Enter to WIN! See what Delta Faucet CAN do for you!

Delta Faucet Canada Giveaway :


Delta Faucet Canada is my fave brand in the history of ever.  Like ever.  Forever and ever.  Okay.  A really long time.


Guess what?!!!


Mia Voss, Denise Wakeman and I partnered with Delta Faucet Canada to make a road trip dream a reality.  You can read about that road trip here.


Win an ahhhhmazing faucet via @deltafaucetcan @lynneknowlton http://bit.ly/1i0ZTBc #DeltaFaucetCan



It’s good stuff.  I pinky swear promise

annnnnnnd now you are about to find out what DELTA FAUCET CAN do for you!


You can win a faucet of your choice!  <—- Didja see that?



Holy batman.


Win an ahhhhmazing faucet via @deltafaucetcan @lynneknowlton http://bit.ly/1i0ZTBc #DeltaFaucetCan



I stole these words from the Delta Faucet Canada website, because …well… they nailed it….


Delta loves to talk water.  Simply put, they believe there is a better way to experience water, one where stunning design meets smart thinking. Their faucets, shower heads and other products live at the intersection of form and function. Three guiding principles ~ lasting design, smart and attainable innovations, and quality that’s noticed.  It results in intuitive kitchen and bath products that anticipate people’s needs.


It’s all the truth.  I’ve loved having these faucets for years and have used them in countless projects.  Projects like here and here and oh la la here on instagram!


Win an ahhhhmazing faucet via @deltafaucetcan @lynneknowlton http://bit.ly/1i0ZTBc #DeltaFaucetCan




See what Delta can do

{for you}



Win an ahhhhmazing faucet via @deltafaucetcan @lynneknowlton http://bit.ly/1i0ZTBc #DeltaFaucetCan





How to enter the contest…


  • Enter your fave faucet in the comment section below.
  • BOOM.  Done.  Tell us what your project is all about.
  • Pop in a model number and Bob’s Your Uncle.  Done.  It’s THAT easy.


Win an ahhhhmazing faucet via @deltafaucetcan @lynneknowlton http://bit.ly/1i0ZTBc #DeltaFaucetCan


Win an ahhhhmazing faucet via @deltafaucetcan @lynneknowlton http://bit.ly/1i0ZTBc #DeltaFaucetCan


Win an ahhhhmazing faucet via @deltafaucetcan @lynneknowlton http://bit.ly/1i0ZTBc #DeltaFaucetCan


Win an ahhhhmazing faucet via @deltafaucetcan @lynneknowlton http://bit.ly/1i0ZTBc #DeltaFaucetCan


Win an ahhhhmazing faucet via @deltafaucetcan @lynneknowlton http://bit.ly/1i0ZTBc #DeltaFaucetCan



Because #DeltaFaucetCAN offer you gorgeousness for your next renovation project.


Delta Faucet CAN help you

Delta Faucet CAN stand behind you

Delta Faucet CAN make it happen




Win an ahhhhmazing faucet via @deltafaucetcan @lynneknowlton http://bit.ly/1i0ZTBc #DeltaFaucetCan


Win an ahhhhmazing faucet via @deltafaucetcan @lynneknowlton http://bit.ly/1i0ZTBc #DeltaFaucetCan


Contest winner will be announced on Oct 19th.

Ready? Set? GO !!  




Update: The contest is now closed. Angela Kirkpatrick is the lucky winner of a beautiful new faucet.  Congrats Angela!!!!



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244 Responses

  1. Sandra says:

    Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O Technology
    glamarous and fashionable…it’s either going in the laundry room or the bar for our new basement reno!

  2. Kelsey says:

    Embarking on a full home renovation but tackling each room step by step. The Trinsic Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O Technology (9159T-CZ-DST) would be the most perfect addition and first step to making my kitchen look amazing!

  3. Angela Lemos says:

    That champagne finish is gorgeous!!
    My faucet is wobbly and ugly. I need a Trinsic Pull-down in my life. Right now. Amen.


  4. Carrie Wolf says:

    19915-SBSD-DST Satori

    I love this because of the single lever, I’m always trying to do 10 things at once. Freeing up my hands is great.
    I also like the black mixed with nickel. I think it would hide those ever annoying finger prints.

    thanks for the chance to win.. I appreciate you Lynne.

  5. I like the Cassidy™ Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch 2O

  6. Kevin says:

    Hi Lynne… sounds like you had a wonderful trip… so much to discover in the US & Canada !!! Your cactus photos were a reminder to me… I have a photo of my Dad with his arms outstretched next to a large cactus, in the middle of nowhere (north of Las Vegas). Gives a great sense of the expanse of the desert !!!
    With regards to Delta, I like faucets relatively simple… that’s why I chose the Classic Single Handle Pull-Out (Model #: 16929-SD-DST).
    Take good care.. Love reading your Blog posts !!!
    Best Regards… Kevin…

  7. Maureen Rocha says:

    My FAVE faucet is the: LELAND®
    Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch 2O
    See Entire Collection

    Read more: http://www.deltafaucet.com/kitchen/details/9178t-ar-dst.html#ixzz3p1eEQnVk

    I would be BEYOND excited to win this faucet for my kitchen!!!!

  8. Lili says:

    I would pick the Addison Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology (9192T-AR-DST)

    I’m currently renovating my bathroom and including a Delta Lahara faucet with the 17T valve. I’m very excited for both volume and temperature control! I managed to get two Delta Leland faucets for the sinks for FREE from a neighbour who was tossing them out. The kitchen is next on my hit list. Currently we have a roll-up dishwasher so I’m stuck with a very industrial no-function faucet that plugs into the dishwasher pipe. I want to spoil myself with a fancy faucet this time. I wonder how long it would take my cats to figure out how it works.

    • Lucky duck Lili !

      You have the worlds nicest neighbour!! Can I come live with you?!

      The touch20 faucets are so freaking awesome. Game changer in the kitchen. So would getting rid of the roll up dishwasher. Holy batman, I didn’t even think they existed anymore. You may be able to sell it on Ebay for a zillion dollars as VINTAGE 🙂 teehee.

      PS. your cats sound hilare.

      Best of luck with the contest!
      Lynne xx

  9. SUMMER PLEWES says:

    I think I would choose the cassidy single handle faucet in chrome.


    Hard to decide as there are so many beautiful ones there. We are renovating our kitchen. Plans in the works right now and I can’t wait to have a nice sink and faucet there, our current one is yucky and tiny1!!

    • Hi Summer!

      Very coolio! I love this contest! Even I get to see faucets that I haven’t seen before on the Delta Faucet Canada website. LOL. Not kidding. I play around in the site and drool over so many of the faucets. Who does that? Me. haha.

      Sink: Do you have an ikea near you? I have been buying their sinks lately. The price is super reasonable and their sinks are d’bomb dot com. Go there. But not on a weekend. LOL.

      Lynne xx

  10. AwesomelyOZ says:

    Seriously, when we get a home you need to come to Washington DC area to decorate it. Lol. Your taste is impeccable. Love it! 🙂 You should be on HGTV lovely. mMm pardon me while I drool and ooh and aah over your photos…. xoxo Lynne! -Iva

    • Hi Iva!

      How are you, love? It would be a hoot to come to Washington DC some day! We could visit, and goof off.. and get into all kinds of shenanigans. I have other friends in DC too. This could be dangerous. haha.

      HGTV would be dreamy. I think I could pull it off… I have been dreaming of it… You know what they say… ‘be careful what you wish for’… YIPPEE.


      • AwesomelyOZ says:

        Lynne1 🙂 I’m fantabulous. I think it would be a hoot if you came someday. I think we can make this happen. Lol I’m pretty certain we’re both the type of women to giggle in the face of danger.

        HGTV would be EPIC! We’d all watch. 🙂 I love that channel. Get on that!!

  11. kelly stenmark says:

    Trinsic® Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Featuring Touch2O® Technology
    we’re replacing our home that was burned down in a wildfire last summer and
    i’m very excited about the touch faucets

    • Hi Kelly!

      I still can not believe that your house was burned down in a wild fire. Okay, I believe it, but just don’t want to. How sad :(((((((. You must miss your personal things so very dearly. Gah.

      The Trinsic single handle pull down faucet with Touch20 <--- uhhhhh, the best thing on earth.. is a GAHHHREAT choice!!! LOVE. Sending you light and love and NO MORE FIRES. Big love, Lynne xx

  12. Rhonda MacDonald says:

    Looks like I’m an Addison type of gal–love the champagne finish! Great job on the Airstream…if it could fit all of my shoes, I would move in tomorrow.

  13. Ronit Reznichky says:

    Thank you Lynn. I love your blog!
    My favorite faucet is Triassic single handle pull down, touch 20 tech. stainless. 9159T-AR-DST.
    crossing fingers!
    all the best.

  14. Melissa says:

    Hi! I love the Trinsic in Champagne Bronze! I also love your blog, optimism, with, treehouse and home!

  15. Model number: 980T-RBSD-DST


    How dare you entice me (ok, the poet in me, selfishly thinks this was to lure me in) with “What rhymes with faucet”. That’s the equivalent of putting chum in the middle of the Pacific where Great Whites have been spotted… 🙂

    The Project:

    Bathroom Faucet,
    Who woulda thought-it.
    When done with the faucet,
    dress in front of the closet.
    Wait, makeup in rewind, now pause-it.
    Laced in Leopard prints – husband paws-it.

    Brushing under a faucet,
    put away the toothpaste and floss-it.
    Faucet reflecting so much gloss, beauty runs deep
    invoking Kate and Randy Moss.

    Boss a faucet,
    engage it, then stage it,
    make it sexy to cause a Kate Moss-fit

    A faucet crosses its losses,
    brushed with chrome,
    it gets married in a church with a dome and no crosses.

    No religion treading,
    no pulpit vetting,
    just call it a hell of a wedding…

    • Wanna know something hilare Adrian ?!!! I totally thought of you when I went dreaming up a blog post title! haha!!

      Me: “I wonder if Adrian knows how to rhyme a word with FAUCET!?”

      PS. Nothing rhymes with faucet, unless your name is Adrian. 🙂

      I’m a poet and I didn’t know it.

      You rock out loud, you creative genius, you.

  16. Brenda says:

    Have lusted after one of these for a while now:
    Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch 2O
    Model #:9178T-DST

    Do your magic for me, Lynne!

  17. Katie Lee says:

    I love this one!

    Essa™ Single Handle Pull-down Kitchen Faucet With Touch2O


  18. peggy says:

    I love the Linden faucet in arctic stainless, so sleek and has a nice finish that even the HARD water here in my part of the planet won’t ruin! i often think it is a miracle that our well. Water flows from the faucet, it has so much calcium you would think pebbles would dribble outta the faucet!!!! lOve the road trip Lynn!!!

    • Hi Peggy!

      Oh gawd, I hear ya sista. I am in the same boat. We are on a well too, and I swear I could build an igloo with the calcium build up. Gahhhh. #CountryLivingProblems

      I have been using Delta Faucets in my kitchen for a few years now and they don’t have any build up on them. Strange, but true. I never thought of it until now. Hmmm. Maybe Delta Faucets have some magic in them. LOL.

      Lynne xx

  19. Trish says:

    We’re moving into a new home in a few weeks and would love a new faucet in the kitchen to make it feel more like our own space. Loving the Trinsic Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Featuring Touch2O® Technology 9159T-CZ-DST in Champagne Bronze. It would make a beautiful statement in our (mostly) white kitchen!
    Fingers crossed!!

  20. Lisa Mills says:

    I lurve the Leland faucet – it would be sooo perfect in my hobbit house kitchen.

  21. Millie Parks says:

    OMG! This is exciting! After perusing the Delta kitchen faucet site for two hours after getting off work I have finally decided! It’s the Arc single handle pull-down kitchen faucet Model #19936-SPSD-DST. It’s gorgeous and would spice up my hum-drum kitchen, replacing a worn out old white plastic faucet. I’ve wished for a new faucet for four years now and now I’ll just cross my fingers! Thanks for this chance!

    • Hi Millie,

      I’m stoked that you cruised Delta for two hours.

      A. So I don’t feel like a dork for doing the same thing. LOL.

      B. You opened my eyes to a new style. I hadn’t seen the ARC model before. How’d I miss that? So purrrrrrty.

      Crossing my fingers and toes for you!
      Lynne xx

  22. Nancy K. says:

    So many options! My choice would be the
    Collins Single Handle Water-Efficient Kitchen Faucet, in any silver finish. Thank you for this opportunity.

    • Hi Nancy!

      What a pretty arch in the collins style of faucet!

      You are most welcome for this fun opportunity. I’ve been really enjoying this contest. Sooooooo many lovely choices and so many beautiful souls.. all wrapped up in one spot.

      Lynne xx

  23. k. campbell says:

    The Linden is totally my style aesthetic and a huge plus is that it is water efficient! The Linden is not only classy looking, it is modern as well as elegant, all while being a cool conversation starter! I am not well off, but I get compliments on my home decor all the time. I garner this positive feedback not because of the high cost of each item in my space but because each and every single thing I I have acquired for my home has been true to my personal vibe. I go for quality not quantity, and I can’t afford to spend much money, so I spend smartly. The Linden faucet would be an eye catching addition to my industrial kitchen. I know it would stand out in the best way possible, and so if I win this contest or not, I plan to add this faucet to my kitchen!!

    • Wowsers!!!

      You should be a style blogger. Legit ! You write beautifully and it sounds like you style beautifully! A perfect match!

      Being true to your personal vibe AND not just acquiring stuff for the sake of it.. makes you pretty special!

      Wishing you a ton of luck on the contest!

      Big love,
      Lynne xx

  24. Lori says:

    Choices, choices, choices. I wiled away minutes, okay maybe hours trying to decide on which faucet I should choose. With each one my imagination went wild as I pictured the finished room with the faucet as the crowning glory. You sold me on the touch technology so I had to include that in my choice. After much deliberation I chose the Cassidy Touch Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet in Arctic Stainless Model #9197T-DST. Wish me luck!

    • Hi Lori,

      I love how you think 🙂 Gahhhhhreat choice with the touch technology. Seriously, I could smooch it. The touch technology is my fave thing evaaaah.

      Wishing you luck, but if you win… remember this… You will be going around touching faucets in public places, restaurants, bathrooms… forgetting that they are not touch faucets. And.you.think.I.joke.

      Sounds like a good problem to have tho. haha.

      Lynne xx

      • Lori says:

        It sounds like the perfect problem to me. I must admit that after reading for awhile on my kobo I do the same thing with an actual book. Touch the side and expect the page to turn for me 😉

  25. Belinda McNabb says:

    I would love the LINDEN™
    Single Handle Water-Efficient Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet. Would be so perfect for my kitchen and I really like that it pulls out for cleaning dishes!

    • Hi Belinda

      That spout choice looks so unique! Love it! The pull out is so handy for cleaning dishes, I totally agree. It’s also great for cleaning the sink. I use mine to clean the sink and then rinse the dishes in the double sink too. Multi-Tasker. ha.

      Best of luck with the contest!!

  26. Melissa Sharp says:

    I am in love with the Ara T14467! (And the font on your website btw) We just bought our first house and it’s a dream come true fixer-upper. Its my fav thing to do next to snowboarding and will keep me up most nights planning how extravagant I can redecorate. So excited. What can I say? It makes my heart jump for joy! Thanks for all your decorinspirations, Lynne! You rock.

    • Teehee Melissa!

      Someone needs to invent a faucet in the shape of a snowboard. You’d be all set 🙂

      The font on my site that you lurve is called Architects Daughter. Doesn’t it make you feel like you can print like a rock star? ha!

      Best of luck with the contest! Happy decor-inspiration !

      Lynne xx

      • Melissa Sharp says:

        Thanks for the info, rockstar lady! 🙂 And that is the best. Idea. Ever. Now the wheels are spinning. I need more coffee!

  27. Courtney says:

    Just about to move into our first home and we will definitely need to do a kitchen update! I love the Trinsic Single Handle Pull Down Faucet in Champagne Bronze… it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! And the Touch20 Technology that it has?! SO COOL!!!
    Thanks for all the fun and inspiring emails, I can’t wait to make our family’s first house into a HOME!

    • You have amazing taste Courtney. It’s the same as mine LOL.

      The touch20 technology is d’bomb diggity. For reals. I freaking love it. I just know you would love it too!

      Thanks for the email love. I really super duper try to keep my emails fun and exciting.. like a wee gift in your inbox.. because there are so many emails out there that are just GAHHHHHHH. Thanks for the inspiration!!! You made my day!!!

      Lynne xx

  28. jeffrey bland says:

    I like Model #: 9113-BL-DST kitchen faucet

  29. Kathie Hogan says:

    My husband and I have been dragging our feet about launching our kitchen into the 21st century. This faucet (TOUCH 20) WOULD BE JUST THE INCENTIVE WE NEED!

    Model# 19922T-SSSD-DST

    • Hahahaha Kathie….

      …..about launching our kitchen into the 21st century… hahaha… I’ve been laughing for days. And.You.Think.I.Joke.

      You are a riot.

      Best of luck on the contest. It will make your kitchen smile 🙂

      Lynne xx

  30. Pamela Pletz says:

    Love the Vero Two Handle Widespread Lavatory Faucet in Venetian Bronze! I’m not even sure how I got here. I received an email from you which I don’t remember signing up for but am SO glad I did! I’m 100% enamoured of both your website and your life spirit! 🙂

  31. Lori says:

    Love the Leland… in chrome (978-SD-DST). Love it. Thanks for the contest. 🙂

    • Hi Lori!

      I’ve never even spotted that model before! I had to go check it out 🙂 Thanks for opening my eyes to other options. Oh no. This is going to be like picking out a puppy, the next time I need to pick out a faucet. Haha.

      They. Are. All. Sooooo. Good.

      Lynne xx

  32. Kara G. says:

    Yes & yes. New faucet? Let’s see–
    The Trinsic single jandle pull down w/ touch20 tech. In Artic Stainless. 9159T-AR-DST WHAT a dandy giveaway! Practical, of course but, a great way to spiffy up a kitchen pronto! KG

    • Kara

      The Trinsic is d’bomb dot com. Legit. D’bomb. I’m officially addicted to it. ha! That is exactly the one that I use in my kitchen (in the photos above).

      The touch technology is ahhhhmazing. PS. If touch it, it turns on. If you kiss it, it turns on. Just sayin’


      Lynne xx

  33. SuzyMcQ says:

    The Victorian Two Handle Widespread Kitchen Faucet with Spray in the Brilliance Stainless finish
    is lovely and perfect for my kitchen. I currently have a sad faucet that makes me cry every time I use it, because it’s metal with some plastic and I know that Delta would never do that to any of their beautiful fixtures. So, I’ll patiently wait and hope and hope that I win this fantastic faucet.

    Read more: http://www.deltafaucet.com/kitchen/details/2256-ss-dst.html#ixzz3oTM9LiUE

    • You are hilare Suzy. Hilare!!

      I have a similar style to the one that you chose. I use it in our outdoor kitchen at the pool, and it is so gorgy gorgeous. My kids use it all the time, our friends use it, we use it.. the whole world uses it. It even sits outside during the WINTER. Yeah. Snow and all. Now, I wouldn’t recommend THAT snow thing, LOL… but I can tell you that it stands up to a beating. I’m guessing that there are no plastic parts in there 🙂

      Happy faucet contesting. 🙂
      Lynne xx

  34. Kathleen Potter says:

    T4738. Bob’s your uncle.

    P.S. I wish I had an uncle but I will take a faucet instead!

    • haha Kathleen!

      I have an Uncle Bob, YUP. I think he wants to brush my teeth with a brick… every time I say ‘Bobs yer Uncle’ Uncle Bob. hahahhahaahaa.

      Love the style you chose. It looks so elegant!

      Just like us 🙂

      Lynne xx

  35. Bernadette Keith says:

    Awesome shower fixtures! We are redoing our master bath with a curb less shower. I would love to add a Delta custom shower system that includes a rain shower head along with the handheld sprayer in brushed bronze. Very pretty.

    • A curb-less shower. Now you have peeked my interest Bernadette. I LOVE that look. It’s so often used in Europe <- they are smart like that :). I use the VERO rain shower head with a handheld sprayer in one of my showers. It's super sweet, and the handheld comes in handy for cleaning the shower walls too. I think of these weird cleaning things. Strange but true. LOL. Good luck with the contest! Lynne xx

  36. Rachael Woodstuff says:

    So, yeah, we moved into our first real house about three years ago and fell in love with all the grossness that was a foreclosure. There was a tiny hiccup. Our master shower had no drain and somehow this was missed on inspection. fast forward until present and we STILL don’t have a master bathroom. We finally were able to put in some shower tile, but our floor, vanity, walls, ERRYTHING else is laminated to death. Basically, this faucet would help me not hate my first house forever. the end.
    In2ition® Two-In-One Shower Arm Mounted Shower in Venetian Bronze. 58469-RB-PK

  37. Caprice says:

    I am renovating a 1984 Avion trailer that is screaming for a new faucet among other things. This one would be PERFECT! Trinsic Single Handle Pull-Down Bar/Prep Faucet Featuring Touch2O® Technology in chrome.


    • Caprice!!

      You are a brave trailer renovator too!?!! Woot woot!!! The Trinsic model is the exact model that I use in my airstream. It is oh so very pretty! Great choice!!!

      Are you sharing your trailer renovations on instagram or Facebook? If so, please link up to it here. I’d love to see!!

      Much love and happy renovating!
      Lynne xx

  38. Margaret Bruch says:

    I lurv the Arabella faucet!’ It’s so dreamy. 💗💗💗 how fab this would look in my kitchen! Cheers

    • Hiya Margaret,

      Can you send me the model number for the faucet that you lurrrve? I couldn’t find that one. Here’s the link to the Delta Faucet Canada website to search it out http://bit.ly/1NqeaDy

      PS. I love all those pink hearts that you put in the comment section. So awesome! How’d you do that?!


  39. Kristin Vanhoozer says:

    I love the Trinsic faucet!

  40. Auntiepatch says:

    I would choose 19936-SPSD-DST. Thanks my friend!

    • Hi Karen!

      Oh my, what great taste you have. xx

      PS. I know I have said it before, but I’ll say it again… thanks for being a rock star reader on my blog. I just love having you here.

      Lynne xx

      • Auntiepatch says:

        You have the great gift of making your readers laugh. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sprayed my keyboard with whatever I was drinking while reading one of your posts. Laughing, or crying, I read every one. So, thank you, my friend! I’m here if you need me……..now, open the champagne!

  41. Terrie says:

    I have a terrible time choosing. Seems to take me forever. But the one I really liked was Trinsic® Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Featuring Touch2O® Technology in Matte Black. When I did a quick updo to my kitchen a few years ago, I waited to buy the faucet towards the end – the end of the project and the end of the money – so the faucet I bought wasn’t my “ideal”.. Lately it seems that I am a war with my faucet. So far we are breaking even but I am sure there will come a point where it will win. I haven’t really been thinking about it’s replacement but now I am starting to dream.

    • Terrie!

      Matte black. VERY COOL choice!! I bet that would be flipping beautiful !!

      So true about faucet choices. We all do it. End of the project, end of the money…and yet is the one thing that we use constantly in a kitchen. Gah.

      Dreaming with you!
      Lynne xx

  42. Allison CB says:

    Love the Victorian 2 handle #2256-DSAAT – we have an older look in our kitchen…would be lovely to have a new tap set!!!

  43. KELLY says:

    Hey Lynn,
    Love your blog, look forward to getting it. Like christmas really, oohhh something cool to open!

    Comments below,,,,, so I hope I am entering in the right place for the faucet/schmaucet..
    I live on a farm as so many of us Canadians do and I kind of jones for the pot filler facet, # 1165lf….wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing to fill buckets with on those cold Canadian winter mornings!
    Done, entered! Now i am going back to enjoy the rest of blog and all your wonderful pictures, second cup of coffee and wait for the sun to warm us up a bit before I go out and continue building my barn!
    Your the best!

    • Hi Kelly!

      So sweet of you to say about my blog. Stand back. I’m about to SMOOCH you.

      Yes, you are entering in the right spot for the faucet schmaucet. 🙂

      We Canucks have it tough, don’t we? We had snow this weekend! Did you? Where are you?

      Off to go and get the fire roaring in the wood stove… and YES I think a pot filler is a brills idea!!!

      Lynne xx

  44. Janet says:

    I spent way too much time cruising that Delta site! I’m remodeling both my bathrooms. Researching spa like features. I might end up using air stone around the large tub area all the way up to the ceiling and a high end wood looking laminate on the floor. Did I mention I like pebbles? I will leave pebbles in the sink. It’s a work in progress. I think the Telsa 3552 mpu dst widespread (hum) lav/ brushed nickel. faucet would be a perfect fit!

    • Hi Janet!

      Telsa looks so pretty!! Very spa like! Nice choice! Pebbles in the sink sound so beautiful. Now I want to go to a spa. It’s all your fault. LOL.

      Best of luck with the contest today!
      Lynne xx

  45. chris aka monkey says:

    cassidy Model #: 2497LF-CZ looks as close to what you have as will fit in my kitchen, because i want to be you when i grow up, which is probably never as i am 66 already. gosh your road trip looked like an awesome blast, of course going to dennys and eating eggs with you would be a blast, and if one day you wake up and that airstream is missing do not come looking at my house, because i am smarter than that and would have it hidden somewhere else ha ha xx

    • You crack me up!!!! Now I want to go to Dennys with you and tear it up. haha. I’d waddle outta there for sure.

      Cassidy model: So classic and beautiful. Just like us 🙂

      May we never grow up. Haha. I saw this quote the other day:

      Do you remember the time we couldn’t wait to grow up? Uuhhmmmm. What the hell were we thinking?


      Big love, my friend!
      Lynne xx

  46. Ruth D in FL says:

    I’d lurv to have the Arc Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet
    (Model #:19936-SPSD-DST). We’re renovating and it would look so fab in my kitchen!

    • Hi Ruth!

      You are in Florida? I’m so jelly jealous of you right now… as I sit here looking at snow. Gah. Yeah. SNOW. Erhhhmergerd.

      If you win the faucet, I will need to personally drive down there and deliver it. Then stay. For like, forever. 🙂

      Lynne xx

      • Ruth D in FL says:

        Come on down, Lynne, and bring your bathing suit! It’s in the low 80’s during the day and mid 60’s at night.

  47. Il LOVE the ESSA single handle pull-down kitchen faucet with “touch 20”, model #9113T-DST….I NEED it!

  48. Jodi Van Proeyen says:

    Pilar w/touch20 w/soap dispenser….PLEASE & THANK YOU!!!!

  49. Yvonne Cannon says:

    I am not sure if U..S. Is included in this fantastic giveaway but we are currently redoing a small cottage and Delta is my favorite as well!! I would love to have T17T497!

    • Hi Yvonne!

      Yes, the US is absolutely included in the giveaway. I love my American peeps too.

      Delta Faucet Canada is the one who is giving the faucet away, and you can see the same inventory in both the US/Canada websites for picking out your fave faucet!

      Big love!
      Lynne xx

  50. Vicki Rucker says:

    I really like the bathroom faucets where you can see the water on it’s way out, instead of just when it gets to the end of the pipe. Makes me feel like I’m washing my face in a stream. So, I picked the DAWSON™
    Two Handle Centerset Lavatory Faucet. That, to me, would seem the most luxurious.

  51. Angela Kirkpatrick says:

    Good morning Miss Lynne! You have such a fun vibe to you, I smile every time I see a post or blog from you. I bought a house last year and am doing little projects here and there to make it my own. The house had been renovated before I bought it but one of the areas that didn’t get the attention it deserved was the kitchen faucet…it’s functional but not fabulous and I want FABULOUS!!! When I redo the kitchen I plan on putting in a faucet that can splash water across the whole sink and not just the tiny corner near the faucet….how annoying is it to wash dishes but not be able to get the whole pot wet! Ugh. Urgh.

    The faucet I have my eyes on is 9997T-DST. It’s a beauty and I would be able to splash water around to my hearts delight!

    • Hi Angela,

      Oh my goodness… *blush* and MWAH all at once for the absolutely beautiful compliment. Wanna get married? 🙂

      Good for you for wanting FABULOUS!!! You go girl!!! Gawd, your current faucet sounds like a jerk face. LOL.

      Nice choice with the cassidy model. Pull down faucet. Spray wand delight. Touch technology. It’s d’bomb diggity.

      Best of luck with the contest today and happy splish splashing!

      Lynne xx

    • Congrats Angela !!!

      I just sent you an email. You won won won the Delta Faucet Canada contest!!!!


      Lynne xx

      • Angela says:

        Yes, I accept your marriage proposal and not just because I’m loving your proposal that ends with me getting a new FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS Delta faucet from for my kitchen. I hope this doesn’t make your hubby jealous!

        I can’t thank you enough…I’m tickled pink and promise to think of you and all your awesome-sauciness every time I turn on the water!

  52. Corina says:

    I’m having a Justin-Bieber crush with the Allentown (Model #:19935-SPSD-DST) in spotshield stainless. It would look amazing in my kitchen!!!
    By the way, I’ve never seen a more gorgeous airstream. It makes me want to go on a road trip too.

    • Hi Corina,

      There’s always time for road trip stops in airstreams 🙂 Maybe, someday when I take it on a road trip… we will meet up for a cuppa tea and talk trash about Justin-Bieber. haha. Jokes. He is almost being a sweet Canuck again. Woot woot!

      Best of luck with the contest!!

      Big love and lots of road trip vibes!
      Lynne xx

  53. Sue says:

    Are you kidding me!
    Cassidy single handle pull down faucet with touch 20 in arcti steel. #9197T-AR-DST
    Smack dab in the middle of a kitchen reno and it’s as if you knew I needed to win this faucet!
    Lynne love the road trip, love you and thank you for keeping my focus on what’s real. living, laughing and wine. Not necessarily in that order mind you
    Keep it going.

    • Hi Sue!

      You rock out loud!!

      Smack dab in the middle of a kitchen reno? I think you may need hard liquor and a faucet. AmIRite??? LOL.

      Thanks for the road trip love, and for your EPIC words!! You are so very amazing.


  54. Sarah says:

    I choose model 2497LF-AR, the Cassidy Two Handle in Artic Stainless. Thankfully, I’m not in the middle of a reno, but it would be super cool to have a NICE faucet in my apartment. I totally get you, Lynne, when you mention the $24 kitchen faucet…they seem to be the rental standard.

  55. Marla Tanner says:

    We are remodeling two full bathrooms, due to water leaks and rotting floors, tubs are being replaced by shower units, recomended for people with arthritis and lupus.faucet model 15630lf mandolin single lavatory faucet and shower,ashlyn moniter 17 series shower with two in one shower model t17264-1. Beautiful! Justcwhat Im looking for!

    • Hi Marla !

      I love how organized you are with your faucet choices and holy smack dab….going for ones that are recommended for people with arthritis and lupus. You.Are.Amazing.

      Forward thinker. Dreamer. Doer.

      Best of luck with the contest!

      Lynne xx

  56. Dianne A. says:

    What a great giveaway, thank you so much! My favorite is the Tesla™ 17T Series MC H2Okinetic Tub/Shower Trim. I sure hope I win it.

  57. Hi there! I’m loooooving the VERO™ Single Handle Centerset Lavatory Faucet, in the champagne bronze. we are renovating our master bath…and I neeeeed this!

    • Hey Jennifer!

      I use VERO in my shower and I flipping LOVE it. It looks modern and yet it styles soooooooo nicely with our white wash farmhouse style that we have going on in the bathroom. The square shower head looks supes pretty coordinating with the faucet too. It may be my all time fave bathroom set.

      I’m drooling just thinking about it :)haha

    • my fingers are SERIOUSLY crossed!!!!!!!

  58. Nikki Longworth says:

    OK, who would NOT want this: Pilar® Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology and Soap Dispenser. Elegant. Functional. Smart. Brilliant!
    So we are building our ‘die in it’ house (last one hubby, I promise) and the budget suggests we can either have a roof or the faucets we want. Ergo, this is my only hope for staying dry during the rainy season.
    Glad to see you back, Ms. Lynn. You’ve been missed!

    • Hi Nikki !

      Thanks for love, and right back atcha. Roof schmoof. I think a faucet would be way nicer. haha.

      The Pilar faucet looks dang sexy! Love that style. I haven’t tried that one yet, but now you have my head-a-turnin’

      Big love!
      Lynne xx

  59. This is a link to a walk through of our tiny house project: https://youtu.be/53l-Vi-nVxo. As you can see we have no faucets in our tub (or for our sink for that matter) I like the Victorian set for the tub and shower:
    T17494-I in chrome (unless you know of a set that would suit way better? )
    thank you lynn for this fun contest!
    Kiki Marie : )

    • Hi Kirsten!

      That’s so cool that you are documenting your tiny house project! Woot woot! I started to watch it, but my country internet is being no-fi-low-fi-wifi. Gahhhh.

      I have a hot tip for you! Turn your phone around and do your video by holding your phone on its side rather than straight up and down. I did the same thing as you, and then a friend taught me to just turn my phone sideways. Then.. it covers the entire youtube screen space. Whoop! Whoop!

      Hope that helps!

      I’ll pop back in when my wifi is behaving and watch the rest. So GREAT that you did a video!!
      Lynne xx

      • Thank you so much for that to lynn! I will do that for sure. On the website link for our blog I have posts from the very beginningofthe project a year ago. Our is that what you were referring to? I will be adding the teeny spaces we lived in prior to moving up to tiny…. our 28′ Airstream in the winter with no running water, 3 tiny dogs and 2 cats. ..craaazzzeeee! Then we moved into our 2 story 8×13 cabin. Fun stories! Can’t wait to share. You’d appreciate the airstream!
        Kiki : )

  60. I’m so excited you’ll actually read this! I’m sending you my regards and best wishes from Mexico. I’m a young visual producer and around half a year ago I started a project to change the economic practices and dinamics in my family to rescue our quality of life by asking them to suggest individual projects to restore what they consider to be restored in our space, income generation, nutrition, entertainment and some other specific areas. Along this project I started my Photography Specialization in Contemporary Photography, and our life project became my next Art Project, which will be exposed next year here in Mexico (yay!). A big part of the project is based on research on the internet for DIY projects; a month ago I found your blog, and I’ve been taking notes of some DIY tuts and tips for my house, which will be captured on the final piece. Me and my family will start to restore the whole house next February by our own hands, as we are now cleaning the space. We were actually planning on taking off the old faucet in the kitchen and leave a blank space for something else, but if there was this faucet in our hands http://www.deltafaucet.com/kitchen/details/9113t-dst.html we would happily reconsider it, and add a new one (lol). The model is the 9113T-DST, I’m not sure what details you need. But that’s it 🙂 So far, I’m happy you’ve read until this part, where I thank you for sharing with us the “design the life you want to live” insignia, which is very inspirational at this point. Hugs from Mexico.

    – Mauricio Romerol

      • Hello Mauricio,

        Your English is beautiful and your project sounds absolutely wonderful! I love love love love hearing stories like yours. I’d love to come to Mexico to help 🙂


        THANK YOU so much for sharing your story!

        Big love and hugs from Canada!
        Lynne xx

        • Thank you very much! We are very excited about it and as soon as possible I will share the project. I hope you have the chance to come to Mexico soon in one of your road trips, as it is a beautiful place. Also, we’d be glad to have you around!


  61. Jennifer says:

    21716LF. Is the model number of the Loraine faucet. Yikes and sorry, forget to add it in eaglet comment. Thanks again. A wonderful giveaway and you made it such fun!

    • You are most welcome Jennifer!

      I have been loving this contest too. So many BEAUTIFUL comments from so many BEAUTIFUL peeps.

      I’m so happy that I don’t have to be the one who choses the winner today. It would be like picking out a puppy. Impossible. They are all perfect. xx

      Cheers and best of luck with the contest today!
      Lynne xx

  62. Jennifer says:

    I love all of them. Picking one is almost impossible! I love the Loriane Two Handle with Spray and the… I could go on and on.. Thank You!

  63. Karen Jeanne says:

    I like the Pilar two handle widespread kitchen faucet with spray in arctic stainless finish. Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. Cate Baldwin says:

    Hey Lynne! I so want to be your BFF! We have a lot in common; I like to decorate & travel too!! It’s the bestest evvvvehhhh!!! So, I picked out my fav gorgeous Delta Faucet…here it is: Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet With Touch 2O (in Artic Silver). I just really, really need a faucet. You know how it is…!! Love ya!! Cate xo

  65. jenni says:

    Amazing giveaway – woohoo! Love, love the Cassidy Single Hole – Single Handle Channel Spout w/ Riser 🙂 Beautiful.

    • It has been such a fun giveaway Jenni!

      Thanks for saying so! Contest ends today! Watch for the announcement. Thank goodness Delta Faucet Canada decides, instead of me. I would need to drink hard liquor for breakfast to make these kinds of choices. LOL.

      Lynne xx

  66. Evangelia Dalios says:

    I love the TRINSIC® Single Handle Lavatory Faucet Model #: 559LF-RBMPU, – we’re in danger of not having a single working bathroom in this house and it’s our next #DIY #reno #pleasenomold #needabathroomforthreeladiesandonedad

  67. Maggie Vincent says:

    Love the Cassidy(tm) Waterfall Kitchen Faucet…and have visions of it in my kitchen. Wish me luck!

  68. Carole says:

    Stunning pictures! Love your Airstream project. Also love Arzo Single Handle 586-LF MPU. Lots of love here…

  69. Lori Johnson says:

    What a beauty that Carlisle bathroom facet is, wowza baby. My crusty old facet has seen better days and ready to be put out to pasture.

  70. Julie flores says:

    Addison Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology and Soap Dispenser – I will have a big toothy grin!

    Thank you!

  71. Judith says:

    I would love to win the Lakeview faucet with soap dispenser. A beautiful addition to my kitchen!! 🙂

  72. So giddy, I forgot to add the model # 987LF-AR Yep… dats the one! 😉

  73. Hi Lynne,

    What a fantastic giveaway! 😀 We are redoing our pantry… and the Tommy Delta Gourmet Kitchen Faucet AR would be a perfect fit for our beautiful utility sink. Don’t usually see those two words together, but our sink is really going to be one of the nicest features in the pantry and will need some appropriate jewelry! Thanks for sharing your awesome! xo

  74. Tracey Grieveson says:

    Ashton Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet featuring Touch2O® Technology – my kitchen dream !

  75. Cher Robertson says:

    So many fabulous ones to choose from, yikes! I did a major kitchen Reno about 15 years ago however the faucet is now letting us down. I would love to be able to replace it with the Addison Single Handle Pull Down Faucet with Touch 20 ® Technology Model number 9192T-AR-DST. It is a super looking faucet with terrific benefits included……who could ask for anything more! Thanks for the opportunity to win this Lynne.

  76. Marla Tanner says:

    I am looking for two bathrooms shower units and sink faucets, thanks

  77. Debbie says:

    opps, just realized I had my email wrong…this is the right email…

    Thank you for the chance to win! We are just about to start our bathroom renovation so this is perfect!! Our bathroom is in major need of some love, some real updating love!! The Temp20 showerhead (Model #52646-PK) would be perfect for an update!

  78. Debbie says:

    Thank you for the chance to win! We are just about to start our bathroom renovation so this is perfect!! Our bathroom is in major need of some love, some real updating love!! The Temp20 showerhead (Model #52646-PK) would be perfect for an update!

  79. Stefanie says:

    I’m absolutely in love with the WINDEMERE® Two Handle Kitchen Faucet! Pretty please pick me!!

  80. Erin O says:

    First, I LOVE your site, your pics, your personality. Thank you!!! Second, I love this kitchen faucet (Dominic single handle pull down) :http://m.deltafaucet.com/product/details/19940T-SD-DST.html

  81. Jennifer Swindlehurst says:

    I have a beautiful country house with an amazing kitchen with stainless steel counters and a boring faucet. The Addison pull out faucet would be an amazing masterpiece!!!

  82. terie karaus says:

    The cassidy single handle faucet would be beautiful in our kitchen renovation.

  83. Mary Melber says:

    I like the Arabella faucet! Love your Airstream, it is just gorgeous! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  84. Carrie says:

    Vessona™ Monitor® 17 Series Tub and Shower Trim

    Just {almost – like so close, I can’t stand it} finished remodeling a house in Texas, built in the 40’s. We still have the tub & shower trim in our master that the plumber gave us. Which is fine. No it’s not, I want this one. Please and thank you!

  85. han says:

    Transitional beverage faucet? Yes please!

  86. Dominique says:

    Hey Lynne! Thanks for an awesome giveaway! I am loving the Leland single handle pull-down with touch20
    (9178T-RB-DST). We are painting our kitchen/living room and slowly making upgrades. This faucet would be perfect!

  87. Michele G says:

    My leaky faucet would love to be put our of commission by Addison Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology and Soap Dispenser! Every time my mother comes over she goes crazy over the leaky, corroded faucet that’s there! This one would make her so happy and with a soap dispenser to boot! Touch technology? WHAT?? I don’t need to touch faucet with my chicken hands? I’m IN!!
    It will probably be my Christmas present to myself anyway! Who needs jewelry or perfume when you can get a faucet that works and looks beau-ti-ful???

  88. Amy says:

    9159-AR-DST is the one for me!

    And that road trip sounds like it was all kinds of amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  89. Angela Eisenman says:

    Cassiday single handle pull down kitchen faucet with touch20 in chrome finish. We’re renovating a colonial home… white shaker cabinets, quartz marble-look counters & this faucet would be perfect!!

  90. Sue Mason says:

    Trinsic Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Featuring Touch2O® Technology

    We are renovating our recently purchased 1908 house with a kitchen which is 50’s and 70’s combined – so ugly. The faucet makes me smile and makes me want to demo my kitchen – NOW!!!!!! Thank you!!!

  91. Lynn Juhl says:

    Hi Lynne, we are planning a bathroom Reno this winter and would love to add Delta’s Cassidy widespread low arc faucet with the X handles in polished nickel to our list of wants 😄 Thank you for such a great opportunity!


  92. Kat says:


    I’m loving the Delta Cassidy faucet for the kitchen. Lurve that beautiful simple and shiny chrome look!

  93. Sean Williamson says:


    Finishing our basement which includes a wet bar. This would look awesome. Paired with natural slate stone and raw wood.

  94. Meagan says:

    You can’t even fathom how ugly my bathroom faucet is! This would improve it times a thousand

  95. Jacqueline says:

    LELAND® Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O is gorgeous – I feel like I would have to redo my entire kitchen to do this faucet justice! Thanks for the giveaway, Lynne.

  96. kelly in weed says:

    Rebuilding our house after the Boles/Weed fire last year.
    I’ve been really wanting one of these faucets…Trinsic Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Featuring Touch2O® Technology (9159T-DST)

  97. Tricia says:

    Living in a champagne dream on a beer budget …. Would love to dress up our kitchen with the Delta Contemporary Pot Filler Faucet – Wall Mount – 1165LF-AR. Hubby tells me I’d have win or steal one to incorporate a pot filler into our reno plans. Can’t afford bail money …..

  98. cathy voight says:

    I would like to win the Pilar kitchen faucet in brilliance finish. I am working on my son’s condo and this would be fabulous for that space. Model number is 980T-SSSD-DST
    Many thanks

  99. So we are in the process of converting a bus to an RV. This is going to be awesooooome! Thanks in advance..😝

  100. Katie Lee says:

    We’re in the process of updating our home with little touches that have big impact. A nice faucet would be perfect. My fav is 9113T-RB-DST. The Essa with touch.

  101. Hi Lynn,

    Love this giveaway! I just added a beautiful brass light fixture to my bathroom and now my faucet is clashing like crazy. Would love to win a Delta trinsic single faucet in champagne bronze. It would be perfect!!
    Love everything you are doing… Airstreams and trees houses and all!

    • We can’t have CLASHING Alison, no way, jose. You are right, brass and champagne bronze look oh so good together!

      Thanks for the airstream, treehouse and all that good love stuff. Much appreciated!


  102. Jenn Venerable says:

    We moved in to our dream home one year ago…and I love the kitchen, but I don’t love the sink and faucet, and we use these the most! I would be so grateful for a new faucet, and I adore the faucet #Model #:980T-SSSD-DST in stainless. Thank you for this opportunity to win!

    • You are most welcome Jenn!

      This contest has been so fun. The announcement happens today, and I’ve been on pins and needles…. LOL… I’m so happy it is not me who decides on the contest winner. There are so many lovely projects! and peeps! and faucets!

      Best of luck!!

      Lynne xx

  103. Jenn Venerable says:

    I would love to replace my boring used kitchen faucet with a sparkly new faucet for my dream home! I love most things about the kitchen…except the sink and faucet. I would love to have a reason to replace the whole thing,
    Since my family is in the kitchen 1/3 of the day – and with two boys we are ALWAYS washing our hands, yuck!

    • You can say that again Jenn ! I totally agree. We all spend so much time in the kitchen but don’t really think about all the good stuff in there 🙂

      Best of luck with the contest announcement today!!

      Big love and lots of smiles with those boys in the kitchen!
      Lynne xx

  104. I’ll play. I like 980T-SSSD-DST and I’d use it remodel the kitchen in my 1905 Capitol Hill Condo where I live with my 3 year old son that I bought 10 years ago when the neighborhood was over run by drug dealers and falling apart but has now become a very sought after place to live. =) Love this font by the way!

    • Yay Brice! It’s fun to play 🙂

      Your condo sounds incredible!! I love how neighbourhoods can change up like that! So very cool !!

      The font… it is called Architects Daughter. Doesn’t it make you feel like you have ahhhhmazing hand writing? Oh la la!

      Best of luck with the contest!

  105. Debbie Bashford says:

    I used to have a gorgeous white Delta Faucet, but it was installed incorrectly and my horrible lime filled water has destroyed it, I am loving the LELAND® Single Handle Water Efficient Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Model #: 978-WE-DST

    • It’s crazy but true, Debbie. Installation can make all the difference in the world. Great choice with the Leland! The pull down faucet is sooooo very handy in the kitchen too!

      Good luck with the contest!!
      Lynne xx

  106. Mark V says:

    We recently purchased a new home and the kitchen is in need of a massive update, so we are planning it out now and I think this faucet LINDEN bSingle Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology would look great.

  107. Russell Porter says:

    Current Project is building a new garage but later the fall its remodel the kitchen time so a new faucet would be wonderful. I like the Model: 980T-AR-DST.

    • You are building a garage too, Russell? Can you come build me one? And install faucets? LOL. Why can’t you be my neighbour? Whyyyyyy?

      Best of luck with the contest announcement today!

      Lynne xx

  108. I love the 4353T-AR-DST http://www.deltafaucet.ca/kitchen/details/4353t-ar-dst.html
    We just repainted and repaired much of my kitchen last fall but a new faucet wasn’t in our budget. This faucet would fit is so much nicer with the new look 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  109. Kim K says:

    I love the Linden Single Handle Water-Efficient Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet model# 4353-DST. Our kitchen faucet is due for an upgrade. Thanks

    • Kim!

      Did you see that model has a valve embedded that is with diamonds? Hello. Any faucet with diamonds is a-okay with me 🙂 Actually, I had a visit to the factory saw how Delta Faucet Canada makes their faucets. The diamond technology means that the valve will last for f.o.r.e.v.e.r. and a day, in my eyes. It is super duper durable. Great choice!

      Lynne xx

  110. Hannah says:

    Th Ara Roman channel tub faucet, for the corner tub we are installing!

  111. Sara says:

    This is so exciting! I would go with the Cassidy faucet Model #:2597LF-PNMPU! We’re in the middle of two bathroom renovations after buying a HUD home and winning this faucet would be such a blessing to help speed up the process of moving away from all the chaos! Thank you for the opportunity!

    • Oh Sara,

      I love the soft gentle look of the neck of the faucet! So classic! Would you need 2 of them for both bathrooms, or is each bathroom a different style?

      Happy contest!
      Big love from Canada!
      Lynne xx

      • Sara says:

        Each bathroom is a slightly different style, and for this particular bathroom (which is very important, because it’s on the main level and the one every guest uses!), I would only need one, so it’s perfect!

  112. DoRAYme says:

    champagne bronze Trinsic for sure!
    +Optional A/C adapter EP73954
    just what my CA desert copper kitchen needs.
    See you in Cali

    • Oh la laaaaaa! My all time fave! If you win it, I’m coming to Cali and living in your kitchen. You should know that now. I like ice cream for dinner and wine for DESSERT in the DESERT. 🙂

      Lynne xx

  113. Renee Perreault says:

    I love the Trinsic 9159-CZ DST!

    • You love the champagne faucet too Renee!??? Meeeeeee too (betcha can’t tell LOL). Did you know that the same faucet comes in a touch on/off version too? It’s an epic feature that is a total game changer in the kitchen. Just sayin 🙂 You may just love it.

      Lynne xx

  114. Model #: T17286-SS (Brilliance Stainless)
    ARZO Monitor 17 Series Shower trim.

    The Story and Project:

    I started to feel like Bob the Builder,
    needed a bath, so I reached for a bathtub filler.

    But since I’ve gotten slim on a whim,
    and no longer bathtub swim.
    I thought a shower trim would do the trick again.

    Flirty into dirty, dirty into flirty,
    fingers typing on her body,
    like a keyboard typing QWERTY.

    Laces unlaced below a lace hugging waist
    showered shapes
    under a shower’s cape, with no drop of waste.

    Face in, face out,
    face pinned against the grout.

    I am recreating the scene of Barbie and Ken
    under a shower trim and undergarments sliding past shins
    kisses paused in-between grins – Mrs. caused me to shower again…


    • Dewd, you are a poet and I didn’t even know it 🙂 haha. Okay, I did, but that is the only sentence that I could think of that rhymes. You are awesome!! That poem!! Oh.My.Word. That’s just the best!

      Thanks for coming out to Spill Lounge the other night. It was a real pleasure to meet you! May we be forever twitter pals.

      Big love, my friend!!!
      Lynne xx

  115. Judith Purpora says:


    This is a beautiful faucet that I would love to win for my kitchen update I am planning.

    • Hi Judith !
      Great choice! If I remember correctly, I think Delta Faucet designed that one around the inspiration of a Swan! A couple of years ago, I met some of the design team from Delta (what a treat that was!!) … because they told the story behind each faucet design. I have been enamoured ever since.

      If you win that faucet, you’ll be dreaming of swans 🙂 xx

      Best of luck!! Great choice!!
      Lynne xx

  116. Ashley Enns says:

    My husband and I bought our first house this year and are dreaming of renovating the kitchen! I love the Trinsic Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Featuring Touch2O® Technology in the Arctic Stainless finish. (Model #:9159T-AR-DST)

    Funny how something as “simple” as a faucet can inspire the whole kitchen!

    • Gurl, you are a woman after my own dreams. I used the exact design/colour for my kitchen and I have never looked back. I paired it with a deep ikea farmhouse style sink and it is drop dead gorgeous. The sink is super affordable and the faucet is dreamy when it is paired with it! I liked it so much, I put TWO sinks in my kitchen with the same style of faucet. haha! You won’t be disappointed, I can tell you that.

      Happy kitchen reno and best of luck with the contest!!! xx


  117. Katrina says:

    Love the Trinisic 9159-CZ DST

  118. Kim Beaulieu says:

    I am so stinking jealous, that trip sounds like a hoot. I’ll be following along, but not in a stalkerish kinda way. Okay, so maybe a little bit stalkerish.

    Okay, so do pot fillers count? Because they should. Because that’s what I want/need/must have. This is the winner- http://www.deltafaucet.ca/kitchen/details/1177lf.html. I have to fill my pots the old fashioned way and it’s ruining my life. I want a fancy pot filler. Then maybe it’ll inspire me to redo our 40 year old kitchen. If nothing else I can use my pot filler, and pretend I live in Italy, and my life isn’t boring as hell.

    When you get back let’s chat “visit”. I want to see you before it snows. Not that I’m opposed to seeing you in snow. We could make snow devils or something. And I don’t mean that in a dirty way like it came off. Not at all. We’re both married for cripes sake. Mind outta the gutter.

    • Oh hells yeah Kim,

      Pot fillers count for sure!! A fancy pot filler would rule the world. In a pot filling way 🙂

      Italian life… don’t even. I wanna be there right now. I bet it isn’t SNOWING there. LOL.

      Hope to see you soon!!!!

      Me 🙂 xx

  119. Erin Cell says:

    Lynne –
    Loved meeting you last night!! Hope to see you again soon!
    This seems about perf for me…..now if I could just win a complete Kitchen re-model that’d be tots awesome! Addison Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology and Soap Dispenser – Chrome finish to match!
    [Model #9192T-SD-DST]

    • Hi Erin!

      It was so nice to meet you too!! Time flies…and today is the contest announcement for the winner. I’m on pins and needles. LOL.

      Wishing you a ton of good luck and wow oh wow… it was truly a pleasure to meet you!!!

      Big love and lots of laughs!
      Lynne xx

  120. Heather says:

    I absolutely LUUUUURVE the #3555-PBMPU-DST (the victorian in brass finish…just so loverly). I have big dreams to rip out the existing unit in our bathroom and make my own:) I want something that works better with our antique claw foot tub. ps – Have SUCH fun on your road trip!

    • Hi Heather!

      The road trip was soooooo fun. Contest announcement happens today. Best of luck with that!! and… you have an antique claw foot tub? That sounds so purty! Bubble bath heaven!

      Big love!
      Lynne xx

  121. Jen Wickson says:

    My favorite faucet from Delta is the #9959T-DST – we are renovating our kitchen, and it would be the absolute perfect addition for our farmhouse sink! LOVE!

  122. Colleen says:

    Hands down this gold nugget { Model #:9159T-CZ-DST } would set apart the kitchen in our airstream slash mobile showroom for my husbands business, Dreamhome Electronics. 😍
    I copied and pasted the wrong one!! 😫😂

  123. Colleen says:

    Hands down this gold nugget { Model #:9992T-CZ-DST } would set apart the kitchen in our airstream slash mobile showroom for my husbands business, Dreamhome Electronics. 😍

  124. Bex2d2 says:

    Omg! I totally had the Trinisic 9159-CZ DST priced last week and have started saving my pennies.. My kitchen isn’t finished without it. The current chrome model just doesn’t look good with all the oxidized brass.

  125. Margaret McDonald says:

    This is my fav. Model #: 980T-SSSD-DST

  126. Hey kiddos!

    Here’s a link to my fave faucet in the history of ever… The Trinsic Touch 2.0 faucet. It’s d’bomb dot com!


    Lynne xx

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