Blogs I LOVE to Read

As a blogger, it is soooo much fun to read other blogs.

Blogs are a beautiful source of inspiration.

Bloggers are an incredible community of top drawer friends.

I have met unbelievably awesome bloggers who have literally changed my life.  Both online and in my everyday way of thinking.  If you haven’t already seen these blogs… go check them out.

 You will fall in love.   I can promise you that !


I love and appreciate every blogger on this list !

I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do.

 Just click on the name of each blog and the link will take you directly to their site.

Cheers !!



Denise Wakeman – Online Visibility Expert : Denise is my sister-in-law ! She has been blogging since before it was even cool to blog.  Her blog has EPIC blogging advice, tips, and ideas on how to increase your online presence.  She is the Yoda goddess of blogging.  Stamped it.  Pinky swear it.

My Beautiful Paris : My traveling pal and bestie.  Go meet Norma.  She will make you fall in love with PARIS over and over again.  I would travel with her more often, if she didn’t snore so much. Don’t tell her I said that.  Hahahahahahahaaaaaaa.

North Story : Alex is WOWSERS.  Her blog has fantastic DIY’s … and more importantly… as you get to know her.. you will discover one awesome gal !  We write to each other all the time.  Ha ! She is a REAL blogger.  One that calls a spade a spade.  She is funny.  She is fun.  She is all that and a bag of chips.  Go follow her blog.  Stat.

Movita Beaucoup : Rachael is absolutely hilarious.  She will inspire you to cook.  She’s a Canadian East Coast gal.  She’s full of life and love with an awesome funny bone.  She inspires me to write better.  She inspires me to keep it real.  She just is one top drawer gal.

Country Chic Renovator : Danica and I met through our blogs. I LOVE her and can’t wait to meet her some day.  She shares her real life adventures of home renovations on her blog.  She is one beautiful soul of a gal.

The Art Of Doing Stuff : Karen is an outstanding blogger. She is so freakin’ witty.  She is so down to earth.  She is an absolute hoot on every level of hoot-ness.  Go read her blog.  You will be addicted.  I promise.

Paris Hues : Fiona and I met on-line through our blogs.  I would have given up my first-born child to have met her when I lived in Paris.  She is beautiful, kind, warm… and has an incredible ~ worldly ~ well balanced way of thinking.  She is salt of the earth, that gal. Salt of the earth.

Paris and France Photography ~ Carina Okula : Carina lives in Paris too ! Her photography will knock you over with drooling bliss. She is the best photographer I have ever seen.  Gorgeousness.  Absolute Gorgeousness.  You won’t believe your eyes.

Victoria Elizabeth Barnes : Want to laugh your butt off ? This is the blog for you. It is a hoot, and yet REAL… and down to earth, and full of real life happenin’s. The kind of stuff that you think only happens to you.  It’s there. Have fun !

Fab You Bliss If you ever want to be inspired for wedding ideas … Stephanie is your gal.  Her blog makes me want to get married again and again.  Luckily, to the same guy. LOL.

Cravings of A Lunatic : Oh my. Oh my. Kim is hilarious.  She is snarky in an absolute real life funny way. So quick-witted.   She makes recipes fun to read.  Not science fiction.  Real life recipes that you can actually cook. Imagine that.

The Entertaining House : Jessica was one of the first people I met on twitter. She has TWO blogs and a life with kids.  I can’t keep up with maintaining one blog…so I have a ‘big time’ admiration of Jess.  Blogging is tough work.  No jokes.  That gal rocks it.

Rustic Retrievals : Ardis is a Canadian blogger.  See a pattern here ? LOL. Love my fellow Canadian blogging pals.  She is in Guelph… not far from where I live . Well.. in Canadian standards ~ a couple of hours is close.  Almost a neighbour. Ha ! Gotta meet her some day. Gotta.

Dawna Jones Design : Dawna – stunning designer.  Beautiful on the inside and out.  Her design work is mind blowingly gorgeous.  Love her stuff.  Love it.

Life Over Easy : OMG… I met these two Canadian sisters at Blog Podium in Toronto. Dani and Nads almost punched me.  They thought I stole their blog layout.  It was a really fun encounter. Really. Ha ! Especially when they realized my blog was created before theirs.  We are total pals.  Love the sisters.  Love ‘em.

A pug in the kitchen : Suzanne has an absolute love of Pugs.  Bet you can’t tell that from her blog title. She has been one of the most devoted blog followers.  A super fan of my blog.  Some day… when I meet her… I am going to * smooch * her.  Wet lips and all.  Gross, huh?

House Four : Janet and I might be twin sisters separated at birth.  We met as bloggers and became close friends.  I would take a bullet for her.  Maybe even a grenade.  She is addicted to apps (we share in our addictions).  It was love at first sight when I met her & her blog.  Am I starting to sound like a lesbian ? Oh no.

Modern Earth Design : Kelly.  Oh my.  Kelly.  I had the absolute pleasure of meeting her in real life.  She is so full of warmth.  She might have the biggest heart of anyone on earth. She is so down to earth.  I guess that explains EARTH in her blog title too.  She is also a knock out.  Beautiful on the inside and out.

Decor Girl : I met Lisa IRL and she is a hoot ! She is a designer that knows her stuff and has fun along the way. Technically, she is a race car driver too but don’t tell her I said that. LOL.  Talk about a gal that can wear so many hats !! *_*.  Awesomeness.

Food To Glow : Now there is a gal who knows how to eat & share recipes.  The healthy way.  Kellie is a Floridian living in Scotland.  I swear to gawd that I am going to land on her doorstep some day.  Kellie- you have been warned, fair and square.  She also helps people living with cancer to eat for their health and energy.  Hola !  Totally can relate to that.

A Beautiful Mess : One of my all time favourite bloggers.  They are a big inspiration as a blogger.  They blog frequently with short blog posts.  I can learn from that.  There… I just shared my inner most secrets of blogging.  It is my 2013 goal.  Come check back with me and see if I can do it.  *cross your fingers, toes and everything in between*.

Who inspires you ? Do you have a favourite blogger ? Share with sugar bear.



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16 Responses

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  3. Kelly says:

    Lynne…you are so incredibly sweet! When I met you .. I thought you were unbelievably gorgeous! You are such an encouragement to all that know you and a pillar of strength! XoXo

  4. bob borson says:

    you know what I like most about your particular blog roll? I love that your description of each blog conveys the sense that you know these people … and that’s probably why you hold them about above the rest.

    thanks for sharing your list (and for rabbit-holing the next three hours of my life)

  5. Kim Beaulieu says:

    I love you.. That is all!

  6. Ardis says:

    A HUGE thank you for your ongoing support!! You are one incredible lady!
    Ardis xo

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  8. Oh dear, I just saw this! I do not snore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (only on airplanes…maybe…AND it was your fault.) #badsleepingpills! tsk tsk!

  9. Lynne! This is the BEST blogroll I have ever seen.! I am going to check out every one of these blogs because you say so and I know that You Is Awesome!
    BTW, we did not think you stole our layout. We thought you stole our idea that we were trying to think of but couldn’t actually manage to think of. Something like that.
    Since then I have stolen many ideas from you. Like your photo app ideas. I am currently stealing your twig curtain rod idea, and the hubby isn’t too thrilled that I tried to make him put a 12 foot tree trunk in the van. I think we owe you a tiramisu at some point. xo.

  10. Suzanne says:

    Thank you for mentioning me and when we meet I have a super sloppy wet one just for you and one from my super sloppy licky pugs too! You da best!!! I hope what happens in Vegas DOESNT stay in Vegas because I want every detail of your trip!

  11. Wow, thanks for the shout-out, my dear friend and sister! You inspire me all the time and I”m proud to be on your list. Can’t wait to be in the same city as you sometime this year, promise?!

  12. Seriously? ME?! But I’m eating a massive bag of potato chips right now. (No other food blogger would admit that, but we all do it. We also eat beans and wieners at least once a week. CANNED BEANS.) Thank you so much for including me on this list – I’m totally freakin’ flattered and just high-fived myself…

  13. Danica says:

    I LOVE you too!….wait is that weird!

    haha we both probably don’t care!

    thank you so much for including me in this list of amazing bloggers, I am honoured!

  14. Jessica says:

    sniff sniff… I’m touched to be included!

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