Let’s hold hands & snoop through my house

Want a fantastic home tour? Here it is! Get inspired ...



Today, we are touring my house.  Okay, I’ve seen it.  Now it’s your turn. *snicker*  At the end of this tour, you may be inspired to DIY.  Or drink.  Or binge-watch LOST on Netflix.

One of my fave things to do on the internet is to troll home tours.  I love sneaking into peeps homes, even if it is *virtually*.  It’s a great snoop-fest.

It’s like going into the neighbour’s house on an open house.  You pretend that you are looking at their house for imaginary legit friends.


I would never do that.  I would totally do that.


The same thing happens online, except you get to stalk their house and they don’t even know that you peeked in their drawers.  Wait.  That sounded wrong.


Technically, this next photo is of the treehouse, but I wanted to open the doors and welcome you in to the tour.


Treehouse design ideas galore

Come On In


Want to see my house?  You can look in my drawers.  Wait.


Apparently this is going to be a sass-a-frass house tour …


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Why  Is  My  Drink  Empty ?!!


All the photos in the bloggy post are from my instagram.   You better hop over there and follow me, or get slapped with a pork chop.  I’ve been dating instagram for a while now.  I think it’s true love.  Definitely a mad crush.  Possibly slightly obsessive.  I not-so-secretly stalk a bunch of people on instagram that I want to be my friends.


I have instagram gurl crushes all over the place with my pal Norma @MyBeautifulPari, Deborah at @larksnest and  Meesh over at @IDreamOfChairs.  Meesh made this rendering of our treehouse for a custom stamp.   I can’t wait to share that with you.

Erhhhmergerd … LOVE.

I thought about kissing Meesh on the lips, but we just met.

Home Tour on Design The Life You Want to Live.  Illustration by @idreamofchairs ! xox

Are   you   on   Instagram ?


If you don’t know jack about instagram, don’t sweat it… muffin.  You can get the inside scoop on instagram in my free book here. <– it’s a kick ass photo app e-book.  Just sayin’. You’re going to fall in love too.  Warned you.


It’s time to SNOOP in my house.  Ready?


Wait for it. Waaaaaaait for it.


Here’s the deal.  First, we need to jog up the driveway. Okay.  Not jog.  I trip over my boobs when I’m typing.  Jogging is out of the question.  I’m an exercise avoider.  If we jog, you will need to carry me.

Now put me down, and let’s start the snoop fest.




After we look for the hard liquor rummage through all my drawers in the house, we’ll saunter over to the barn and have a grand finale by flopping our butts down by the fireplace at the pool.  Ready for it?

Stop running dammit.  I’m exhausted.



Come on up my driveway …


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Country  Living

Smell the air?  Feel the soft breeze ? Hear the sound of the gravel under your feet?  Smell the manure? Jokes.  I just wanted you to snap out of it for a second.

We arrived…


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas


The reality is, country living = hard work mixed with laughs, cat pee and hand blisters.  I usually go blind and become paralyzed when a wheel barrel comes into view.  I don’t like that kind of thang.  The wheelbarrow thing.  It isn’t sexy.  Blah.


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

I’m  Convinced  That  Hunter Boots  Are  Sexy,  tho!


More reality { LAUNDRY } : 


We do a lot of laundry around here.  Best part…. the clothes line.  That smell.  You know the smell.  It is like heaven and earth just jammed together and created an orgasmic scent.  Mother. Nature. Genius.  I created laundry soap with a bit of Robert DeNiro. The kooky story about DIY laundry soap recipe is here.


PS.  You’ll save a billion dollars per load.


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Heaven  On  Earth  Scent


Are you ready to come in the house, now that the laundry is done?  Good.

Should we be holding hands or something?


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

I  Stole  That  Street  Sign  LOL


Let’s saunter into the kitchen.  Everyone likes to hang out in there.  I have no idea why.  It’s certainly isn’t the food.  I’d rather paint the kitchen, than cook in it.  I love white paint and the staggering simplicity it brings to a space.



Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Ikea  Farmhouse  Sinks


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

West  Elm  Lighting  (similar)


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Throw  pillows  from  Ikea


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Omega Juicer   + My   favourite  thaaang


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas


I baked bread for our house tour together.  Dammit, I’m domestic.

The bread should have come with a warning label.  Eat with caution.  It’s as solid as a brick.  If I bake more, I could build a house with the bricks loaves.  Or knock someone unconscious.   It would definitely make a mighty fine door stop.


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Reclaimed  Wood  Countertop


Life can be busy.  Yet, tucked in neatly between the messy, nerve-wracking, nauseating pieces of busy life, you find the things that make you feel at ease.  The comforting stuff.  The stuff that says HOME.


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Ikea  Paper  Floor  Lantern


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Sheepskin  rugs  for  cosy  seating

Our dining table and chairs are a mix of eclectic stuff, paint, spit, spilled milk and family conversations.  We use old chairs that we’ve painted up, a funky bench and cozy Ikea upholstered chairs too. Yes, I said Ikea and cozy in the same sentence.  How weird.


Life   &   Twigs :


Curtain rods and twigs.  Story of my life, and it’s simple.  Here’s how :


1.  Cut twig from neighbours backyard

2.  Make twig curtain rod.

3.  Paint rod.

4.  The neighbour won’t recognize his twig.


Your DIY is complete.  Here’s how.  It’s freakishly easy and super puuurty.  I pinky swear.  Ask my neighbour.


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Twig  Branches  are  Cool !!



Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Sheer  Linen  Curtain :  West Elm



Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas


How  about  HOME  details ?


Let’s talk about those.  I like to mix whimsy and reality, with whatever I have in my basement …


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Blogging  Central  Aka  My  Bedroom


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

DIY  on  how  to  make  the  door  pull

Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Driftwood  Crazies



Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Of  course  there  is  a  twig  rod 🙂




Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Crazy  cool, right ? I  didn’t  make  that.   Drats.



Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

A  Painted  Floor  Grate.  Easy.  Sneezy.  Peasy.


DIY Barn Door Hardware : 


Okay.  Brace yourself.  I have a bit of door porn to show you.  The full blog post on how to make this DIY barn door hardware is right here.

PS. Ignore the popcorn ceiling.  If I could punch it, I would.  The only time I like popcorn is when it’s slathered in butter and I’m eating it.

Geesh, some of this popcorn ceiling shit house tour is embarrassing. Here’s the deal.  Do you want to get rid of your popcorn ceilings?  Burn the house down.


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Wooden  Wheel  Detail



Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

The  Long  View  🙂



Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Ignore  The  Fugly  Popcorn  Ceiling.   Pfffft.





Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Barn  Door  Hardware  is  dang  sexy



That door hardware was cool, right?  You can make it too.   Here’s the DIY.


Shut   the   front   door !!

Let’s bolt upstairs and check out a bedroom.

It’s clean { today }  Clearly, it must be Easter weekend.  Miracles do happen.

Look fast, this cleanliness will only last for 4 seconds …


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Ikea   bedding



Bedroom   Ideas :


My son, Brett has a room that is the size of a broom closet.   Maybe smaller.  It’s one of my fave rooms in the house.

We wallpapered the ceiling ( it was a crumbling popcorn ceiling before that) and made his curtain rod from an industrial pipe.

An industrial pipe = Curtain Rod.

For freaking real.  You know I wouldn’t pull your leg.  You can read how to do it here.   So flipping easy.  You will flip.



Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Velvet  Curtains : West  Elm


I’m exhausted.  Let’s go back outside again.


The  Barn :


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Summer   Days


The barn.  Oh the barn.  It once smelled like raccoons and other stinky barnyard things.  Now it smells like good mojo and red wine.  Not that I would drink red wine in the barn.  I would totally drink red wine in the barn.  Helllloooo.  I’m not new.

If you peek through the door, there’s a chandelier in there.  There might be a drunk barn cat in there too.


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Benjamin  Moore  Historical  Paint  Colours


This bench is made from our soffits that we tore off recycled from the house, when no one was looking :


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas


I was aiming for rain chains instead of downspouts from the soffits.  That didn’t happen.  You can read that wee story here :  Rain chains are sexy and cheap, and won’t get you in trouble with your spouse.

Note to self : Rain chains get you in trouble with your spouse.


Let’s   lounge  :


Last year, I bought outdoor furniture from Ikea.  It was the least expensive outdoor furniture I could find.  It’s also surprisingly comfy.  I said comfy and Ikea in the same sentence again.  #WhatIsMyProblem?  W-a-h-e-i-r-d.

You can connect all of the chairs in an L Shape.  Or leave them willy nilly. It’s all good.  I move them around all the time.  It’s a panic attack of musical chairs.


Bad news :   I fell in love with the whole Ikea outdoor seating shebang.  I went back for more last summer, and it was freaking gone.  Gone.  Poof.

* Stomps foot *


Good news :   I was just at Ikea last week and it’s back in stock.

If you want it, buy it now or hate yourself later.


Start   the  car   start the car  !!!!!!



Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

Chillin’  it


Outdoor   Kitchen :


Technically, these photos are our outdoor kitchen.   Well, not really.  The only cooking that happens = marshmallows in the fireplace.

The countertop is concrete.  Yup.  Concrete.  Holy batman.  It has lasted through ten Canadian *&*&^%!!  winters.  Don’t ask me how.  It’s a Canadian miracle.


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

I’ll  share  with  sugar  bear


Shall we bounce?  Was that a quick house tour or what?  It only took eleven years, three hundred and nine days, seventy-two hours and fifty four minutes to make all the house reno’s happen.  No sweat.  That is why I drink.


And HIDE in the country : 


There’s something sweet about quiet.  It’s quiet.  Quiet mind, quiet heart, just quiet.   Shut  up.


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas


I have a secret to spill :


I didn’t take you on a full tour. There’s more here in instagram.  I often post pics there, ones that I just can’t jam into a blog post.  #ThereAreNotEnoughHoursInADay 🙂

Come follow me @lynneknowlton We can chitty chatty and talk wacky over there.


Need some Instagram Hot tips ?!! :


Use #hashtags, Betty.  Even if your name isn’t Betty.  If you want to know how to really play in the instagram playground and a bunch of other EPIC apps too, here’s a free book how.   It’s chock full of my fave kick ass photo apps.  Your phone called, it said you need that.


My FAVE Instagram hashtags :


Copy and paste these :

#love #instagood #me #photooftheday #picoftheday #instadaily #igdaily #instamood #iphoneonly  #DearDiaryIWouldLoveToKissGeorgeClooneyAllTheLiveLongDay


Okay. Jokes, don’t use that Georgie Porgy one. George Clooney might show up at your door.  On.Second.Thought.


I interrupt this instagram chitty chatty for some cool shit that I found on the internet …


Hello AMAZING, let's hold hands & snoop through my house --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3gK #HomeTour #DIY #ideas

*    Do you have an iPad?  Use this app to save your instagram pics.  I want that app *stomps foot*  The app is called Padgram. It’s great for saving any photo on instagram.  Get it. It’s free and it does other cool shit too.


*    I watched seven straight hours of LOST yesterday.  I’m not lost.  I’m Netflix chuffed.  It’s a great show.  It’s been around for FOREVER, but apparently I just crawled out from under a rock and discovered it.  Binge watch it this weekend.  You’re welcome.


*    I bought this.  I’m addicted.  It charges my phone in a jiffy.  It’s like phone crack.  It’s high-octane crystal meth for your mobile devices. The only downfall.. it sort of looks like a shiny tampon.   A fat shiny tampon*  The red dot special.  Bunny season.

*   I promise to never use the word TAMPON again, in the history of the universe … unless it’s a tampon joke … in which case, all bets are off.


Toot  a  loo …

Gotta run.  It’s time to get jacked up on chocolate easter bunnies and scarf down a big ol’ glass of ice cold milk as a chaser. You with me?  I’ll race you to the chocolate bunnies.   Unless I trip over my boobs.

Easter Bunny Funny

Have a faboosh Easter weekend, my friend !


Now spill it.

Do you lurve home tours?  Or hate them?  Some of the homes on the internet are too perfect, and some of the houses are bat shit crazy, right?  Right.

Do you have a fave app?  What show do you binge watch on netflix?  Are you going to inhale chocolate this weekend?  Are you spending time with family?

Where do you live?  What size are your shoes?  Do you wear a sports bra when you jog?

Let’s do an around the world tour this weekend !!!

Where in the world are you?


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114 Responses

  1. Rosie says:

    frik….. that wuz awesome!

  2. Kim says:

    I’ve been searching for the concrete countertop tutorial. Can’t find it anywhere. Yours turned out so beautifully, won’t you please share the DIY?

    • Hi Kim!

      Yes, I would be happy to share. I even made a video on how to do the countertop but haven’t published it or the blog post yet.

      I seriously need more hours in a day. haha. xx

      We basically make a form of the countertop from MDF boards. Like a big tray. We then mix the concrete and pour it in the form. (we used PVC pipes cut in half for the edge).. but you can also just leave it straight.

      Leave the form to dry for one week (at least).

      Remove the form and turn your counter top over. The top will be smooth (because you make the countertop ‘upside down’ by using a form)

      We sealed the counter with 50% water/ 50% sealer so that it really absorbs into the concrete.

      I will do a whole blog post about it, but that is the gist of it all.

      Hope that helps xx

      Lynne xx

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  4. Devon says:

    I’m apparently one of many this month who tripped and fell into your blog because of door hardware… After a brief time browsing posts, my husband received a link saying, “LOOK AT THIS!” I adore your style. We’re total DIY people (apparently those are in short supply in my neck of the woods) but I’m also a bit of a tech snob, so I WILL spend money on “better stuff” just to make my day happier. IKEA kitchen with Delta touch faucet? Industrial curtain rods in one room, twigs in the next? Pimped out barn? Benjamin Moore historical colors with wine? I think I might be your long-lost-……something. Thanks so much for sharing. I have SO many ideas now!

  5. Anna Proestos says:

    Hi Lynne
    I stumbled upon you today whilst looking for barn door hardware! I have spent most of my day reading your blogs and all your other stuff, things and managed not to do much else!
    Thank you so much for sharing, you sound like a real hoot and I look forward to following you on most of the social media apps.
    Kind regards
    Mudgee, New South Wales

  6. I am totally blown away with your house tour! Every area is absolutely incredible, I can’t take my eyes off it. I love color white, too! It really gives your space an elegant and clean look, aside from the peaceful ambiance it provides. I can’t say much thing because I am truly impressed. Your home is an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

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  8. kel says:

    S T O V E…. all the deets pretty please? what, where, etc. thanks darling gurl!!

    • Hey Kel

      Stove… which one? The wood stove in the kitchen? If so, that one is an Elmira Stove! We LOVE it. It is as old as the hills but it is a real work horse. It keeps us warm in the winter AND we can cook din din in it too. 🙂

      Lynne xx

  9. susie says:

    So glad I found a fabulous Canadian Blog! And when I noticed you are in Durham I was extra giddy ! I (was) just around the corner in KW! Now I´m across the pond with family in toe trying desperately not to loose my Canadian “edge” (eh!) whilst falling for all this European stuff!
    You are inspiring!
    have a great Pinot weekend,

    • Hi Susie!

      Oh my goodness… we were practically neighbours 🙂

      Where are you now? Europe is FAB too. We lived in Paris for a couple of years and it was beautiful… but then again… there is no place like home.

      Canadians rock out loud!

      Lynne xx

  10. Emabel's-mum says:

    I just discovered your blog, website, etc. Truly inspiring and magically Canadian., Love it! Strange how I got here. Was challenged by a friend to get off of FB for 24 hours. I made it! And then some! We decided we would replace FB with yoga and exercise and good reading. I decided to do some blog snooping today as a “treat” (and a tiny bit of FB’ing). So I somehow saw a picture of your Treehouse (no I don’t do Pinterest because I’m not creative enough and I have enough addictions ;0)!!. You’ve inspired me to put some pictures up on my walls. It’s good start. Your pictures and family are lovely. Thank you for the inspiration.

    • Soooo sweet that you did a FB removal challenge. LOL. I think I need me some of ‘dat. Blog snooping is delish, so I love your new strange addiction. haha.
      Nice to meet you :))))))))

      Lynne xx

  11. Hi Lynne,
    You live in a heaven mate!! Beautiful house, I can dwell in these pics forever. Absolute gem.!!!!!

  12. Julie Stewart-Hays says:

    O.K., so tonight my husband is working and I am playing on the computer and stumbled on your blog. I am laughing out loud at your humor while at the same time drooling over the beauty and originality of your home and blog! I will definitely be a regular “visitor” (and look forward to your brick house out of bread-hee hee)…definitely a domestic gal after my own heart. Your home should be on television-with you narrating of course!

    • Awwwh shucks Julie

      You just made me *blush*… or it could be my hot flashes.

      We were on television last year for show called MY RETREAT. They featured our treehouse.

      It definitely takes some getting used to. I was like a deer in the headlights for the first 3 hours of filming. haha.


  13. Jen says:

    Oh man! Pleeeeeeeaaase trade me houses!! I promise I wouldn’t change a thing!

  14. Amanda says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog and I am so happy I did!! I’ve definitely enjoyed it. And your home is so beautiful! I love everything about it. It’s the perfect mix of fresh and rustic and magical! I would love to live in the country some day.

    • Hello Amanda,

      It is true.. living in the country is a mix of fresh, rustic and magical. So well said !

      It is also a mix of squirrels, cow poo, and spiders. LOL… I just didn’t share that. 🙂

      Thank goodness blogs don’t have a scratch and sniff.

      Lynne 🙂 xx

  15. Tracie says:

    I so totally love your house, your barn, and especially your treehouse! Thanks for the tour…..And I’m on the lookout for some tree branches that I can use for, well, anything! I heart you, cheers!

  16. Rhonda MacDonald Berry says:

    I LOVE your house Lynne (always have actually!) and I REALLY want an outdoor kitchen on my porch…can you come over? I will supply the wine…or the chocolate martini’s…or the moitjos (the only thing I’m good at growing is mint). Thanks for blogging, I’m really enjoying following your life…sorry, that sounds a bit creepy. I’m serious about the advice on the outdoor kitchen though. Cheers!

    • Hi Rhonda !!!

      I think the best way for you and the fam to have a feel for an outdoor kitchen … is to come to ours this summer! Wanna come?! We’d love to have you! Bring the mint and we can make mojitos all.day.long 🙂

      Me casa et su casa.

      PS. I owe you an email. The cancer walk sounds great. Yes, I have done one before and the luminaries are BEAUTIFUL !!!

      Big hugs,
      Lynne xx

      • Rhonda MacDonald Berry says:

        Hey Lynne,
        We would LOVE to come to see your outdoor kitchen, but especially to see your FAMILY! It’s been so long, although in a way it feels like yesterday. I will bring the mojitos!!
        If you are in my neck of the woods, drop by!

  17. Trisha Hilberry says:

    This is the first blog I have found that I have truly enjoyed reading a post from beginning to end. Most blogger moms are a little to sugary for my taste and there is always an element of “God is my best friend” to it. (Don’t get me wrong, if you’re religious or spiritual, all the power to you but I don’t love reading about it in blogs!) You are hilarious in your writings, have great decorating taste and I am super jealous of the place you live in! How did you swing such a fantastic homestead?! Anywayz, I really enjoyed your house tour post. I will be subscribing to read more.

    • Why thank ya Trisha !!! BEST.COMPLIMENT.EVER !!!

      That is EXACTLY how I roll. I keep politics and religion out of my bloggy. I’m Canadian, we aren’t so chitty chatty about those things anyway. LOL.

      In general, some blogs have a tendency to make people sound way cooler than what they are are… too perfect of a life… too sugary sweet… toooo toooo toooo everything.

      My goal is to always write what is real and write like I talk. Even if that means that I have a potty mouth.

      Nothing fancy schmancy. Just real. I’m appalled at some of the stuff that comes out of my mouth sometimes. Hahahahaha!!

      Our homestead… well that’s a whole other story. It was a DUMP when we bought it, but it has been a labour of love. Here are some photos and a blog post to show you …


      There is hope Ha !

      Lynne xx

  18. Joy Thomas says:

    OK so I finally checked out your house……amazing!!!! Love it!

  19. I love everything! What an inspirational and welcoming home, thanks for the tour! Those concrete counters, do tell, DIY? I adore them! IG rocks my socks at least once a day!

    • Sure thing Laurie !

      I can’t wait to write about the concrete countertops this summer.

      They are super easy to make. Secret sauce : you make them upside down! Oh la la 🙂

      Cheers !
      Lynne xx

  20. cynthia says:

    Okay, when I’m not hiding out in your treehouse writing by flashlight and battling with moths (but remember, some of my best friends are squirrels), I’ll be sneaking into your kitchen (when you’re not painting) and cooking heavenly things for you and your family, leaving notes that the squirrels made you brioche stuffed French toast and bagels and Salted Rosemary-Lemon Shortbread (http://thesolitarycook.wordpress.com/2013/08/27/salted-lavender-rosemary-shortbread/) and …… well, let’s let the rest be a squirrely surprise.

    And by the way, you’ve nudged me to make come true my dream of using copper pipe for curtain rods in my kitchen. Details to follow. And THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can climb outside the box with food, but decorating-wise, it’s truly a struggle. So (cover your ears) THANK YOU!

    • Cythia,

      You had me at salted lavender rosemary shortbread !!

      Drooling. Drooling.

      I love the idea of the copper pipe for a curtain rod. YOU MUST send me a photo when you are done ! I bet it will be gorgeous !!!

      I’ve used copper before too, and it just keeps getting better and better as it ages ( Like us, and fine wine )


  21. Shawna Sullivan says:

    Hey Lynne! It’s your neighbor Shawna. Thought I would invite you south by 2 kilometers and see if you want to give me some design ideas! As you know we are doing a bit of renovating. Thought some fresh eyes, creative minds and a bottle of wine might be fun! Garry won’t know what to do. Chat soon. Shawna

    • Great idea Shawna !

      Spring is finally poking its nose out … so it is time to go outside and play …

      I guess this means that my winter hibernation is over LOL.

      Can’t wait to see you !

      Talk soon
      Lynne xx

  22. Jessica says:

    You’re a nut job… must be why you love squirrels! 😉
    I love how you mix luxe w the everyday stuff (Ikea)
    I want to have a drink in your tree house. but not in your white kitchen… I’d spill my wine on the white and you would kill me! 🙂

  23. Now we have a problem… I may have fallen inlove with your barn.
    Is there some sort of 12 step program for barn envy therapy?
    Love your tour and all the fun and creative touches… sigh
    I just joined Instagram and it is way to much fun… see you over there!!

  24. prveendialuz says:

    your house is so nice and looking delightful. How long have you guys lived there? It’s soooo beautiful!! I’m LOVING your backyard playground so awesome with a fire going hehe. Have a great weekend Lynne!!! -Iva

  25. Marti says:

    AMAZING!!! If you put your house on Airbnb, I will fly from France with my husband, doberman and the whole family to stay there.


    • Ha !

      Don’t you tempt me Marti. I just might. LOL. I roll like that.

      After listing the treehouse on TripAdvisor


      …my pals have been asking me to rent the treehouse on air BnB too. I didn’t even think about listing the house there too. Hmmmm.

      Did you know that we lived in France for 2 years? (my first HORRIBLE blog posts …learning how to blog) were about Paris. Ha!

      Maybe we should exchange homes for a couple of weeks? Hmmm.

      Where in France are you?

      Or, I guess I could just get my butt in gear and think about AirBnB.

      Thanks for the inspiration !!


      Lynne xx

      • Marti says:

        Hey back!

        I would looooove to trade houses jaja even though ours is smaller 🙂 but very lovely. You should definitely think about AirBnB.

        I live about 30-35 min from Paris. You cannot own a house with a garden in Paris unless you’re the President or something. It is extremely expensive!

        Where in France did you live?

        I am originally from Venezuela but I have lived in a few places like Puerto Rico, the States (Fl, Mn), and I fell in love and moved to France (awww). I’ve been here for almost 4 years now. I would like to visit Canada someday 🙂 if you rent me (or trade) your house LOL!

        Ps: FYI I also wrote a post on your 3 day detox 🙂 I am stalking your blog!!

        • You have a bloggy, Marti? Send me your URL !

          Wooohoooo !

          We lived on the outskirts of Paris in Sevres. We wanted a garden and that was the only place to find one. It was GREAT. Quick access straight into downtown Paris via Sevres metro stop.

          LOVED parc st cloud too. It was literally in our backyard.

          I knew it would be too much of a SHOCK for our kids, to go from Canadian countryside to the heart of downtown Paris.

          What an adventure! It sounds like you have lived in some FABOOOOOOoooosh places!

          I’m inspired to list on AirBnB but also worried that some people may be yahooooos. Eeek.

          What to do? What to do? LOL.

          Merci buckets for inspiring me. xoxoxoxo

  26. Dganit says:

    Dear lynne,
    Well, somehow I bumped into your blog while looking for a DIY stuff and I loooove it!
    not long ago, spending time with one of my best friends in NY, she enlightened me with the understanding that all my really good friends have some craziness. I guess that’s one of the reasons I like you 🙂
    greetings from faraway Israel,
    1. I adore the sentence: “I’d rather paint the kitchen, than cook in it.” I think I’ll write it on my kithcen’s walls (actually I did paint my kitchen cupboards – pale blue!)
    2. it is so fun to write in this font 🙂

    • Holy Batman Dganit

      Israel ?! You might get a bloggy award for the longest distance blog comment.

      Israel to Canada.. now that’s what I call around the world ! Woot woot !

      You may love this quote :

      I tried to be normal once. It was the worst two minutes of my life.

      Haha !

      PS. this font makes you feel like you can print so well, doesn’t it? LOL. It is called Architects Daughter 🙂


  27. Elen Grey says:

    Lynne, Lynne, Lynne – You give the best house tour ever. EVER. First, gimme that treehouse stamp. Right. Now. It is stampilicious. Second, I’ll only come up or down or through your drive in a moped. Them’s the rules. Third, my ribs are hurting — I might be laughing, and my brain is doing a whirly from this tour — but that could be the dirty martini. Have a great Easter. P.S. I have to grow a barn now so I can drink red wine in it.

  28. I love you and your writing. If you were a chaise lounge I would totally roll around naked all over you (while kissing GC, of course!). Thanks for the tour of your cool and stylish and yet welcoming, not-overly-impressed-with-itself home. Happy bunnies 2 U !

    • Erhhhmergerd Kathleen

      That is the funniest blog post comment in the history of the universe.

      LOVE it !!! Haha !

      Thank you for describing our house EXACTLY how I feel about it too.

      We just GET each other. LOL.

      Happy bunnies right back atcha !

      Lynne xx

  29. Lovely home, Lynne!! Fantastic ideas for DIY, too. I’m on Instagram and will try those hashtags 🙂 @lisathomthumb It is addictive!

  30. Melanie says:

    Lynne Im totally loving your house I live in the UK but I seriously would come and visit you do you fancy some new house guests? Your décor is stunning I love how its white and bright and your outside kitchen well what can I say stunning it just says come on over and don’t forget WINE!!!!!!! The pool well what can I say after Ive finished with George Clooney in the barn I’ll drag him to the pool I tell ya hun I’ll fight you to the end for George. Your photos are stunning and Ive never been to Canada so I’ll have to start reading up on it and see how I can come over and see your place. Have a fantastic chocolate filled weekend missy ;o)

    • Ha Melanie !

      I’ll trade you places 🙂 I love the UK too!!

      We lived in Paris for two years. I didn’t know how to speak French at the time, and had to learn.


      I used to hop the train to London as often as FREAKING POSSIBLE to get my English fix. I craved listening to English and just talking in a full sentence without blushing at my bad french.

      Ha !


      • Melanie says:

        Its crazy I live so close to France but Ive never been I must sort that out. Did you enjoy Paris? Well if you ever fancy a Skype session you can hear my lovely British accent and we can drool over George while drinking wine my kind of Skype session. Ive not seen George in any articles recently are you hiding him in your barn you wicked wicked woman!!!

  31. I’d really like to see a photo of the bedroom you’ll have set up for me when I move in…

    • Guuuuurl,

      You know your room is R.E.A.D.Y ! :)Anytime, my friend. Anytime. LEGIT.

      You and 2.0 need to do a road trip this summer and that road trip needs to end in the treehouse. Do it. Do it. Do it.

      Me Casa et su Casa


  32. gini says:

    Hey Lynnette-
    I would love to know what that tree/shrub is next to the barn…..between the windows behind the birdbath. It has long strappy leaves. Thanks!
    I live in SC ….the edge of America-
    Your husband shared your blog on our cancer forum some time ago, been following u ever since!

    • Hi Gini !
      If you can believe it, that is just ornamental grass.

      It is low maintenance ( I NEVER water anything around here). I have a black thumb.

      The ornamental grass grows about 9 feet tall ! It also spreads a lot each summer, so we dig some up and transfer it around the gardens. It’s super durable.

      I wish I knew the exact name, but I don’t. Drats.

      Big hugs,
      Lynne xx

    • PS. Gini,

      So great that you found me from the IWMF group ! It’s so informative, isn’t it?

      Are you going to the Ed Forum in Tampa in May? I think we might !


  33. Kim Beaulieu says:

    I’m packing my bags now and moving in with you this weekend.

    • Fantastic ! 🙂 You know there is always room for you at the table Miss Kimmie… especially if you COOK. Ha!

      Seriously tho, you should road trip here this summer and we can chill in the treehouse !!!! I’m dead serious.

      Get your ass in the car (when the snow thaws)… and we can talk bloggy chitty chatty in the trees !


  34. AwesomelyOZ says:

    jeez your house is so cozy and delightful 🙂 How long have you guys lived there? It’s soooo beautiful!! I’m LOVING your backyard playground so awesome with a fire going hehe. Have a great weekend Lynne!!! -Iva

    • Hi Iva !

      We have lived here for 11 years. Where do the years go?

      When we first moved here, the house was such a DIVE, my friends and family asked me if I lost my mind when I bought it? Haha !

      It had ‘potential’… but it took a lot of elbow grease to really make it shine.

      LOVE doing that sorta stuff, so it’s all good. xo

      Big love !
      Lynne xx

  35. Kathy says:

    I miss my bunk beeeeed! Let me know which three days Summer lasts this year. I could use an afternoon in a hammock

    • Oh darn, Kathy … the three days just passed… summer is over.

      I think it’s going to snow in July this year 🙂 What a crazy winter.

      PS. Your bunk bed is calling your name. Get ‘yer butt over here. I miss you so very much.


  36. Paul Back says:

    Hey Lynne

    You have a beautiful home, thanks for sharing it with us 😉

    I also love your blogging style, and it seems that other people agree as well.


    P.S It’s true what people say, its really fun to type in your comments are due to the font

    • Hi Paul !!

      Great to hear from you, from across the pond !!

      Are you celebrating Easter, or is it already over on your side of the world? LOL.

      Cheers !
      PS. THANK YOU for all your beautiful blogging advice. I really appreciate it !

      Lynne xx

      • Paul Back says:

        Still celebrating over here 😉 you have an fantastic blog and community and its my pleasure to work with you


  37. Auntiepatch says:

    The neighbour won’t recognize his twig. Ha! You crack me up!

  38. Suzanne says:

    Your home is absolutely dreamy, I can only dream of living like that. I love your barn, so much, I want to live in it!!

  39. Meesh says:

    Fabulous home tour, Lynne! Maybe it’s a good thing we live a whole country apart, because you’d never be able to get rid of me and I’d be drinking red wine in your barn all. the. time. Thanks so much Dah-ling for the shout out! Luves you too! I can’t wait to see how the stamp of your tree house turns out! Oh, And Happy Easter! xo

    • It’s all so very exciting Meesh !

      I did find a shop on etsy that makes custom stamps (THANK YOU for your links in etsy) …

      The illustration is going to be so very gorgeous as a stamp.

      I almost don’t want to ‘waste’ it on a stamp. Ha !!

      Thank goodness for instagram. We met each other that way!!

      You can come drink red wine in the barn and treehouse any.day.of.the.week.

      Hop that plane 🙂


  40. Christina says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your post this week and your house is beautiful…thanks for the tour! I remember as a kid putting my clothes out on the line and that beautiful wonderful smell….thanks for making those memories come alive!

    It cracks me up that you binged watched Lost. I haven’t seen that yet but my husband and I just Netflix’d Stargate SG-1. A promising show in early seasons that in later seasons went down the toilet……
    Have a wonderful weekend and eat as much chocolate as you can.


    • Oh me oh my Christina.

      Someone needs to bottle that smell and sell it 🙂 We DREAM xx

      I haven’t seen Stargate SG-1 ! Is it good?

      Oh yeah .. Netflix is my latest addiction. Dangerous living.

      There are so many great shows …

      Call the midwife
      Orange is the New Black

      Clearly, I have a problem. Haha!


  41. Bobbie French says:

    Absolutely loved the home tour! I guess I’m an addict too! Love home tours and love to see how others live. As for me, I don’t live in the country. I live in Honolulu, In a one bedroom apartment. UGH! But I have the ocean wherever I go. I love your blog and I think I’ll go see what you’ve been doing on Instagram. Keep up the good work!

    • Wait a sec Bobbie. Wait a sec. Back up the bus. Shut the front door. Pull back the reins…

      You live in H.O.N.O.L.U.L.U ?!

      Can I come live with YOU? LOL.

      My lifelong dream has been to live in a beach hut for a few months of the year. Do you know anyone in Honolulu who would love to rent one to me?

      PS. I can’t promise that I won’t redecorate it for fun. I do that. ha !

      Here’s the proof in the puddin’ :

      Teehee …

      Thanks for writing in the bloggy !

      Lynne xx

      • Bobbie French says:

        You’re more than welcome to come over. I need decorating help! Might have to sleep on the couch though. Don’t live on the beach but you can see it from my lanai…..This is my dream and someday I WILL live right on the beach.

  42. Tara says:

    Loved the post! You know what’s funny? After your obsession over popcorn ceilings, I had to look up and see what mine were. hahahaha! I didn’t even know! I could sooo NOT be a designer!! Oh, and guess what I have on my ceilings?? You guessed right! Popcorn ceilings!! Must be a 1980s thing.

    • Uh ohhh Tara,

      You will have to burn your house too. Ha!

      Luckily, the old parts of our house (the 100 year old parts) literally had the popcorn ceiling crumbling off. We soaked it with water and scraped it off. Yup.

      How do you spell C.R.A.Z.Y ? But it worked. We wallpapered the ceiling after that. I’m exhausted just talking about it. LOL.

      Next time, I’m moving. Haha. xx

  43. Darn it Lynne! I don’t have time to read your darn blog!!! I have work to do!!! But I can’t stay away from peeking at your house!!!! Well now you’ve really gone and done it……I’m packing my bags and moving in with you and your fabulous house!!!! As soon as the snow melts that is. 🙂

    I adore your house……..and you, of course!



  44. Heather says:

    I love reading your blog … you’re hilarious!
    Same sense of humour as me .. I actually get ALL of your jokes!
    haha! and ,,, I totally get that smell .. you know the one of the clothes line!
    Happy Easter !!

    • We just get each other Heather 🙂

      Yeah !! * high five fist pump in the air *

      That clothes line smell … erhhmergerd… wouldn’t you love to just bottle that smell? Yum.

      Happy Easter !

      Lynne xx

  45. Mary Ann says:

    Oh, my gosh. That was the most FUN house tour ever. Though – along with everyone else, I bet – I wish it lasted longer. More, more, MORE photos of your outdoor kitchen/lounge, please!

    • You got it Mary Ann !

      As soon as all the snow melts… I’m going to run (aka walk) outside and take some spring photos 🙂

      The outdoor kitchen is a hoot & relaxing all at once. I’ll be sure to share with sugar bear.


  46. Craig says:

    Well, we all gotta live somewhere…. Thanks for the ride… Gotta go, it’s been a “Good Friday” so far… time for me to paint the town… now, what color (colour)
    should I use tonight….

  47. As always…. I love your post Lynne. Your house is beautiful. Happy Easter to you and the family. Eat lots of chocolate.

  48. Jenna Em says:

    I love your home tour, so much fun! Want to tour my house? I can guarantee your view will be obscured by 5 eager kids, all their friends, mountains of toys–and laundry that I have to beat down with a broom!

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