How to knit a Chunky Wool Blanket { Free downloadable pattern }

I’m going to teach you how to knit something.  You’ll never guess what, but it rhymes with schmanket.


Free pattern download for chunky wool blanket



knitting is my happy place via @lynneknowlton


It probably sounds kinda weird that I get all googly eyed and happy about knitting a chunky wool blanket.


Sorry I yelled at you like that.


This chunky knit is my fave blanket on the entire planet.  Okay, okay… I adore this blanket too (one of my fave knitting patterns in the history of ever) but this new one has topped my knitting charts.  It will blow you outta your knitty waters.


oh my.

oh my.

oh my.

Free pattern download for chunky wool blanket


Simple pleasures…

Remember back to the prehistoric cave man days when 6 year olds didn’t toddle around with iPads and play games on cell phones?  Remember 1997, when we actually talked to each other?  With real words.  Like actually looking UP instead of DOWN? A time when we talked to a person.  With real talking.  So old-fashioned, right?  We enjoyed tiny, fleeting moments of pure, unadulterated quiet and no bleep-ring-bleep-ding-bleep-loop-ding-ding.


Knitting via @lynneknowlton

Knitting takes us back to that time.

How to knit a chunky wool blanket via


Don’t get me wrong, I freaking love my iPhone.  I talk to Siri like she’s my bestie.  She chats with me in her sweet British voice.  I pretend I’m strolling the streets of London and eating french fries rolled in newspaper cones. I’m at one with my french fries with not a care in the world. Judge me.


Sometimes, when I’m in a super busy place, I just want to go up to every person and be like:  “If all of us just agreed to knit, we could solve world peace. Thank you.” Apparently I’m 100 years old and should never be seen in public again.


Knitting is not weird.  It’s limited edition.  Try it.   You can do this.  (here’s a YouTube video to show you how) Tell  your inner critic to take a hike. You’ll kick yourself for not trying (or make me kick you, because that would be super awkward.) You will most certainly freak with your knitting prowess.


Knitting calms us down.  Never, in the history of calming down has anyone ever calmed down when told to calm down.  Knitting is the only thing that can get away with that. STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT.



Learning to knit 

When I was learning to knit, I knit more holes than I did stitches (don’t get my Mom started, don’t get her started, don’t get her started)

I figured knitting would be a piece of cake. My Mom knit all the time and it seemed like no biggie. Until it was.  She had to fix my bazillion mistakes. I’m certain she pondered adoption.  I sometimes found myself sitting on the church doorstep wondering how I got there.   Mom?!

Enough about my childhood knitting abuse.



Ready to get your knit on?




(for a 43 in x 67 in size finished blanket)

Size 50 (25 mm) circular knitting needles

8-10 skeins of this merino wool 




PS. You’ll love the birch circular needles.  LOVE.   I package them up… from me, to you and write a note to you too. I just love ya like that.

Circular knitting needles & Free pattern download for chunky wool blanket circular needles & Free pattern download for chunky wool blanket

Circular Knitting needles & Free pattern download for chunky wool blanket



This chunky wool blanket pattern is super duper fraligisticextipilaoidous easy.  Sort of.  It’s not as easy as this blanket pattern <— another blog post with an amazing knit blanket pattern… but it is pretty dang close.

The finished size of the blanket is 43 inches wide by 67 inches long

It’s straight, good old-fashioned knitting and purling, with a wee border around it.  Once you learn how to do two stitches, two TWO, twoooooooo, it’s easy sailing from there.





Free pattern download for chunky wool blanket

Free pattern download for chunky wool blanket


The chunky wool blanket is knit using double strands of the wool.  What that means is that it is nice and thick, but not toooooo too thick. Did that make sense? It’s Goldilocks approved.  It’s just right.  The wool is breathable..and therefore great to use year round.  Warm in the winter and a nice weight for cool summer evenings. It’s super soft but also super durable. Who knew?

The purty pattern is right here for you, ya dang hippie.  Check yo’ email.  The pattern will be there waiting for you.



Merino Wool 

I knit this blanket using soft merino wool from my fave seller on Etsy.  It’s a gorgeous lightly spun super soft wool, bundled in GINORMOUS skeins. Ps. That means fewer joins in your blanket.



Free pattern download for chunky wool blanket



Alternative Yarns

{1500 yards needed}

There are a bonk ton of other yarns available on Amazon too.  They aren’t as soft and wooly as the merino wool and some are a blend of acrylic/wool. They still make a beautiful blanket.  For some brands, you’ll save some money and have some moola left to buy a pony (or a bottle of liquid fermented grapes.)  Yay!

You will need chunky yarn.  Look for a total of 1500 yards.  With the chunky blends they aren’t as thick as the merino wool that I used, so you will need to triple the yarn rather than double it.  What that means is that you knit with 3 balls of yarn at a time rather than 2 skeins of merino wool.  Either way, you need a total of 1500 yards.

You can see a video of how I do that here (along with another blanket pattern that is d’bomb diggity)

Here they are:

Wool-Ease chunky yarn 

Shetland Chunky

Alpine wool 

Super wash wool 

My fave merino wool



{AKA earrings for the home}

Tassels?  Who said tassels?!  <– I hollered that. Tassels are extra va-vroom. Because hey, we are modern gals.  We like our va-vroom-vroom.

TASSELS.Are.So. Freaking. Pretty !!!!  Sorry to yell.

I invented my own tassels because I hate it when people steal my ideas before I think of them. What the what what?  I dunno what I just said.  Either way.. the tassel HOW-TO is right here.   I’ll teach it to you the easy way.

My Mom forced me into learning how to make tassels while I was holding my baby bottle.   I think we should call child services.

Free pattern download for chunky wool blanket


Until further notice, let’s just celebrate everything….

Free pattern download for chunky wool blanket


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92 Responses

  1. Tracie says:

    Hi Lynne,
    I’m trying to find your knit blanket with the knit 4 purl 4 pattern, I can only find the straight knit one. Help!

  2. Ellen Przybylska says:

    Hey Lynne, just discovered your totally mad website! Love it and would like to move into your lovely house please: (could be difficult as I live in the wilds of Cornwall, England). As a compromise I’m going to knit your chunky blanket with the seed stitch edging (whilst drinking pink champagne obvs).
    However, being a bit thick, I’m slightly confused about the yarn……..
    I’m thinking of using Stylecraft Life Chunky (75% acrylic, 25% wool). If I do should I use triple strands? I could get the same wool in super chunky if that would be better.
    Will it be 1500yds which ever I use? (In my addled mind I would think I need more to achieve the same size if I am using 3 strands rather than 2? 🤔🤔)
    Questions, questions, SORRY 😘

    • Hello Ellen,

      You are correct, if you do a triple strand you will need more wool. The confusing part comes when some yarns are measured by weight and some yarns are measured by yards. Eeeek.

      I have found that I usually go through 8-10 skeins of the 200g merino wool when knitting my throw blankets. I knit exclusively with the wool now because it is sooooooo warm and durable. The problem with that, is that I haven’t tried other yarns and measured them for this pattern.

      Because you are using a different yarn… here is what I would do… I’d make a test square or knit a section of the blanket and see how far you get. Then you will have a good sense of how many balls of yarn to buy. I also sometimes buy extra yarn (so you’ll have the same dye lot) and just return what you don’t use or make pom poms //tassels with the extra.

      Hope that helps.

      Lynne xo xox xoxo

      • Ellen Przybylska says:

        Thanks for the swift reply Lynne. As it happens I have a few balls of both of the wools in question in my stash so I will get some fat needles and do a trial. I’ll let you know how I get on.

  3. Karen says:

    Thanks for the wonderful pattern. Can’t wait to get at it! Also love your humour……..and this font! Have a wonderful day!

    • Hi Karen,

      I’m so happy that you love the pattern. The font is actually called Architects daughter. Doesn’t it make you feel like you can print like a pro? Me too. LOL.

      Lynne xx

  4. Bridget says:

    Thanks for this great post! When you say you need 8 – 10 skeins of yarn, are you referring to eight 50-gram skeins? Or bigger? I’ve always wanted to try to knit a chunky blanket like this, but I’ve never been sure what kind or how much yarn to use.

  5. Hi Sheila
    Click on any photo that says ‘download here ‘ or free knitting pattern etc and enter your email address. The free pattern will automatically be sent to your email inbox.

    Happy knitting
    Lynne 🙂

  6. Amy smith says:

    What length needles do you recommend?

  7. Kris says:

    Do you have any videos on joining in new balls of yarn when working with 2 strands at a time? I’m a fairly new knitter and I’m worried my first attempt didn’t go quite right. Thank you!

  8. Irene says:

    There are 4 rows to the pAttern….
    Rinse- could you explain how to do this roe please as I don’t know how to do this stitch..
    😊 thank you

  9. Sherry Rhodes says:

    I love love love your blog. !~

  10. Kelly says:

    I have never used double or triple stranded yarn before so my question is as you are casting on wouldn’t you get double stitches? So would you cat on 50 /double stitches then knit the double strand as one?

    • So sorry for my late reply, but yes… Kelly.. you got it. If you are using double strand, hold the two strands of wool as if they were one strand of wool, and cast them on. Each stitch that is cast on, has two strands in it, but just pretend they are one thick big strand. It is just a way of making your yarn thicker to knit with.

      Hope that helps!
      Lynne xx

  11. Kelly says:

    What weight is the merino wool yarn? Etsy shows three different weights to order from the link you posted.

  12. Marcia Welsh says:

    Hello Lynne! I have a question for you. I just finished knitting your super duper chunky blanket in the ribbing pattern. Do you bind off in pattern? Also do you block your finished blankets? If so, how do you do it?

    Thank you!
    Marcia Welsh

    • Hi Marcia

      It would probably be pretty to cast off in a ribbing pattern, but I just cast off like normal, without the pattern. I like to keep things simple. LOL.

      I don’t block my blankets, mostly because I have them on my lap about 2 seconds after I finish them. haha. I can’t wait to enjoy them!

      Hope that helps!
      Lynne xx

  13. Birgitt Meier says:

    On Oct 12th I ordered your size 50 circular knitting needles for 24.95 plus 13.20 shipping. I recently started using these needles to do a chunky blanket and yesterday the wire on one needle simply broke off???? I need to finish this blanket as a Christmas gift for my sister and now ????? This order was paid for through Pay Pal. WC-25400. I would like to resolve this matter with you asap. Thank you.

    • Birgitt Meier says:

      Thank you so much for the quick reply. I look forward to receiving the replacement. I do really appreciate it. Thank you again for your prompt action.

      • You are most welcome. It’s an absolute priority to us to have super happy customers :)!

        Happy knitting…with your soon to knitting needles 🙂


        • Birgitt Meier says:

          I clould not be more pleased with these people. I had a problem with an item, and they responded immediately and shipped a replacement very quickly. Pleasure doing business with. Thank you!!

  14. Laura Mirras says:

    I love this pattern and I want to make it for my mom for Christmas. I was wondering which skeins you got… 50 g or 200g? Because being a broke college student I need to stop spending so much money on yarn 😅🙃

    • Hi Laura,

      I believe that the 50 g // 200 g measurement is the weight of the yarn. I use 200 g because it is a chunky yarn. You can save money by going with an acrylic yarn or an acrylic/wool blend too.

      Happy knitting!

  15. Tried down loading this blanket still can’t get help UK

    • Hi Deidre,

      How can I help? Maybe the website was a bit cray-cray that day, but basically if you enter your email, the pattern should automatically be sent to your email inbox. Did that sound dirty? 🙂

      Let me know if it worked okay for you.. and if not, I can email it to you.

      Happy knitting,
      Lynne xx

  16. Kathrine Iacofano says:

    Hi Lynne,
    LOVE the chunky blanket! I’m doing the knit 4, purl 4, etc. pattern. Maybe it’s because my yarn is black, but I had to start over like 7 times! One would think only counting to 4 each time would be easy, but I kept loosing count. SO…..after having to start over so many times I came up with a brilliant idea (and trust me I’m not brilliant very often) and started using the little plastic stitch markers. So when I finished a row, I’d take them all out, mark my next row and viola! no more miss-counted stitches! Just wanted to pass that little tip along for anyone else who for some reason gets distracted after only knitting 2 stitches. xoxo, Kat

  17. Teresa says:

    Love your blog and I desperately want to knit the chunky blanket but I am mathematically challenged in a serious way and forget about common sense! You say I need 1500 yards of yarn, is that per single strand, meaning if you are were doubling your yarn, you would need 3000 yards? Because in my head, I thought you were saying you used 1500 yards using triple yarn so duh, I thought I could cut my yarn purchase by a 1/3 and use double yarn and get 1000 yards but it doesn’t work that way does it?! I need to have my yarn bought soon because I am having surgery and will be home for several weeks and need some projects. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Teresa,

      It means that you need 1500 yards total. Phew, right? Depending on your wool size, you would need to double or triple the strands to make them chunkier. Either way, you only need a total of 1500 yards 🙂

      Lynne x

      • Brittany says:

        I still don’t understand so if I’m doubling my yarn I need 1500 total? But if I’m tripling I would need 1500 total would that be a smaller blanket? Cause it would 500 each for three strands or 750 each for two strands? I just don’t get how you could get the same length blanket with just 160yrds of yarn not mastering if you use two or three strands to make it.

  18. Ray harris says:

    Beginner here….can’t wait to try this pattern!

  19. Judi says:

    Hi Lynne, Great pattern. I needed something simple to knit for this Friday’s party. My daughter’s boyfriend’s birthday. Sooooo….. I started it today and got a 1/4 done. I’m using Lion Brand homespun Bulky (5) in Beachside Stripes color. It’s looking more blended than stripes, however, I really like the look. I’m using Chiao Goo #17 SS circular needles and using only 2 skeins at once. Not quite as thick as yours but it’s pretty decent for my application. If I don’t finish in time I’ll just wrap up what I have done….needles and all and finish later. 🙂

    Thanks again for a super easy and very good looking pattern. You’re da bomb!!


    ps I just learned how to knit last November. So this was one of the easier ones I have worked on. It’s a breeze compared to the detailed ones I’ve been doing. I am thoroughly enjoying it. Thanks again! Happy knitting!

  20. Candis Wilkinson says:

    It looks beautiful, can’t wait to try it. Please send pattern to me. Thanks!

    • Hi Candis,

      Did you receive your pattern by email? If you enter your email in the blog post where it says to ‘download the pattern’, it should land directly in your email inbox.


  21. Jesse-Justin says:

    Hi there, thanks so much for this downloadable pattern and advice! I am hoping to knit a chunky blanket for my king size bed (I know… lots of yarn!), but I wanted to know how you would (if you would) adjust the pattern or needle size for such a large project? Thanks so much!

    • Hi there,

      That’s a good question!….but I’m not sure that I know the answer. I believe the finished sized is 43 in x 67 in, so you would need to calculate how much more yarn/size you need to fit a king size bed.

      I think the quick answer is to just buy the entire knitting store. ha. Ps. I bet it will be gorgeous! Send me a pic when you are done!

      Lynne x

  22. Judy. Chidlow says:

    Please could you post me the blanket pattern to1 115 Stonedale. Suttonhill. Telford Shropshire. Tf7. 4aw

  23. Paula O'Dell says:

    I love your patterns they are so easy and fun to make.

  24. Maxine says:

    Kia-Ora Lynne from New Zealand! I absolutely love your blog and going out tomorrow to hunt down some large knitting needles and wool (lol, plenty of that here in NZ with all our Sheep!). Have always knitted but not for a long time and recently lost my darling hubby far too young, so finding now I am going back to things i used to love to keep me busy.

    I don’t know if I missed it somewhere on your blog with this pattern but how do you attach the tassels to the blanket? It looks like you add them on your first row? Or do you sew them on afterwards?

    Keep up the good work. You should head down this way one day and get some real merino wool straight off the sheep! 🙂

    • Hi Maxine

      First of all, I’m so very sorry that you lost your darling at a young age. My hubby is very sick right now, so it really tugged at my heart when you wrote that. Sending you LOVE LOVE LOVE. Tassels… I made them, and then knotted them on. I wish I could say that it is more complicated than that (I would appear much smarter LOL) but that was it. I made the tassel, then attached a few long strands of yarn, looped them into the blanket, tied a knot to the tassel and then hid the knot in the tassel. Boom. Done. xo

      PS. I think I should come to NZ and try out that beautiful wool right off the sheep. Sounds pretty heavenly to me.

      Lynne xx

  25. Rachel says:

    Just finished the easy Peezy chunky pattern.. Love it! Want to add some tassel bling to it. Whatcha think?? How do I make your awesome tassels?

  26. Elizabeh says:

    Hey! I wondered if you had any idea of other wool yarns that you could use for this pattern. I’d love a quality yarn but a bit more in my price range! I’ve been looking for other brands and use bulky yarns for a lot of things and am always looking to find out more! Thanks for your lovely pattern!! 😊❤️

  27. Veea'ne says:

    I absolutely Love both of the blankets , thanks tons of bunches for the downloads ! Knitting is meditation for me . Man-oh-man , am I ever jones…ing to make one of these cuddlie cozy blankies ….cannot get my mind off making one ………. hmmmmm is that addictive behavior ???? Yes , no – No , yes , who gives a flying flip . I’am a continental knitter so this should go real fast . I seriously would have a melt down and poke someone’s eyes out if I was told I could no longer knit . My brain would just start bleeding and then Snap , Yikes ! Have a great weekend and enjoy your weenies 😊

    • Veea’ne…

      I just about flipped off of my chair when I read.. who gives a flying flip. hahahahaaaaa. You crack me up!

      I don’t know what a continental knitter is, but suddenly I want to be one.

      Off to roast my weenies and eat all the ears of the rest of my kiddies chocolate bunnies.

      P.s. You rock out loud.

      Lynne xx

      • Veea'ne says:

        Looking at your style of knitting on your video , you. are an english knitter or (a thrower knitter) . I’am a picker knitter Omg …..that sounds bonkers or continental knitter . If you could learn to be a picker knitter you’d be knitting like Speedy Gonzales runs ……………………….

  28. Kristin says:

    You are a wild woman! And I freakin’ love that chunky blanket!! But I am thinking the honest story is for me to just buy yours. Cuz this is how my story will go- I buy said needles and yarn, get about 3 inches maybe knit onto needles and everything goes into the basket never to be touched again for like 2-3 years. And by then I can’t find the post on how to make the blanket and my husband is upset with me for the $20 ( cuz I am not really going to tell him the real price- oh no….) of yarn in the basket and there I sit with no super cool funky chunky blanket while I am looking at your snap story. 😉

    • hahahahaaaa Kristin!

      You crack me up! I have a confession to make. I did that too for about 49 billion years and oh so many knitting projects.

      Until this blanket. It knits up so flipping fast. I look down and suddenly I have a blanket. LOL.

      You can literally knit it in a weekend. For reals. That is all.

      Going back to eating my chocolates for breakfast now. haha.

      Lynne xx

  29. Craig says:

    Way Cool…
    Bucket List…
    Gotta Go…

  30. Carol voyer says:

    You’re my daughter’s favorited blog. You’ve inspired her to try this blanket. She has never completed any knit project but we’ll have fun

  31. Kate says:

    I love knitting too! And yes I’m 30 something going on 100. such an awesome blanket pattern, can’the wait to try it out!

  32. Vv says:

    Thank you for the pattern for the blanket. Can’ t wait to try it ! Could you tell me how to make the tassels.

    • You should ask my Mom that question. She is the queen of tassel making. Haha. Okay, all kidding aside, they are super easy to make.. and I hope to get a blog post up about them soon.

      Happy knitting,
      Lynne xx

  33. Jean says:

    Happy Easter, oh Strange One!
    I’ll be 74 next month and I just started knitting. I’m not at the relaxed stage yet.
    I have a question. You mention “rinse” in your pattern, and you’re not the first one to do that. What the h___ does that mean? Love your blog, by the way!

    • Oh strange one is right Jean. Haha.

      Strange because… rinse.. repeat… was just me being a dork. Remember the old shampoo bottles with the wash, rinse, repeat? YUP. I was just being a turd and thinking of that. hahaaaa.

      When you get the pattern, you will see the stitches (links to how to do them) in the downloadable printable. I promise, no rinsing necessary.

      Unless I should rinse my mouth out with soap. haha. That leads me to my next commenter… MY MOM.

      Uh ho.
      Lynne xx

  34. Mom says:

    Ok, now first I said nothing about the church steps (where they kept calling me to come and pick you up :o)….Actually it was under a cabbage leaf in the cabbage patch. (remember the ‘dirt from behind your ears could grow potatoes’)….hold on…that was my mom that said that. Now, back to the truth….ok it was the church steps…..kidding!!! And the knitting thing…holy stink how many times did I use a crochet (did I spell that right, or is there a ‘t’ between the o & c???) haha. So I used the crochet hook to rework the reverse stitch that you did a hundred rows down…..And those darn pompoms on your skates…crap maybe it was my skates. It’s all your fault that I have blanked out all memories before you escaped the nest LOL

    • That’s hilare Mom! The pom-poms! That explains why I make pom-poms for all my knitting cards that I send out with the knitting needles. Gospel truth. Gospel. Get it? haha.

      PS. No worries. Someone is getting back at me. My kids all make me do the same thing now. They wait until they are 59 thousand rows down and then… BOOM.. “Mom, I think I messed up a stitch”

      HALP me.

      Love you,
      Your kid xx (the smart one)

      • Mom says:

        oh ya, and now snapchat…….and “Get your kids to teach you.” How about this one……your kid taught my kid, and my kid should teach me. hahahaha

  35. Julie Cauthron says:

    HI Lynn – love the pattern – have a question. You’re instructions don’t mention using 2 skeins (double) at a time, but in the picture it looks like you have, plus i know #50 needles are huge. So, using the yarn double, are 8 skeins enough?

    fellow treehouser – Julie C.
    Redlands, CA

    • Oh darn! Thank you Julie!! I will go and change that right now. TOTALLY FORGOT TO MENTION THAT.

      I screamed that. Now I’m going to kick myself with my third leg.

      THANK YOU!!!
      Lynne xx

    • PS. Yes, 8 skeins are enough with double strands. That’s exactly what I did. You could order 10 skeins if you wanted to make it a bit longer and if you wanted to do extra tassels.

      Lynne xx

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  37. Andrea says:

    Yay, me too! I think it embarrasses my husband but it gets me through some awkward social situations. And it’s a conversation starter too.

    • True dat Andrea!

      We lived in Paris for a couple of years (that sounds way cooler than what it was LOL) haha.. and it was there that I discovered that French ladies do not knit in public. Whhhhaaa? Who knew?

      Not you and I. We knit in public. LOL.


  38. Andrea says:

    I love knitting! I’ve always called crochet my zen activity but now that I’m comfortable with knitting I’ve switched over to the dark side. When I was learning I used to scream, “I don’t understand how people find this relaxing!” Now I get it.

    • Yay Andrea… welcome to the dark side.hahaha. You crack me up.

      Crazy true, how relaxing it is, isn’t it? Ahhhh.

      I sometimes find, that if I feel slightly uncomfortable in a social setting, I will actually knit through it all. I may look like a granny, but I’m as happy as a clam. LOL.

      Lynne xx

      • farmkiti says:

        Sometimes I just WISH I could knit my way through social situations! But for some reason I can’t bring myself to do it. Well, except for when we sit around watching football or doing whatever at my sister-in-law’s house. I think my reluctance to knit in front of other people goes back to my Southern upbringing. We’re supposed to pretend we’re interested even if the person talking to us is making our eyes glaze over. OMG, this happens so often, I’m finding I stay home a lot more just so I can knit.

        I’m becoming a real hermit.

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