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How to Bring the BEACH Coast Right In Your House

Are you living on the beach ?  Do you see an ocean outside your window ? If you can see the ocean RIGHT NOW, skip this post.  You are disqualified. But, but, but, but….. before you skip the post, Do …

SPARKLY * SPANKING NEW * design on the bloggy !

NEW Blog Site Design !!! It happens all the time around here on the bloggy. I’m certain my web team want to brush my teeth with a brick right now. I lie.  They loves me.  I loves them. Roam all …

I Am A WHITE Paint Lovin’ TROLLOP- Just sayin’

I don’t know how it happened. I became a WHITE paint and home decor trollop of sorts. A definite trollop. A lover of WHITE. White madness. WHITE everything. A whirlwind of WHITE BLISS-FUL-NESS.   This is one of my favourite …

SOMEONE NOMINATE ME…Because I AM Freaking Out With Excitement !!

TRADITIONAL HOME MAGAZINE is looking for designers for their upcoming issue. …and…seriously  I can barely contain myself with excitement. It has been a BIG TIME dream of mine to have our home published. Like REALLY BIG TIME. The kind of …


I am an Interior Designer. I draw a great deal of inspiration from my travels.  I truly believe travel has shaped the designer that I am today.

Great Inspirational Idea : Dreaming of Summer and Creating a Backyard Movie Theatre

What did it do again today ? * S * N * O * W * Not enough snow to make it pretty, just the icky grey looking kind of day. So I dreamt of summer. And hanging grapevine lighting …


Ok, I made that part up.  If you asked my parents, they would have told you that my dinner manners qualified me for living in a barn status. So… technically, I could have been born in a barn. Same thing. …

Would You Believe Me If I Told You….

That I have a Christmas House Tour TOMORROW And I have not put up ONE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT.  That’s right.  Not one. *_*. Because it snowed. It really snowed. It’s a winter WONDERLAND around here. I have been having too much …

BALI: YOU MAKE ME FREAK OUT WITH EXCITEMENT with furniture, lighting and carvings

Could you ever imagine yourself living on a warm tropical island? I can. Wait, let me think about it for a minute. Twist my rubber arm Thinking….Thinking….comptemplating for one more moment YES YES YES YES !!! Crazy part about Bali, …


I have been thinking WHOAHaaa NELLY, you are thinking ~ what is she up to now ?!!! ~ I have a beautiful challenge in life. Designing the life I want to live. So here is a big fat question for …

How to create stunning outdoor lighting with grapevine

Do you love these grapevine balls as much as I do? Clearly, not only am I a white cotton sheet hussy, I am a grapevine lighting trollop too.  What a  floozy  I love these balls almost as much as I …

Poppytalk: Covet Garden Online Magazine

Wowsers !!….. Has anyone else fallen in love with this online decorating magazine ?!!! Where have I been all my life ?!  It was love at first sight !  Ok, truth be told it is a new on line mag …

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