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Ahhmazing DIY recipe: These bath bombs are d’bomb diggity!

Coconut oil & essential oils are the secret ingredients to making these cost effective bath bombs. They feel great on the skin and help save money for your pocketbook too.

How to knit a Chunky Wool Blanket { Free downloadable pattern }

This chunky wool blanket is the easiest blanket to make, in the history of ever. Free blanket pattern download. A great beginner pattern for knitting a blanket!

DIY door track hardware. It’s d’bomb dot com.

Do you want to create your own DIY DOOR TRACK HARDWARE?!    I can show you how. ~ Cheap cheap cheap ~ Kinda.         HERE IS THE PLAN OF WHAT YOU NEED TO DO : Sneak in …

Erhhmergerd, sh*t happens: DIY toilet spray

    Have you ever tried Poo-Pourri ?  It works.  It fools the world into thinking that your poop doesn’t stink.  PooPourri essentially traps the poopy stench beneath the surface of the toilet bowl water and releases only fancy-schmancy smells into …

PART ONE kitchen renovation: 1998 called and it wants your kitchen back. 

White washed farmhouse style kitchen renovation! DIY projects, inspired design and creative fixes. Get fab ideas on how to renovate your kitchen while saving a boat load of moola. Together, we got this! I’ll show you how to make the kitchen magic happen!

Free Christmas Gift Tag Printable & Holiday Cheer *hiccup*

  It’s wrapping time! Annnnnnd I swear, I’ll keep this post short, because I know you have 120,978 other Christmas-ness-necessaries to get through… cookies to bake…shenanigans to wrap… chasing your cat outta the living room while attempting to keep him from knocking the …

The best of Etsy!! Holy batman, this is soooooo good…

Sharing my fave Etsy sellers & Etsy finds in todays blog post! Soooooo much good stuff.. you won’t want to miss this one!…

Faucet Giveaway: What rhymes with faucet?  Schmaucet.  Win one. 

  There’s a ginormous announcement today, so you better sit ‘yer butt down. We got this.  I’m personally a professional.sitter.downer.  I don’t run unless I’m being chased. Where were we?  A ginormous giveaway worth $700 smackers.  It’s all very badassery. We can …

How to make a gorgy gorgeous twig curtain rod

Have you always thought that most curtain rods are meh?
Are your curtain rods worse than bad? Maybe negative good?
*Looks around nervously. Chews thumb.*
Does a curtain rod price tag make your face do this? —> @!!$ ?
Well, cupcake… that’s all about to change.
Here’s 6 steps to a gorgeous curtain rod and brackets!

Wave bye bye to your fugly curtain rods

Etsy will knock your socks off & knit you new ones

THE BEST OF ETSY:  It will knock your socks off annnnnnnd knit you new ones…   It’s THAT good.  Etsy is my besty.  Etsy makes me wetsy.  Etsy is all about what’s nexty.  Etsy is an off the hook artists’ nook.   Etsy sucks. Said no one …