The best of Etsy!! Holy batman, this is soooooo good…


Enter to win a $500 Etsy giveaway >> Enter to win a $500 Etsy giveaway >>

I hate presents. Said no one ever.

‘Sup?  Every year, Christmas suddenly jumps on my head.  Like I wasn’t even expecting it.  Every year, I say hold on, dudette… I’m not ready.  Every year, it happens.

All up in my face.  Every year, I say this is going to be different.

Every year … I am wrong*

*face palm*

If I say every year one more time, I’m going to punch myself in the face.


I pinky swear it… I’m in the holiday spirit. Or I’m dipping into the spirits (homemade baileys).  Same thing.  But different.



‘xcept this year.

This year is going to be different.


We got this, you and I.  How?  Etsy has so much to offer fellers out ‘dare! Why am I suddenly talking like a bohemian redneck?

On second thought, don’t sip too much of that baileys.  #LearnFromTheErrorsOfMyWays



Get ready for 49 billion photos of really cool Etsy-ness !!   I tried to take most of the photos from the treehouse, before I froze my arse off.



Online shopping is d’best …

Do you want to quit watching the holiday clock?  Do you want to crush your holiday shopping?   Do it online and avoid punching out someone in a shopping mall parking lot.   Avoid tasering the drivers who steal your mall parking spot.  Pfffft.

Yes, you can sometimes find some of the most trashed up things this side of Christmas when you do shopping.  Uhhhhgaleeee.  Not here.

I’m only sharing the best of the bestest  of the very best of Etsy.  Here.  Now.  Got that?

PS. if you have some fave Etsy sellers, spill it in the comment section below. I love discovering new ones!!


You and I are going to have the best invisible internet friend holiday party ever.


We can shop from deep within our couches.  In our pajamaz.  For insanely cool stuff.

Enter to win a $500 Etsy giveaway >>



Ready to have a several GASP moments?  Brace yo’ self.  <<< The bohemian redneck came back.

This is gonna be good.



In the [TREE] house 

The best etsy finds AND win $500 with Etsy here >> The best etsy finds AND win $500 with Etsy here >> The best etsy finds AND win $500 with Etsy here >>

Linen Curtains || Yellow Throw (on sale $19) || Yellow pillows || ?? Marquee sign (only $10) || Knitting needles || Chunky wool Blanket free pattern ||  More treehouse photos



Where was I?

Full of holiday sass a frass and all jacked up on baileys, delish bread and holiday cookies.

Check out this linen tea towel with measuring cups on it.  I can’t even.

Annnnnnnnd this one has a bread recipe on it!!

Can someone deliver that tea towel and BREAD into my life right now?



You can bake bread. You're domestic, dammit.


The best etsy finds AND win $500 with Etsy here >>

Linen hand towel || Measurements tea towel || Candle || Tic Tac Toe

oh la la LINEN 


The best etsy finds AND win $500 with Etsy here >> The best etsy finds AND win $500 with Etsy here >>

Linen Hand Towels and bath towels too !!  I die.  Freaking amazeballs.



Wooly LOVE


Best of Etsy: @Etsy seller wool wall hanging. So beautiful !Best wooly finds on @Etsy here >>

The gorgy gorgeous  wooly wall hanging is from this Etsy seller ||  Merino wool from this incredible Etsy seller is tailored to go with this free chunky wool blanket pattern.

Drift with Driftwood

Ahhhhmazing driftwood from #Etsy and it's 50% off right now!

Ahhhhmazing driftwood from #Etsy and it's 50% off right now!

Ahhhhmazing driftwood from #Etsy and it's 50% off right now!


Guess whaaaaaa?  The driftwood garland is 50% off right now right here. Boom chicka wow wow!  And there’s more from this incredible Canadian Etsy seller!!! ….

This driftwood candle holder is d’bomb diggity.  I freaking love it.  Tell me that you love driftwood.  If not, I will have to pummel you.  It would be all kinds of wrong if you didn’t like driftwood.


So you don't like to be wrong?


Really?  I don’t know.  I’m not familiar with that sensation *insert big toothy grin*


Gorgeous driftwood from @Etsy here >> Gorgeous driftwood from @Etsy here >> Gorgeous driftwood from @Etsy here >>

Driftwood candle holder ||  Turkish organic tablecloth (cotton)



Where type & linen make out


Stunning linens from @Etsy here >> Stunning linens from @Etsy here >>

Linen Tea Towel  ||  iPad Case || Roots Wallet || Stylus || Hand print Mug || Gold Mug ||



Lay it all out 


Stunning linens from @Etsy here >> Stunning linens from @Etsy here >> Stunning linens from @Etsy here >> Stunning linens from @Etsy here >>

Go from the blahhhhs to the oh la laaaas with Turkish organic cotton tablecloths



This candle is sooooo good.

Ahhhmazing @woodlot candle from @Etsy here >> Ahhhmazing @woodlot candle from @Etsy here >>

I lit this candle.   It’s amazing.   See you never.



iPad lurve. What’s not to love?


Ahhhmazing @woodlot candle from @Etsy here >> Win $500 in @Etsy gift cards here >> Win $500 in @Etsy gift cards here >> Win $500 in @Etsy gift cards here >>

|| This iPad case  rocks my socks. Betcha can’t tell.||  Pencil stylus  ||  Black stylus  ||   Candle  ||  Wallet  ||



Snowy White Christmas

I saw these and then said (AKA screamed) to myself,  “GET THEM !!!!!!!!”

Win $500 in @Etsy gift cards here >>

Win $500 in @Etsy gift cards here >> Win $500 in @Etsy gift cards here >>

Tic Tac Toe ||   Candle  ||  Enamelware Mug  ||  Gold pillows  || Barn Cat FREE 🙂 || Wood Ornaments & Snowflakes  || Wooden Ornaments



Off the chain

Stunning jewellery & a chance to win $500 in @Etsy gift cards here >> Stunning jewellery & a chance to win $500 in @Etsy gift cards here >>

Let me tell you, this is freaking off the chain (excuse the pun) amazeballs.  Don’t mind if I do.||  THINGS Linen Bag ||  Necklace

You with me on this one?  Okidoki then.  We got this.

Energy mud mugs 


These are so smoking hot, they should stop drop and roll….

Gorgeous muglicious mugs & a chance to win $500 with @Etsy >> Gorgeous muglicious mugs & a chance to win $500 with @Etsy >>


I love a good cup of energy mud.  Coffee gives me unrealistic expectations of productivity.

For the win.

Problem is, when I drink too much of the stuff. I start to make coffee nervous.


Gorgeous muglicious mugs & a chance to win $500 with @Etsy >> Gorgeous muglicious mugs & a chance to win $500 with @Etsy >> Gorgeous muglicious mugs & a chance to win $500 with @Etsy >>

But still.  Gimme that GOLD handled coffee mug.  Right.  Now.  It is mugilicious.  And the tumbler hand print mug is t’die for.  The bohemian layered rings?!!??   I can’t even. Layered awesomeness.  The long flowy wooly sweater? Oh Emm Geeeeh.  Roll me up in a pile of comfy and plop me in  Throw blanket heaven.



Linen love. Legit.  LOVE. 


For years, I had never ever in the history of ever, tried linen duvet covers, sheets, towels or curtains.

Why not?!!! I was stupid.  Stoopid.

Now, I’m in an upward spiral obsession with them.  I quickly learned that I would need to slowly bribe Michael into feeling the same way.  It was awesome. NOT.   It took some coaxing and now he freaking lovvvvves it too.  Don’t tell him I told you.  I’ll be busted and hiding under the linen duvet cover.  What? Never mind.  Now he’ll know where I’m hiding.


Brighten up your holidays and win $500 with Etsy here >>   Yellow Brighten up your holidays and win $500 with Etsy here >> Brighten up your holidays and win $500 with Etsy here >>

Linen Duvet Cover ||  Set of 2 Linen Pillowcases || European style Square linen pillowcases ||  Yellow Throw blanket ||  Yellow pillows ||



Keeping it Real…


I’ve had a lifetime crush on linen. Like seriously, it’s probably my longest crush ever.   I estimate it at 20 years strong.  Funny, since I am only 21.  About three words in there are true.


PS. My biggest crush has been with Not Perfect Linen on Etsy. I have been using her linens for a couple of years now and love love love love.  Did I mention love?


Dear Linen, I love you.  The End.  


Brighten up your holidays and win $500 with Etsy here >> Brighten up your holidays and win $500 with Etsy here >> Brighten up your holidays and win $500 with Etsy here >>

White linen laundry bag ||   White linen curtains <<< all time faves ||



Gah.  My face. 

Can I just say that I hate removing makeup?!!  I know it’s bad for my skin and I’ll probably go blind but WHATEVER. By not removing it, I don’t have to put my makeup on every day either, so it’s a win-win.


Brighten up your holidays and win $500 with Etsy here >> Brighten up your holidays and win $500 with Etsy here >>

Linen Ditty Bag (love that name!)  ||  Oval Bottom Linen Bag



See. I know what you like. Flat out awesome stuff.

Like whoa!

Are you all like “look at this gal,  she dropped all kinds of Etsy knowledge bombs”??!!

I’m f’n ancient.  Therefore I’m shopping wise, by default.


Happy shopping.  Keeping it simple.  Keeping it real.


Shop the Post:





Update:  The 5 winners of the $100 gift cards are: Gillian Scott, Catherine Doherty, Jennifer McLean, Veronika G and Kimiko Saso!  Congratulations!!


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137 Responses

  1. Dawn says:

    You are a lot of fun. Glad I found you.

  2. Janet says:

    Every year I say I’m going to make your homemade Bailey’s recipe…and then I forget 🙁 But not this year!
    I love Woodlot candles – have you tried their “recharge” scent? Soooo nice 🙂

    Merry early Christmas Lynne!

  3. Bex2d2 says:

    Love that driftwood candle holder!!!!

  4. Claire says:

    Everything is curated so beautifully Lynne and I love that you are showcasing Canadian makers!!

  5. Mackenzie knowlton says:

    Love all of these great ideas!! They all are so fun and beautiful 🙂

  6. Sher says:

    Armstreet is one of my fave shops on Etsy- medieval stuff 🙂

  7. valerie sobus says:

    i’m not a big jewelry person but one of my very favorite things about etsy is the vast amount of unique wedding jewelry you can shop for on there! i knew that’s where i wanted my engagement ring and wedding band from from the very start. this is the one i ended up with and couldn’t have been happier (both with the ring — still holding up AWESOME — and the amazing customer service you get with etsy sellers)

  8. Sandi Knight says:

    Energy Mud Mugs – oh my! Who on your list wouldn’t like those? With a side of coffee and Baileys, maybe a sugar cookie or three! The perfect gift!

  9. Lisa Mills says:

    Yahuh!!! I’ve got broad shoulders, Lynne. I can live with the burden of turning you on to Paper Plus Cloth 😉

  10. shaunie says:

    I’d have to say this is very great of Etsy love a lot of things there.

  11. Jules says:

    Oh the inspiration! What a fun girl you are 🙂

  12. Leah says:

    Love all of your picks. Can you please do my husband’s Christmas shopping this year? 😉

  13. Susan says:

    I got referred here by mud and stone (a local Etsy seller thAt sells amazing ceramics). I am trying to buy more local and handmade/small shop goods this year and Etsy makes it so much easier for a new mom who can’t make it out to the craft sales and shops. Been shopping Etsy for years and love it!!!

    • Hi Susan!

      Isn’t Mud and Stone, fab?!!! I fell in love with them on Etsy and especially lurve that they are Canadian. When I bought their mugs, I was so impressed!

      The white mug with the gold handle has become my all time fave in the history of ever.

      So cool to hear that you have been an Etsy shopper for years. Isn’t it just fab to buy locally and not step into a shopping mall? Gah.

      Big love and happy holidays,

  14. Sarah B says:

    I am trying to buy local or handmade for my Christmas gifts. This would help spread the handmade cheer, both far and near.

  15. claudia says:

    Wow! This is a great list. A lot of classic items but with a fun twist. This year, I’m looking so ecofriendly gifts…etsy is a great place for that. Have a lovely week 🙂

  16. Shane Smith says:

    my wife loves Etsy – my wedding ring is from there too. I’d love to win this for her for our anniversary

    • Hi Shane!

      It’s sooooooooo cool that your wedding ring is from Etsy! I was having a look at the rings last week. Erhhhmergerd, love!

      Do you have a fave seller for rings?

      Happy shopping!

  17. Meg S says:

    I have found SO many Etsy things I want to give people for Christmas. SO MANY. It’s not even funny.

  18. Piroska says:

    I absolutely love linen–tea towels, curtains, throws, whatever. Linen lasts forever, and is simple, classic, beautiful.
    Thanks for the chance!

    • Hi Piroska!

      I have a friend who lives just down the country road with the same name of Piroska! Fab name and fab taste in linens. I think you would both love each others style. LOL.

      Lynne xx

  19. Tara Smith says:

    Give me those tea towels right now!!!! They are adorable. I will dry my gold handled mugs with them when I am done drinking my coffee. See what I did there? I WANT THOSE TOO. who’s lap to have to sit on to ask for them?

  20. Shirley says:

    Lynne, check out the beautiful glass jewellery at lunacyglass! I’m thinking you and the girls will love it!

  21. Kimiko says:

    Pomp and Ceremony are so awesome if you need neckties and pocket squares in your life. Also – they are based in Toronto for the win!

    • For.The.Win Kimiko!

      I love the whimsical ties! A few of the Etsy sellers that I listed in the blog post are also from Toronto!

      Be sure check out Pilosale (the one in the post with the linens, tea towels, iPad case and Heather has oohsoooo many more items.

      Best part: the packaging! She ships them beautifully packaged. I loved it so much, I didn’t want to unwrap my Etsy-ness. haha. Toronto for the win. Again 🙂

      Merry ho ho to you and the fam!
      Lynne xx

  22. Kathryn says:

    Gahhh!!! First – Woodlot makes the best.candles.EVAR. I asked Santa for another one this year. I may just send him the link to this post so he can shop in his undies. And so I don’t get a call from the police station after he’s punched someone in the face while trying to find parking at the mall. Second – that wall hanging – LOVE. You must check out Saige & Skye’s shop on Etsy. She makes stunning wall hangings and she taught me some pretty dope weaving and macrame skills (which means she deserves an award). And finally – the treehouse. I swoon. It’s the inspiration for my own little project – a cottage at my new hobby farm. Thanks SO much for such a wonderfully hilarious and motivational blog.

    • Hi Kathryn!

      I checked out your little cottage! So beautiful ! It will be amazing when you are done!

      Follow along on my blog, and you’ll see a ton of new cabin ideas as I share some epic ideas for cabin decor and treehouse shenanigans. (I’m working on a cabin too!)

      I have a pinterest board that you may love!! Here you go>>> CABIN PORN 🙂

      AirBnB is also super easy to use. We love it for renting our treehouse/airstream/cabin.

      I just love that Saige and Skye is Canadian too! For the win!

      Lynne xx

  23. Shelley says:

    So many wonderful, amazing Canadian Etsy suggestions! Keep them coming 🙂

  24. Lisa G says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win! You have a great attitude and you made me smile. You didn’t have to ask me twice to post comment 🙂 Have a great weekend

  25. Lisa says:

    ~ love ! 💖 all the items you’ve featured ! Etsy has WAY to many terrific & unique sellers to choose. thanks for offering an etsy Xmas contest ! 🎄

  26. Diane Bassette says:

    thanks for the chances!! love reading your posts!

  27. Yep, you’re my spirit animal!! So glad to have found you 😜

  28. cathy says:

    I loved seeing all the Etsy wares. And the photos are wonderful!

  29. Lisa Mills says:

    Ya don’t have to twist my arm, Girlie! Check out Paper and Cloth on etsy. Espesh the white on white extra wide washi tape (in her Christmas section), like on Kraft paper wrap (’cause I’m soooo creative. And elegant!).

    • Woooot Woot Lisa!! Paper Plus Cloth is also in Toronto?! Canadian Etsy seller for the WIN!!!!!! LOVE. Thank you! I just favourited the shop on my Etsy faves!

      I blame you for all my washi and kraft paper obsessions now 🙂

      Lynne xx

  30. Sue Mason says:

    Just bought the gold handled mug – couldn’t resist!! All of your stuff is just too cool. I love your house, your tree house, your style – you!! Thank you for your blog. It makes me smile 😍

    • Thanks for the blog love Sue!

      I’m sipping from my gold handled mug right now! Okay, well I technically need to type with two hands.. but still. LOL.

      Has your mug arrived? Do you luuuuuuurve it? I’m a smitten kitten.

      Lynne xx

      • Sue Mason says:

        Still waiting on the mug – so excited – but I did get my circular needles. The bag and card were a wonderful touch. Thank you. Blanket already started. 😘😘 Sue xx

  31. Ada Leung says:

    I have never ordered from Etsy before but if I win this, I’m sure I’ll find lots to buy!

    • Etsy is so addictive, Ada. Beware. LOL. There are so many handmade gifts in there that are so lovely. I love buying from small shops and supporting such a beautiful industry.

      Best of luck with the contest!

  32. Pam says:

    I honestly just love your writing, your blog, your products!! You are an inspiration!! Thanks for putting out such coolness!! 🙂 -Pammy

  33. Mary says:

    Wonderful giveaway Lynne! Stay is full of the nearest!! You need to check out nikkidesigns and CattailsWoodworks. Awesome Canucks producing incredible treasures!

    • Hi Mary!

      I can’t wait to check out your suggestions, and guess whaaaaa? I ALREADY LOVE BRENDA from Cattails Woodworks. Her stuff is gorgeous, isn’t it? The rolling pins, the cutting boards, the everything!

      Thanks again for the Canadian influence too! Most of the sellers listed in my blog post are Canadian, and a few extra lovelies too!

      Big love, happy hoho!
      Lynne xx

  34. Bernadette Keith says:

    I love Etsy!

  35. Mel Robicheau says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! I love Etsy!

  36. Corinne Smith says:

    That gold-handled cup! And that driftwood candle!! Also, this font… how did you do that? I’ve never shopped on Etsy but clearly I need to try. Especially since it means not having to go to a noisy mall with no parking and way too much crap. Thanks for this one, oh wise one.

    • Hi Corinne!

      Seriously, Etsy shopping will change your life. haha. I have not hit a shopping mall yet for this seasons holiday shopping and I have no intention of it. I am sparing the lives of people in the parking lots. I have a zapper and I will use it. Joking. Not joking. haha.

      Love, the wise obi wan kenobi. Wait. Maybe not so wise. I had to spell check that. haha.

      Lynne xx

  37. Lori says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with Etsy. Love because I can find a gazillion things there on any given day that I feel I absolutely must have for my life to be complete and hate because A I don’t have the millions I would need to buy it all 😉 and B because I can spend HOURS on there and all of a sudden it’s dark outside. It’s almost like I’ve blacked out but what a way to go!!

    • hahahaahaaa Lori, we may be Etsy twinsies.

      Blacked out & dark outside. haha! I just laughed out loud.

      Not that I would do that. Okay. I totally did that.

      That’s what happens when you shop in your slippers 🙂 xx

      Good luck with the Etsy contest!

      Lynne xx

  38. Alla says:

    Lynne, thank you!
    Now I’m your newest fan.Very good!!!

  39. Darcy koevoets says:

    Never ordered from etsy, but you make it sound so wonderful that I’m going to have to try it out, thanks

    • Ohhhh look out Darcy, it is super dangerously fun. No really. I started and finished my shopping in Etsy this year… and then really really really finished it with the cyber sales.

      Not one shopping mall. Woooohooooo!!

      Try it. It’s so good (and peaceful LOL)
      Lynne xx

  40. Linda says:

    I like driftwood and Baileys!!!

  41. Hannah says:

    Right now for Christmasy stuff, I’m loving redstuga and her darling Dala horse prints. Other than that, most of my favorites tend toward the handmade wool/organic cotton clothes and indie pattern designers. So many cute patterns for slippers right now!

    • Ohhhh the horse prints/magnets are adorbs Hannah! Slipper patterns, did I hear slipper patterns? I must go check those out! So cool !!

      Best of luck with the Etsy contest and happy shopping!
      Lynne xx

  42. Liberty says:

    I just lurve for custom made sewn goodies. is my fave for smelly (in a good way) stuff. has some delish hand stuff (OK, not delish to eat but lovely to smell) which will leave even the most hardened crafting hands tolerable to touch. Last, but not least, – my source for all my paper-less paper towels, cos we’re all environmentally aware ‘n’ stuff around here! Well, paper-less towel wise, anyhow.

  43. Donna Marchlewski says:

    Good morning Lynne,
    If I were to win that swell $100 etsy card, I would buy a HUGE “HELLO” wall decal! My front door opens into a small foyer with a wall directly ahead. I would put the HELLO on that wall so when you come in BAMM! you can see how we are obviously very social and friendly. Yep, I think that should work just fine. 🙂

  44. Diana says:

    Oh my gosh. I love coming to your site. It’s so Pretty!

  45. Mary Melber says:

    I buy most of my soap and shampoo on Etsy. You just can’t beat the fragrances. My daughter loves it too. I have bought gift certificates for her on her birthday and Christmas, always such a perfect gift! Thank you for the great giveaway!

    • Do you have a fave seller for soap and shampoo on Etsy, Mary? I’m looking for some great shampoos for the treehouse and airstream that we rent out to guests in the summer.

      Best of luck for the giveaway!!
      Lynne xx

  46. Lisa says:

    I adore etsy because I know what I’m buying is made by a person who has put a lot of love into what they do! Right now I’m somewhat obsessed with crochet patterns. I haven’t actually completed anything yet…but it *might* help if I actually learn to crochet first. Happy holidays!

    • So well said Lisa! Why didn’t I think of that? haha.

      I find that by the time I buy something, I have sent a wee note or two back and forth with the etsy seller and really start to get to know them.

      It is FABULOUS. It feels so nice to buy from small boutique shops, people who create from their homes and people who put love and care into their work.

      Lynne xx

      PS. Happy shopping!

  47. Jackie russo says:

    Love…you inspired me last year to learn to knit. I am not good but I love it. I have been eyeing this bay leaf garland on etsy, of which I can use the bay leaves from while cooking some amazing indian food 🙂

  48. Donna Switzer says:

    Thanks Lynne for all the neat ideas and the morning smile! You never fail to make me giggle when I read your blogs! Love your spunk!!!

  49. Debbie Bashford says:

    this would be awesome I love Etsy!!

    • You too Debbie? I may be a tinge addicted. LOL. I met some great gals last year that rocked my Etsy socks. So much talent. So kind. It just FEELS GOOD making purchases like that. Right? Right. 🙂

      Lynne xx

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