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Podcast : Restarting from Nothing & Drop Kicking Cancer with Humour

  Lynne Knowlton Podcast on Huge 3 …   It happened.  A podcast.  Not just any old podcast.  A drop kicking cancer, jump in with both feet wet ~ kind of podcast.  I made a paper pinterest crown, popped it …

10 Words To Describe YOU … GO !

 Pour yourself a stiff cup of energy mud.  Coffee will give you an unrealistic expectation of productivity.  Perfect.  You need that right now.   Chomp down on a chunky bar of chocolate.   Get a sugar high, and then peel …

Making an ABOUT ME video is like standing buck-naked in front of your mother-in-law…

And you think I joke.  Having an online life has never been dull. *  I type the words into the blog.  Why did I make that sound simple? NOT. *  They somehow hit the page in some semblance of nuttiness …

Hello WATER. Bye bye muffin top. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Who the hell wants muffin top?  Muffin top is for the birds.  The fat pudgy birds. Hey muffin top… hit the road, Jack… and don’tcha come back no more, no more, no more, no more. Do you have that song …

FACE it : Love your face. It will love you back.

You are beautiful. Stunning, in fact. Hey, YOU… Yes, YOU !!…. Did you know that you are the only person on earth that was meant to be YOU ? That makes you pretty damn special and don’t you forget it. …


LOVE It’s a crazy thing. Sometimes you need a hard helmet to make your way through it. Other times, you think it is the cats meow. Sometimes we fall head over heels. Other times, we just take it in stride …

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