TREEHOUSE: Do you work with a furry jerk ?

Do you work with a furry jerk? ha! #Treehouse #funnies @lynneknowlton #DesignTheLifeYouWantToLive

Welcome to my world.

I work with them  Snicker.

Show me your friends and I will tell you what kind of person you are.

What if your friends are furry jerks?

Show me your office space and the real truth spills out.

#DIY #treehouse #office What does your work space look like? Do you #love it? Read more fun stuff on the blog about how to create a work space that you LOVE !!

My office space is a treehouse.

For Pete’s sake.

 I’m in trouble.

There are furry jerks everywhere.

Do you work with a furry jerk ? Ha ! Have a laugh about it on the bloggy @lynneknowlton Design The Life You Want to Live

But they look so innocent 🙂


 Why didn’t our parents teach us this stuff?!

My parents did teach me one valuable thaaaang tho.


Show me your friends...

and I will tell you what kind of person you are.


They didn’t even mention cats.  Or furry things.  Whattupwitdat?

I wasn’t so smart when I was a little chiclet.  I didn’t always pay attention.  My bad.

I spent most of my childhood trying to prove my parents wrong.

They were right.


I hate it when that happens.


#DIY #treehouse #office What does your work space look like? Do you #love it? Read more fun stuff on the blog about how to create a work space that you LOVE !!

I need to lay in a hammock and think about that.

I tried to figure out ways to outsmarty pants my parents.

I always wanted to be the cool kid and hang with the kids in leather jackets, smoking cigarettes on the street corner.   I imagined my life all sparkly-Marilyn-Monroe-like and James Dean would surely be my boyfriend. 

Okay.  I’m not that old.  But still.

I wanted to have the pretty clothes and be the popular girl in school.  The truth was, I couldn’t smoke a cigarette.  I tried.  I rolled up old dried leaves in the backyard and tried to smoke them.  It didn’t work.  I moved on to Popeye cigarettes.  A much nicer after taste.


Do you work with a furry jerk ? Ha ! Have a laugh about it on the bloggy @lynneknowlton Design The Life You Want to Live


After my smoking stint,  I moved on to pretending I had a broken arm.  That seemed to be the cool kid thing to do.  Broken bones.  I know.   Smart.   Smart as a rock.


Do you work with a furry jerk ? Ha ! Have a laugh about it on the bloggy @lynneknowlton Design The Life You Want to Live

I wrapped my arm in 5o blankets and bandages and pretended I had a broken arm. Full sling and all.  Special.  It looked official.  Didn’t work.   I still can’t believe that people didn’t fall for it.  They were dumb.

I didn’t stop there.

#DIY #treehouse #office What does your work space look like? Do you #love it? Read more fun stuff on the blog about how to create a work space that you LOVE !!

I stuffed my training bra with socks and went out in public.

{ Insert } flashback embarrassment.

My new busty self.  Overnight.  Didn’t work.


I make better choices now.  Sort of.

I work in a treehouse …

#DIY #treehouse #office What does your work space look like? Do you #love it? Read more fun stuff on the blog about how to create a work space that you LOVE !!

And I have friends that luvsssss me.  They don’t even care if I stuff my bra.

I know how to pick my friends.  I drink wine with them.  I can’t help it.

I drink well with others.

I like to refer to it as friendship talent.

I’m a wealth of talent.

Just nod your head and go with it.

My talents are endless.

I know how to make coffee that tastes like motor oil.


I can beat up a treehouse spider web like a wild ninja.

An idiotic, flailing arms ninja.  But a ninja nonetheless.   Those webs are wicked.  Take that, spider.  You just got schooled.


What does your work space look like?  Here is an interesting one...Design The Life You Want to Live Treehouse... read more on the #blog


Do you ever sit back and think about how your friends really shape your life?  I do.

I am so grateful for my beautiful friends.

I’m not grateful for spiders.  Or squirrels.  Or mice.    They are all furry jerks.


Do you work with a furry jerk ? Ha ! Have a laugh about it on the bloggy @lynneknowlton Design The Life You Want to Live

The furry jerks are all hiding.


I’ve decided to add to my parents wise words, just to prove that I’m smarter than a fifth grader.  And that I have endless talent.


Show me your office space...

and I will tell you what kind of person you are.


Smart words, huh?  Take that Mom.

It’s incredible how much your space around you is truly a reflection of you.


What is your office space like?


Okay, my office is a treehouse.   So what.


#DIY #treehouse #office What does your work space look like? Do you #love it? Read more fun stuff on the blog about how to create a work space that you LOVE !!


I like to work in quiet.  It keeps me in the land of make-believe so I can think straight.

Noises irritate the hell outta me.

Office cubicles irritate me too.


It’s bad.

I have the face of a cheerleader but the attitude of a sumo wrestler when it comes to confined spaces.

They make me bat shit crazy.

If I worked in an office cubicle, I would probably be charged with sexual harassment for calling someone a douche bag.

I’d be giving innocent co-workers the stink eye.  It’s not even their fault.  It’s the fault of the little square torture chambers desks with tight walls.

I’d have to be medicated.   Possibly even a straight jacketed.

I’d probably punch down the cubicle wall like the incredible hulk.

I’d talk through my teeth.

Actually.  Definitely.  Teeth talk for sure.


In a nutshell :  I’m anti cubicle.  A cubicle racist.


Do you work with a furry jerk ? Ha ! Have a laugh about it on the bloggy @lynneknowlton Design The Life You Want to Live

An office setting, however…. would make me want to go out for lunch  Wait.  That actually sounds like fun.  Real food.  I’d buy diabetes in a bag donuts.   That part would make me a happy camper at work foooshur.

It’s pretty sad that I’d rather work in a treehouse where squirrels make whoopsie.

Do you work with a furry jerk ? Ha ! Have a laugh about it on the bloggy @lynneknowlton Design The Life You Want to Live

No one is ever bored around here.  If someone tells you that living in the country is boring, hit them.


Now before you go thinking that an office in a treehouse is all sugary syrupy perfecty perfect and sweet… let me fill you in on a few treehouse secrets ;


1.    Treehouses get mile long spider webs.  You can find them when you walk straight into them.  Guaranteed.  Special delivery.   Right into your face.   Thank you very much.


2.   You become an expert at  batting the air in fists of crazy when you walk into said spider webs.  Do you suddenly feel itchy?  Ohmergerd.


#DIY #treehouse #office What does your work space look like? Do you #love it? Read more fun stuff on the blog about how to create a work space that you LOVE !!

3.    Squirrels are rodents dressed in pretty fur coats.  Don’t be swayed by their good looks.  I can assure you that they are bastards.  Handsome furry bastards.  But still.


4.    Mice invite themselves in.    They are bossy.  And they eat curtains.  And you think I joke.   That theory is tried, tested and true.  Furry jerks.


5.    You have to pee in unmentionable places.  It’s not dignified.  The Queen would definitely frown on it.  There are no options for acting like a lady.   None.  Zero.  Zip.


6.    Bugs find their way into tree houses .  Oh. My. Word.  There is a reason why they are called stink bugs.  They stink.  To the high heavens.

#DIY #treehouse #office What does your work space look like? Do you #love it? Read more fun stuff on the blog about how to create a work space that you LOVE !!

There are stink bugs in there. I promise.


7.    Splinters happen.  The splinters feel like pieces of lumber lodged in your finger and you can feel the pain up to your ear.  I have no idea why they have such an innocent name like splinter.  They are tiny weapons of pain.  They make a paper cut seem like a walk in the park.


8.    Comfy?  Get ready.  That is the time when bugs fly on to your bed.  You suddenly become capable of bolting out of bed at turbo jet lightening speed.  And trip over yourself.  I can assure you.  Quite humbling.


9.     You better be feeling sorry for me right now.  I could have a stroke.  A bug inspired stroke.


10.  Cats are furry jerks.   They hog the view.   Serious.   Furry brats.

Do you work with a furry jerk ? Ha ! Have a laugh about it in the #treehouse and on the bloggy @lynneknowlton Design The Life You Want to Live

I spy with my little eye

Do you work with a furry jerk ? Ha ! Have a laugh about it in the #treehouse and on the bloggy @lynneknowlton Design The Life You Want to Live

Cats are not afraid of heights. Or splinters.

Dude, make yourself at home.  Pfffft.


Happy cat in the #treehouse. Who could ask for more LOL ? Read more on the #blog #DIY #treehouse #office

Dear Goldilocks, you have nothing on me.

Do you have to deal with reckless dudes at work too?  My word.  I feel your pain.

What does your work space look like?  Is it invaded by cats?  Spiders ?  Wooden weapons of torture?  Furry jerks?  Or hairy backed men?  Same thing.  But different.


What is your work space like ?


*   Do you love it?

*   Do you have your favourite things on your desk?


Hope and Happy.  Who could ask for more? Read more on the #blog #DIY #treehouse #office

Favourite things

*    Is it free of clutter so your mind can think straight?

*   Or do you like the clutter?  Wild child.  I bet you like hairy, furry backs too.

*    Do you have photos or a favourite candle?  Do you set off the smoke alarms at work?

*    Do you have your favourite pens & markers and awesome doodle thingies ?  Does a cat attack them?   I told you I have problems.  Serious.  Fur problems.

*   Do you have all your techie stuff?  Your mobile phone, laptop or iPad ?  Does it land on your face in the middle of the night too?  Mobile devices should come with night-time warning labels : Do not sneak a peek at work emails in the middle of the night.  The device will hit you in the face when you fall asleep.   Sheesh.   Ignorant.

*   Is your chair comfy cozy so you can pound away at those keys and feel good at the end of the day?

Note to self:  Do not play musical chairs at work.  That game is a panic attack waiting to happen.  The cat always wins.   Furry jerks Cats should not be allowed at work anyway.

What were you thinking?

The Queen of the #Treehouse Chair :) lazing by the fire. LOL.

Ha ha. Beat you to it.

*   Do you take breaks and take the time to breathe it all in?  Or pummel a cat?  Did I just say that out loud?

*   Or do you get overwhelmed and feel the urge to punch someone?

*  Who do you spend time with ?   Do you laugh?

*  Do you make your space all that it can be so you feel inspired and rejuvenated and ready to slay some dragons ?

*  Do you have creative things to inspire you?

#DIY #treehouse #office What does your work space look like? Do you #love it? Read more fun stuff on the blog about how to create a work space that you LOVE !!

Tell me all about it.  I want to hear your fur ball stories.

Connect with me on-line.  I’m all over the place.

I’m a hot mess over on pinterest.  I’m going bat shit crazy on twitter.  And Google + is taking over the world.  Just not mine.  I have no idea what the hell Google + even is.  What the what what?  Can someone please tack on more hours in a day?  Thank you very much.


I somehow landed a spot as a featured blogger on Cityline.  Holy smack dab.  Pinch me.  Pinch me now.   Don’t tell them that I have a potty mouth and furry jerks living with me.     Shhh.

Please sign up for free weekly awesomeness for your box.  Your email inbox that is.  Floozy.  I promise to send you epic ~ bodacious ~ blogging awesomeness.  If not, you can boot me to the curb in 2 seconds flat.  You can ignore me.  My cats do.

I’ll cry.  But you can do it.

Just go sign up for the blog.  Do it.  Dammit.   Don’t make me snap my fingers in a Z formation.

Sign up for some awesome in your inbox


Kisses from the treehouse,

Do you work with a furry jerk ? Ha ! Have a laugh about it in the #treehouse and on the bloggy @lynneknowlton Design The Life You Want to Live



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69 Responses

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  2. Janet says:

    Ugg, now I’m leaving a comment in a second thread!
    My office is an airplane. No furs allowed, they eat threw the wiring! When I’m home and not working….I’m always thinking about re-organizing or repurposing something.
    I’m the worst at expressing my thoughts, so please bear ( inserted fur reference) with me!
    My office is my kitchen table or ipad or garage. Wherever I’m working on a project. Today I was putting glitter on top of a bunch of little christmas houses and our crat (crazy cat) Rudy got to curious and ended up a sparkly fairy kitty….I felt a tinge of satisfaction watching him walk away sparkly, served him right. He’s actually lucky some cats are killed experiencing curiosity….
    So do you go to your tree house daily? I’m also wondering about your energy shake/drink, can you share the recipe?

    • Hi Janet,
      Whaaaaa your office is an airplane?! Can you fly me away to a deserted island away from the snow? 🙂 STAT.

      Love how you work, planes trains and automobiles mixed with furry jerks with sparkles. You are my kinda pal.

      I do work from our treehouse {almost} every day that the weather allows me. Because it is SNOWING now here, insert BLAH, I have to work inside the real house. The treehouse isn’t insulated so my fingers begin to feel like frozen sausages.

      Energy drink :

      LOL. I do two things. This water everyday : and I follow Beauty Detox diet by Kimberly Snyder. I don’t follow it religiously. I don’t follow anything strictly.. because I know I will cheat if I do.

      Those two things make a world of difference in my energy every single day. Bam.

      Mwah !!!

  3. Ruth Vallejos says:

    I just got wind of your blog via “the art of doing stuff”. Seriously good stuff. I am now your sister of the furry jerks.

    So, I’m working at home, after working in an office for over 29 years. I can’t believe I just said that. Almost 30 years already! Shouldn’t I be awarded a medal or something? Anyway, as time went on, my latest office, which was a very cool place, was just one distraction after another. When we lost our lease we decided to operate virtually, so I’m setting up the office at home.

    I have a furry one, Private Pinky, reporting for duty. He really likes to walk on my keyboard, thanks very much2#38 419 —— 3987238da-cww. Or, he insists on settling into my arms so I’m limited to typing with one arm. (No, I don’t have 3, just don’t think about this too hard, OK?). I need to set up a bed for him within skritching reach. Skritch. Skritch.

    The real furry jerks are Private Pinky’s kills. Yes, he brings them in to show them off. Giant mutant squirrels. Moles. Birds, not quite dead. Possums playing dead. “Yes, yes honey. Good job, Pinky! Now take them outside and eat them there. No, don’t bash his head against the nice white wall, just take him out. Good Boy!” Eiy!

    I have a ways to go before the office reflects how I want to work. Right now it’s as jumbled as my thoughts. Ooh! Shiny!

    • You crack me up Ruth !!!

      Too funny that your furry jerk runs across your keyboard. The home delivery system of ‘yucky dead dudes’ sounds …well… yuck… haha !

      I think I should hire Pinky to come to the treehouse and nab some mice for me. 🙂

      PS. I bet you will love working from home. That is the beauty of the internet these days. You can work from home with less distractions, no traffic, and in your pyjamas. 🙂

      Lynne xx

  4. Jane Berlin says:

    I will steal your treehouse! Where have you been all if my life?! I have decided that you are like a Yoda and I want to learn your “force” if that makes sense to u at all

  5. Sandra says:

    I just recently moved to the country. I am a CGIT (country girl in training) so it seems I’ve come to the right place for advice, tips & laughs. Can’t wait to share my adventure creating MY workshop in the woods.

    • Fab Sandra !!!!

      CGIT … oh la la, I have to remember that one.

      I was considering writing a blog post called

      “you know you live in the country when…”

      You may like that one ! LOL. You won’t believe the crazy cray cray that can happen when you live in the country. It’s all good 🙂

      You are creating a workshop in the woods?!!! Tell me more. Tell me more. Tell me. Tell me dammit. 🙂

      Lynne xx

      • Sandra says:

        Here’s my contribution…You know you live in the country when a frog jumps on your back while you’re sitting texting on the deck and you nonchalantly grab him and toss him back into the dark nether regions from whence he came.
        Renovating the loft of our garage for my workshop…whitewashed wide planked wood floors & walls, a built-in bed for catnaps & company, antique barn lights. Twisted Twig Design Studio…my very own little (huge) dream coming true! Filled with gratitude & love!!!

        • Love it !!

          ….AND…. I want to move in. Twisted twig ? Epic name ! Whitewashed floors?

          Oh . La. La.

          Antique barn lights ?


          Gratitude and LOVE ?

          That is the epic icing on the cake.

          Need company ?

    • Hi Linda,
      I love how you have quiet thoughts and nothing in them.

      Very peaceful.

      Not a word in the comment box.

      You gotta love a friend like that. You and I could work together, no probs.


      • Linda says:

        I don’t know why my comments won’t post!!! Obviously some furry jerk ate it !!!

        • That’s what happened. Furry jerks are just THAT.

          ‘Comment eating’ jerks 🙂

          Not gonna lie… I kind of like those empty comment boxes. They leave me wondering ahhhhh….

          I wonder what Linda was thinking ? Something FAB I am sure xx

          • Linda says:

            Ahhhh yes…… I like to keep you wondering…. Really I think it all has to do with emoji’s every time I put one in it makes the comment blank……. Maybe you need a new post on emoji jerks that are eating my comments!!!

  6. Pete Walker says:

    You are the Queen of Splendiferous. “nuff said..

    • Splendiferous?!

      Splendiferous ??!

      Oh hells yeah. I like it. I think I’m going to get that embroidered on all my shirts and prance around the treehouse with my newly embroidered shirt… staring down all furry jerks.

      Take THAT furry jerks 🙂


  7. Linda says:

    Lynne did you see the video from The Presidents Cup with Lindsey, Tiger and “Sammy The Squirrel”? Who was the BIGGEST furry jerk in that group?

    • Linda !!

      Whaaaa ? A tame squirrel ?! Ha !

      I love the line ‘at least give it a team hat or something’

      I wonder how you train a squirrel? I need some tutorials on that 🙂


  8. lisa thomson says:

    Lynne, I just love your posts. I always smile and laugh throughout. Your cat doesn’t look like a jerk at all! (Sarcasm). I wouldn’t mind working in a tree house but as it is I have some square footage with a desk and computer and gadgets in my apartment. I just cleaned it up yesterday in fact and feel quite good about all the junk I filed and finished up. Now, the only thing on ‘top’ is my writing projects (sweet). I keep things close by like pictures of people who inspire me including my kids, colored pencils, fav books and binders full of ‘unfun’ stuff like legal/business. I always have a spot for a coffee or a glass of wine on my desk!
    I love your tree house!!

    • Ahhhh doesn’t it feel good when it is all tied up Lisa? I luuuurve that feeling too.

      Why don’t you have a picture of me on your desk ?!!? Jokes. xx

      Your space sounds beautiful. Keep rockin’ it. Maybe that is why your site is full of so many great ideas.

      I think you should write about how to divorce a squirrel. Or mouse. Or anything with a fur coat 🙂 xx

  9. AwesomelyOZ says:

    Hey Lynne!

    I would prefer to be able to work out of a pretty treehouse like yours but I’m apart of the masses that is stuck in a cube. I am grateful for my cube though because some people don’t have any at all. I am paid well to hibernate here and I put my brain in “sleep” mode so I calm my bad manners. 🙂 My worker says its nice to have a “semi conscious person” next to him so it’s working for me. Have fun in your treehouse with your handsome furry pal!

    Have a great weekend,

    • Well…… hmmm… you are causing me to rethink my cubicle analogy… especially if my co worker would be hibernating in sleep mode.

      Can you teach my squirrels and cats how to do that?

      Semi conscious means quiet. Ahhhhh. I can work with that. xx

      Have a beautiful weekend Iva. xx

  10. Dave says:

    “Fists of Crazy” might just be the name of my new band.

    I kid you not.

    • Now you are talking my kinda language Dave 🙂

      Right on !

      I like your band already 🙂 That name has a nice ring to it

      Have an epic weekend !
      Lynne xx

      • Dave says:

        Just because I think you’re “Throat Punch” from earlier this week is already taken.

        We’re jamming Saturday. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

        Thanks in advance.

  11. LOL – I love it! You’re awesome!

  12. Becky says:

    There is a slide coming out the side of your treehouse.

    I repeat…

    A. Slide.
    Coming. Out.
    The. Side.
    Of. Your. Treehouse.

    I’m moving in this weekend. Don’t let this get weird. I’m just your new tenant.

    PS. I don’t eat mattresses. I am already better than a squirrel.

  13. Did you ever post the instructions for how to insert handwriting into your blog? If so, I can’t find the post. Thank you.

    P.S. Love this font.

    • Hello Rondina !

      I have the information coming for handwriting on photos in my free ebook (coming out soon).

      You will definitely get a copy of that, since you are a blog subscriber.

      Do you have an iPad? If not, another way to do it is to purchase a wacom bamboo tablet. I used that before I had an iPad 🙂 It works with your desktop or laptop and you can write on photos that way too !

      Cheers !!

      Lynne xx

      • Thank you, Lynne. I have a Wacom tablet for writing. Now, if I could just write like you!

        Thank you for the font name also. It’s a fun font that greatly adds to your blog design.

        I look forward to your ebook. It’s nice that you are giving the information to us for free.

    • PS. Rondina 🙂

      This font is called Architects daughter. Isn’t it fun?


  14. I work in an office. But only three of us work here so it is hardly cubicle county. I have a giant window that looks into the apartment building 20ft away…where a naked lady lives. Honest to god- that is my view at work.

    Also, we have centipedes.

    • Hahhahaahaaaaaaa Casey !

      There is a naked lady in your view ?! Now that’s hilarious. Your work space sounds kinda entertaining already. Need company?

      Still laughing…

      Lynne xx

  15. Kay says:

    That treehouse is the tits. I love it. I also really love the way you write. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Also, I’m stuck in cubicle hell RIGHT NOW!. I am infinitely jealous. Spider webs, stink bugs, and all.

    • KAY

      You just made me laugh out loud.

      “that treehouse is the tits”

      Wait until I tell that to the cats. They will be all over that like white on rice.

      PS. I just re-read my blog post & thought … holy crap, I hope people know that I adorezzz my little furry jerks.

      Thanks for the awesome words of kindness. I won’t have to blush now worrying that the human society will be busting down my doors.

      Much love to you for the BLOG love.

      Mwah !

  16. I love reading your blog Lynne… I would so love to have a treehouse office any day over a cubicle. The furry jerks…, lol!! Love this post xoxo

    • Well Derek,

      My worlds favourite CHEF of all time !!

      I know where YOU WORK. 🙂

      You get to work in a kitchen at a gorgeous hotel on the lake…. with the smell of DELISH food everywhere.

      Wait. Suddenly I’m hungry.


  17. Danica says:

    Just curious do you ever get bats in the Treehouse? Those damn critters give me the hibijiiis….

    • Danica

      Bats ?!!! They make me BAT SHIT crazy.

      Thank gawd I don’t get bats in there. I’d have to move to another country. Possibly to a new universe or something.

      Michael keeps trying to convince me that bats are good for mosquito catching.


      If the bats move in, I’m moving out. 🙂


  18. Janet says:

    Well you’ve seen my “office space” which is basically a closet where we put things we don’t really want to see again, Ever. So now my office is my kitchen island. Which is nice during the day when my kiddos are at school, because I can look out at the trees and hang out with my dog. But when school is over, it’s all baseball, hockey and fart jokes which is a little uninspiring, to say the least. That confirms it…. I need a treehouse.
    Are you winterizing it so you can stay there all year?

    • Winterizing it ? I wish !!! I think I have to settle for wearing a toque 🙂

      We set up a desk in the treehouse this week. I feel all official-like now. Working at a REAL desk.

      Now if I can only convince… the little poser aka CAT to move it … off of my desk chair 🙂

      I luuuuuurve your kitchen island. Best part : the view to the cabana boys working on your pool. 🙂

      Need company?

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