How to build a TREE HOUSE & then GET LAZY in it

How to build a #treehouse and then get lazy in it via @lynneknowlton #DesignTheLifeYouWantToLive

It is a gorgeous~ gorgeous ~gorgeous day today.

So gorgeous, in fact, I am going to practice the art of getting lazy.

 With a book.

And apple pie.

Ok, I wish I had the apple pie, but I am too lazy today.  For those of you who truly want an apple pie recipe that will knock your socks off…..and dead easy to make…here is a recipe for you: How to be an apple pie goddess.  I live for apple pie. I hope you do too.



 I wish I could make it a national holiday.

 Until then, I want to be able to help others create the space for themselves too.

How to build a treehouse with reclaimed objects and upcycled finds !

There is an art to be able to build something and then throw yourself at it ….or in it…or to take the time to SLIDE DOWN IT ….

Reclaimed slide from old school playground was used to build this #DIY #treehouse.

Reclaimed slide from old school playground

To create a space that is warm, and fun, and inviting…

A treehouse built from reclaimed materials and an old barn. A fabulous #DIY

To enjoy a space…for the young and old at heart…

Tree fort games and books in the #treehouse. How to build a treehouse and then get lazy in it.

Almost every nook and cranny is made from reclaimed, recycled, reused goods…..

Reclaimed windows for a #treehouse build. The treehouse is made from reclaimed recycled materials.

Even if some of my neighbours don’t know that I stole some old windows from their yard heap. P.S. Hello Brian. Yes, this is one of your windows.  I thought it would be best to commit the sin first and ask for forgiveness later.  I will repay you with apple pie.

Deal ?

Want to build a treehouse too?

 First, steal old windows from your neighbours.   Second, build on what you have.  We had some old tin roofing.  We used the tin roofing on some of the treehouse walls.  Then, we lined every wall with screening, so we didn’t have any critters flying around and buzzing our ears at night.

We need our sleep around here.

The interior walls of the #treehouse. They are made from reclaimed tin barn roofing and are lined with screening to keep the insects out.

I know it probably sounds easy to just say “build on what you have”, but really it is not THAT huge of a task.  Treehouses are meant to made from old left over things.  That is what makes them….




  I love that stuff.

Old is cool.

Wrinkles are not.  LOL.

Reclaimed iron gate pieces were used to make the #treehouse porch.

There are heaps of things out there folks….old windows, doors, decking….things that most people are dying to get rid of.  Take if off their hands and save it from a land fill site.

 Those old ratty things are like…..


Treasures in the #treehouse.

Next, we used reclaimed wood for the counter tops, walls and flooring.

The walls and flooring were old barn boards.  The counter top was an old tree sliced down the centre.

#Treehouse counter top was created from an old tree. Read more on

Old reclaimed porcelain sink and flip up window having a blast in the treehouse :)

When we couldn’t steal a window, we made it.  Every window is installed differently, just for kicks.  The one in the photo above rolls up with a rope and a pulley.  Others slide from side to side.

Some just do a normal hinge.  We had to do something normal.

We then added a swing into the mix.  Just good old rope and a left over piece of wood.

Voila !


Back yard swing. Everyone needs one :)


There are benefits to building a tree fort.  Especially if you have friends.  Good friends.

Friends who just happen to  have funky things hanging around their yard.  Like an old sink.  I wanted to buy a new sink but my zero budget didn’t allow for it.  So, I stole a sink from my neighbour.   He had it in his yard, ready for planting flowers.


What the what what ?  Who plants flowers in sinks ?

That’s a sin.

I thought it deserved a treehouse life.

 I paid him with apple pie.


A vintage reclaimed sink in the #treehouse. A #DIY blog post on how to build a treehouse with reclaimed materials.


It wasn’t always a snap to figure things out.  We are still on our learning curve.  Trying to figure out a tree house washroom has been a challenge.  For now, we have an outhouse aka wooden throne.


We had a few mishaps along the way, and went through a few of these….

Cowboy bandaids in the #treehouse :)

It was also messy and crazy to install the electrical.

 Most of the mess was me duking it out with my bro the electrician.  Ok, there was no duking. I just wanted to say something rotten about him, because he is my brother.

Electrical work in the #treehouse.

It is not all fancy dancy.

 Definitely chose low tech where possible…

An #Ikea lantern for candles outside the #treehouse.

In the spirit of true confessions, that is the only low tech install that we truly did.  A nail.

After all, I can’t help myself.  It is not a COMPLETELY  low tech~no tech tree house.  A space, wherever it may be, should feel warm and welcoming to all.

It has become my blogging studio !


The treehouse is built entirely from a reclaimed barn and recycled materials. Read more on

The second exception is my flowers… They are sadly neglected.  I need time to get lazy and maybe bake a pie.

Sunflower love at the #treehouse. Read about the reclaimed barn turned into a treehouse on

Maybe, just maybe some day…..I may be able to enter our treehouse into this category…..See The World’s Top Treehouse Resorts ??!

Food for thought.

Apple pie food for thought.



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14 Responses

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  2. sue ellen says:

    I love your tree house! I could soo picture myself in one sitting at my spinning wheel and spinning some alpaca yarn.
    I wish there was a way to do something like this in my yard, alias I live in the city with all it’s wonderful ordinances and codes.. ughhh.. sooo some day some day………………. dreammmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Seriously amazing! Now sit back, relax and enjoy!!

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  5. Lynne-I think this is one of the most perfect examples of up-cycling I’ve ever seen! What a wonderful spot. My hubs is from Ont. and we used to spend many a weekend on Georgian Bay. I miss it terribly-are you near there? We 1st connected as I was starting Twitter and you were starting to blog. Your blog is great and you should be proud of this wonderful spot.
    Keep in touch

  6. Stitchfork says:

    A perfect spot to kick back and enjoy! Hope it’s an apple tree you’re in, as you need to bake a lot of pies! I’ll help if you let me slide down the slide!
    xo Cathy

  7. Catherine Doherty says:

    Why is the chatty chipmunk named Cathy? Just kidding. I LOVE it. It has changed drastically since I saw it last. You are amazing. It looks gorgeous.

  8. holy #^@%^#($@!!!! Enough room at the bar for the champagne, ice wine, chocolate, bread and cheese! 😉

    What a gorgeous tree house… simply gorgeous!

  9. Robin says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I’m in awe! I could spend the summer there quite happily!

  10. ABC Dragoo says:

    Wowza! That is just something else. I’ve always wanted a tree house when I was a little girl, but one for adults!?! This is fantastic!!

  11. Wow this is inspiring. Thanks for sharing. I want to visit. I make a really wonderful house guest… 😉

  12. Kelly P. says:

    So beautiful, Lynne! I could definitely find peace and serenity in that place. What an amazing job you guys have done. Enjoy some apple pie and here is the apple pie recipe I make every year for Thanksgiving would love to see your recipe too : )

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