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Shut the front door !! It’s a GIVEAWAY. Squeal !!

Go ahead.  Shut the front door.  Now run for it.  Sprint your buttocks straight to the sofa. JUMP! Whoomphfff. Have you landed your butt down on the fluffy sofa?  Ahhh, good. Grab a fantabulous book and chillax.  That’s what finding the sweet …


If there was ever a place on earth that inspires me as a designer….this is it !!! ***  North Island, Seychelles   *** My absolute, all time favourite design inspiration. I could live on this island. RIGHT NOW UHHHMMMmmm, like …

Travel BIG, it makes your problems seem SMALL

CONTEST UPDATE : OK, you don’t think I am just going to blurt out the  WINNER of the blog giveaway contest, do you? Well. I am a blurt-er.   I can’t keep it a secret any longer.  I am about …

An Awesome Giveaway. Beautifully Bali. Subscribe to Win.

Who likes presents ?! I know you are jumping up and down. ‘I do. I do.’ Stop that. Your cat is probably wondering what the heck you are up to again.  Seriously, this is getting embarrassing. Well, my friend.  Get …


A wise person once said: WINTER is nature’s way of saying……”UP YOURS”. I don’t know who that wise person was. I am not wise enough to remember at this particular moment. Maybe because my brain is frozen. I am popping …

BALI: YOU MAKE ME FREAK OUT WITH EXCITEMENT with furniture, lighting and carvings

Could you ever imagine yourself living on a warm tropical island? I can. Wait, let me think about it for a minute. Twist my rubber arm Thinking….Thinking….comptemplating for one more moment YES YES YES YES !!! Crazy part about Bali, …


  Normally, I don’t have “any moss growing on me”….I am movin’ and shakin’ and doing this and that. Well.. I was moving and shaking until the flu stopped me in my tracks. Sad face.   This friday is a …

BALI ~ My Treasure Island ~

Bali has grabbed a hold of my heart.  Oh the treasures…. I am getting super duper excited…just dreaming of the day that the container will arrive from Bali to Ontario.  This is the fourth container that I have helped to …

Florida Ocean Life Goes Balinese

This is a home in Jacksonville Florida that I worked on for a friend. I had the pleasure of also living in this house, when we lived in Florida for 3 years over the winter seasons. It wasn’t always a …

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