.


Need some inspiration on how to get pumped up and enjoy your biz life? … Here it is …



Did you watch it?  Do it.   I will wait for you.  Hurry up.   I’m really friggin’ excited AND I need you to be in a good mood when you admire my phone cases.


” There will be more corn dogs and more happy people.   Life is tough, but so are you.  Say something nice.  Say anything, but say it nice.


Each of these phone cases are crafted from one-of-a-kind DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE photography.  They have handwritten fonts by yours truly.  I like artsy with my fartsy.


*    All phone cases will be delivered with a gift card for YOU, personalized with a super unique gorgeous photo.

Just like the photos you see on this here bloggy blog.

Oh wait.  There is more.  Holy batman, huh?

*    Every phone will come in a personalized cotton bag.   It is adorbs.  I swear it.



Icing  on  the  cake :


Blog subscribers will be the first to see the limited edition phone cases.  They will be the first to know when the phone cases are available for sale.  Because the cases are limited edition only ~ when they are gone, they are gone.    Like my skinny waistline.  Gone.  Never to be seen again.  Shut your face, chocolate.


There is more.  Blog subscribers will also get a discount.  Holy batman.  I clearly DO lurve you.

If you want in as a blog subscriber, now is your chance. If you are a current subscriber, I’ve got your back… you’re already in for early notification and discounts.  Done.  No worries there.

For all you other peeps who are not yet subscribed, enter your email here to make that happen or in the box below:

Sign up for some awesome in your inbox




Bloggers and Brands :  We are initiating an affiliate program too.  If you would like to jump in on that, lemme know.  Pick up that flag and let’s go charging up the hill together.

Let’s go on a journey where we all can inspire and empower each other.  Let’s taste this awesomeness together.   We have an appetite for beautiful and delicious things, don’t we? Yessssss.

These phone cases need some exposure.  So far, the only exposure they get around here is when I go outside in the Canadian winter in my sports bra.


”  You have BBQ sauce on your shirt.  That’s okay.  I have BBQ sauce on my shirt too.  Thank you.  Everything is going to be okay.  Just tell people you are awesome and mean it. “


Tell me what you want, what you really really want.

Let’s get ready to live life out loud.  These phone cases will provide hours of fun and better hair days too.


” Wherever you are today, I hope you know that you have everything you need to make your world awesome.  You got that? “



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56 Responses

  1. Suzanne says:

    I am still subscribed yet I haven’t gotten one of your posts. Love your phone covers, I could have one for every day of the week. New day new phone cover, Awesome!!

  2. cynthia says:

    Lynne, your awesomeness has never been more on display than here. All over here. I love all the phone cases, but especially #3. Earth and rocks speak to me, what can I say? The real genius, though, is vodka in a thermos.

    Winter has hit us like a bomb. On Wednesday it started to snow and the bottom fell out of the thermometer. Like a bomb. Minus 20F overnights, highs of minus 10 during the day. When the sun, or its pale cousin, was out. Today is going to be a great one – supposedly all the way up to 7 above. But I’m not holding my breath. I’m thinking about that thermos of vodka..

    • Haha Cynthia,

      When in doubt, sip that vodka. It is sooooo cold outside here too. You should know, you INSPIRED ME ! You and a whole bunch of others love #3 so I created it and it looks even more beautiful in real life. I changed the font to my handwriting combined with a typed font and wowsers it is unique! Thanks for the inspiration.

      Lynne xx

  3. NikiDee says:

    I chose # 1 but not for myself. My sister-in-law had breast cancer. She also had a double mastectomy. She has been cancer free for 5 years & is the most amazing person I know. I chose case #1 for her.

    • Would you believe me if I told you the REAL LIFE phone cases are about a billion times better and sexier than the samples??!

      Because they are.

      I just jumped up and down on my bed. THAT excited.

      I can’t wait to start selling them. They are sooooo freaking gorgeous AND they are meant for amazing peeps like your sister-in-law.


  4. Jennifer says:

    I voted for #6 because I’ve always wanted to do epic shit. However I love
    # 10. I was raised by a father who read me Tolkien every night and it is my daughters favorite quote.

  5. Shelley MacKenzie says:

    Love your iPhone covers, alas, I am the only one in the world with a “vintage” iPhone 3g. On the bright side, I have had it almost 5 years and it still keeps on ticking.

    Love the blog. But then again, you probably knew that!

    • Hiya Shelley,

      Of course I remember you :) xx You were my inspiration to blog more often… I have been blogging consistently every Friday since you left your comment. (truth be told, before that… I sometimes only blogged every few weeks) I think. LOL. Or did you mean even more often than once a week? Ohhmeerrgerddd. teehee. By the way, I am grateful for your comment and inspiration. Ya see, I listen to my bloggy reading pals. xx

      I have been writing a FREE photo app book(sharing all my best of the best in photo apps)…it should be on the blog soon, and I have been making Phone cases. Well, I have been also eating all the chocolate within 10 square miles of my house. Winter does that to me.

      I loved what you told me in your ‘it’s about me, it’s about you’ section of the blog. It was EPIC.

      Mwah !!

      PS. I won’t have covers for the iPhone 3. Boooohoooo for you. Maybe I will have to come visit you and run over your phone so you have to get the iPhone 5 (problem solved). That’s what a true bloggy friend would do. hahahahaa.

    • Hey Shelley

      I wrote a reply to you a couple of days ago, and now I don’t see it here.

      I’m going to have a temper tantrum now.

      Here is some good news for you. We have a bunch of iPhone 3 cases that a friend of ours gave us. I can send you some :))))

      Can you email me your home mailing address?

      My email addy is


  6. mehker says:


    Your blog KILLS me. Freaking hilarious and such a pleasure to read! Breath of fresh – “real” – air. LOVE IT.

    Okay here’s the deal – I have a samsung note 1 phone(the original monster sized phone). Will you make the cases to fit these tiny monsters? Or will I have to wait for it to break and consider getting an… iphone? I need these details as I want one of your cases.

    keep me posted. best thing I’ve read all day. jeeze, I love sundays.
    p.s. your tree house rocks!

    • Thanks for checking out my bloggy too Amanda ! Yup. I like to keep it real, in these here parts. LOL. That’s a good question about the Samsung MONSTER. I will have to see if we tackle that beast LOL. The only cases I can get are Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 and iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. I think we should bust your phone and get you a new one :) … because the real deal on these phone cases is super GORGEOUS. Deal? Deal.

      Lynne xx

  7. Lindsey says:

    Congrats Lynne! Love the epic shit one (and I voted for it). It might mostly be because that one has a potty-mouth…. but they all are fantastic!! Xoxo

    • Funny you should mention that Lindsey! I made a few styles with DO EPIC SHIT on them, I just couldn’t show all my samples in one blog post. It would have been a novel. ha ! When they are posted formally on the site and for sale, you will see a couple of options with potty mouth. LOL ! It appears MANY MANY MANY peeps like potty mouth. Who knew? teehee. I knew I loved my pals who read my blog. hahahahaa.


  8. Rachel says:

    Love all of these…consider me a customer :)

    • Ahhhhh, thank you Rachel. You won’t believe how gorgeous they are in real life. One of a kind. Stunners. Ohhhh la la. I’m hiding them from my friends. They keep trying to steal the samples from me. haha !


  9. Linda says:

    It’s a toss up between 1+3 !!! Love them !!!

  10. A- I love them all.
    B- I REALLY love #10… because I’m difficult like that.

  11. AwesomelyOZ says:

    Congratulations on this new endeavor Lynne!! Looking forward to it as I have a work iphone 4s that needs an awesome cover 😉 For when I get heinous calls any hours of the night I can respond in style 😉 Hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving! -Iva

    • Wait. You answer calls from work in the middle of the night. Hmm. What kind of career do you have? LOL.

      PS. Have you ever fallen asleep while looking at your phone in the middle of the night and it falls & hits you on the face? Ha! If so, me too. I have the bruised forehead to prove it. Now we can do the face plant in style :)

      Have a gorgy gorgeous weekend. xx

      • AwesomelyOZ says:

        Lol while that may sound suspicious, I’m a system administrator and right now we’re supporting some people for a limited time and it sucks. So yeah, I haven’t received a call in the middle of the night but other peers of mine have. I’m still on until Friday so hoping no one actually bugs me during those hours (or that no servers go down). LOL Yes I have done that.. I’m clumsy in the middle of the night :) Lets face plant in style Lynne! -Iva

  12. Tristan says:

    I want ALL OF THEM.
    ok that is all

    • Well, Miss Tristan…

      I think I can make that happen for you :) …ohhh the benefits of being my daughter. xx ha!

      I know you like the sock monkey dude. He is going to look a million times better in real life. We adjusted the phone case so that the monkey is a better fit, and the words look gorgy gorgeous. A huge improvement already.

      Samples don’t equal real life. Whew.

      Love you,
      Momma xx

  13. Ardis - Rustic Retrievals says:

    Such a great idea! I’m LUURRRVING #3! And the affiliate program, brilliant! I will be pinning, tweeting and sharing like crazy!

    Have a great weekend and so good to see you last weekend! :)

    Ardis xo

    • Hey Ardis,

      Number 3 seems to be a huge hit in the survey, so we are going to send it to production. The new one will have clearer writing and be even prettier !!

      I love that these were just prototypes. The real deal is a big improved version of gorgeousness.

      PS. I knew you’d love that one. That photo is a picture of the rocks at the treehouse :))))

      Many hugs,
      Lynne xx
      (it was GREAT to see you too)

  14. Brenlin says:

    Live simply, love deeply and do epic shit. Have several cancer survivors in our family. But this current pain is from losing my Dad to cancer this year. Your blog makes me smile and cry. And both are good. Thank you.
    Good luck with the phone cases!

    • Ahhhh Brenlin,

      I’m sooooo sorry to hear about your Dad. I’ve been meaning to write a cancer blog post. I have not written one in so very long.

      The sadness of it all makes me want to bury my head in the sand and forget about it sometimes. You?

      Much love to you…. live simply, love deeply and do epic shit.

      I think you just gave me a great tagline for the phone case business. It combines all the biggest things that I believe in.

      Thank you for that.

      Lynne xx

  15. Robin says:

    Hmmmm. I tried to check the little circle thingys to choose my fave fone cover, but wouldn’t work for me. Must be my computer karma kicking me in the teeth again. Anyway, DUH…I vote for the Epic Shit one! (And plus, it’ll look great with my phone bling!) But WHEN will they be available?! (Nailin’ yer but against the wall, girlie!) Knock ‘m outta da park!

    • Hi Robin,

      I bet your vote worked, but you didn’t know it. The survey form usually works great. As soon as you click DONE at the bottom of the survey… it is registered in as a vote. Did you scroll to the bottom of the survey for the DONE button? Hope so. Easy sneezy peasy. Yesssss.

      So, now that you have nailed me down (haha, I love that about you)… the phone cases will be here on Dec 15th. I didn’t announce that formally, since I don’t want to make any big promises just yet.

      The shop will be set up next week on the blog to buy the cases directly. Saaaahweeet.

      Crossing my fingers and toes AND so über excited about this adventure!


  16. Shirley says:

    Oh, Lynne, the cases are so beautiful (especially #3), you make me wish I wish I had a cell phone! I’m officially one of the ONLY TWO PEOPLE IN CANADA who don’t own a cell phone. Unfortunately, the other one is my husband … :(

    • Wow Shirley,

      You and your husband must communicate in other ways. LOL. Love it !!

      Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL words. They made my day. I appreciate the vote of confidence.

      Have a faboooosh weekend !!!

      Lynne xx

  17. Mary says:

    Here’s a corndog for you! Love them all darlin’,,,but after losing 2 brothers to cancer this year,,,I can’t do the ” I Cancer vive”. Maybe next year. Good luck with your latest venture.
    Hugs & smoochies.

    • Hi Mary,

      Here’s a corn dog for you, and you and you.

      Oh that kid. What a face, huh? So adorable.

      I hear ya sista. It is gut wrenching and way too sad for words to lose two brothers to cancer. Too sad. There are no words.

      But there is love. And I am sending you that. Big love. Right to your heart.

      With much love and a corn dog,
      Lynne xx

  18. Christine Gervais says:

    You inspire me. Thank you so much.

  19. Cate Moore says:

    LOVE them all. Can I check all of the boxes??? Seriously! (not helpful?)


    • Yes, you can check all of the boxes. For reals. This smart cookie thought of that. Because we should be allowed to like more than one, right ?!! This is like picking a kitten out of a basket.

      *hops from one foot to the other*

      Which one? Which one?!!

  20. Craig says:

    Sorry, can’t read any of this right now, it’s Black Friday… and I’m in isle #13 working at Lowes… Plumbing dept…. Gotta go someone just put potato skins down the garbage disposal ….. Major mistake… Ok, here’s what you have to do-

    • Ohhhhmerrhhhgerdd Craig,

      You are the bravest man on earth. Working in retail on Black Friday. I think you should get an award. I’ll share my crown with you. You can be KING for a day.

      I’m so happy that I’m not with you. I’d be tripping the customers. Whoops. Did I say that out loud? xx

  21. marc says:

    I only subscribe to one blog in the whole world. I’m a tough guy but sometimes I feel a tear coming on, or I laugh really loud (ok frequently) by myself while reading something from you.
    You’re crazy awesome Lynne..

  22. Great idea, Lynne! Love your designs. Also glad to see you’re including phones other than the iphone. I’m a Samsung gal. I can’t wait to see how this goes for you. xoxox

    • Hiya Denise !

      We are hoping to do some samsung phone cases (cross your fingers and toes) for awesome peeps like you xx.

      My wee survey will help me with that one, to determine how many people are samsung-ers and how many are i-device-rs. Is that a word? Nope.

      So far, I had my samples made in iPhone 4’s and iPhone 5’s. They were all gone in about 5 seconds flat. Mostly because I have 4 kids and one husband with iPhones AND they might be biased.

      Miss you. xx

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