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A DIY That Will Make Your Breasts Larger & Your Waistline Smaller *snicker*

This DIY will even make you stand ten feet tall. Why ? Because you will be as proud as a peacock.   You will puff out your chest, suck in your tummy and stand taller than a super model. Wooohooo …

How to create a MOSAIC : Peace by Piece

A Mosaic to Me is what Butter is to Popcorn. *  BLISS  * * Seventh Heaven * Cloud Nine * Walking on Air *  Was that enough descriptors for you?  I had to look up all those funky words in a thesaurus. There is serious BLISS-FUL-NESS …

HAVE A DREAM? My goal is to have our home published~oh how dreamy that would be~

There is no place like home We recently had a photo crew come to our home.  What an absolute privilege on this earth to have an incredible photographer and team (!!!) come to our place. ANDREW GRINTON, can you feel …

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A DESIGNER~ Just go ahead and try to NOT get me to laugh~

I had a shopping challenge ahead of me yesterday.  I needed an air conditioner, but I came home with towels, wine glasses, bed linens and curtains.  I know I am not the only one who does that.  I am just …

Paris ~ Do you miss me ?

Hard to believe, you can plunk yourself in a city, even the city of lights, and then LEAVE. As I look back now, I think, where on earth did the time go ? It feels like yesterday~ since I was …

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