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Welcome to my brag page.  Believe me, that’s hard to do.  Brag.

If I bragged when I was a kid, my brother would shoulder punch me.  I had to learn the skill of  how to brag AND how to do it *quietly*

{when my brother wasn’t listening.}

MY PLAN :  Hide this brag sheet in the blog where it won’t be too obvious to him.  He will never find it here.  My shoulders will be happy to know that *happy dance*

I need you to keep quiet about this bragging stuff.  I won’t tell my brother if you don’t.

Just click on each photo below to take you to the article/feature/press/ brag-fest :



CraftgawkerDo you love Craftgawker ? If you have no idea what it is, you are in for an epic surprise. It is a cool site that gathers all kinds of DIY and craft projects.

Each project links directly to the website so you can learn how to make the project yourself.  The DIY’s will blow your socks off.  It is worth checking out CraftGawker- big time !

Here is a link to the DIY’s from DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE on Craftgawker: CraftGawker DIY projects.  CraftGawker is like pinterest, on DIY steroids.  D’best.





DwellingGawker is the same same but different than CraftGawker.

<— If you click on the DwellingGawker button it will lead you to some cool outdoor spaces that they featured of our home. It also features really funky places from all around the world.  Just click on the photos within DwellingGawker and you can explore these awesome homes – virtually. It is not like they are going to invite you to dinner and let you sleep over in their cozy beds or anything …but it is a fun way to snoop in peoples homes and get funky ideas. Creeper. Jokes.  I love the site.  Get inspired !  Here is the link : DwellingGawker




I was so excited to make it into treehugger, I almost bust a gasket. In my neck.  I jumped up and down and did the happy dance like a crazy woman.  My dog looked at me like I had lost my mind.  Technically, I did.  Click on the treehugger badge icon and you can see the article.  Treehugger is a funky site where you can just feel damn good for hugging a tree and being kind to our environment.   Go green or go home.  Well we did.  We went green and slept in trees (aka our treehouse)  all summer.  It was a hoot !!  Except for the bastards squirrels.  You can read about those little bastards furry fella’s here : Our treehouse + squirrels = Trouble





The awesome folks at inhabitat wrote an article on our treehouse.  It’s about making a treehouse ‘a sanctuary’ and a great escape.  I truly believe that everyone needs a sanctuary and a place to just escape to for CHILLAXIN’.  That is what I do with the treehouse anyway.  I go and hide in it, every chance I get.

This year, it became my blogging studio. It’s awesome to hang out in the trees and see how many acorns that the squirrels and I can throw at each other.  You can read the article here : A sanctuary treehouse made from reclaimed materials in CANADA.


Our Homes Magazine


Our Homes Magazine Lynne Knowlton

Our Homes Magazine came and did a photo shoot at our home.  It was our second photo shoot here.  *insert stress*.  I joke.  Sort of.  Getting your home ready for a photo shoot is cahhhrazzy. You can read about our first one here : pool photo shoot and here : I have a dream – to be published in a magazine.

You can see on line version of this article here : Our Homes Magazine.  Good news : we loved being in the magazine.  Bad news : we went through a lot of beer this summer with house tours. LOL.  It was a hoot !! *beer burp*


Apartment Therapy


apartment therapy

Apartment therapy did two articles on our outdoor spaces.  One on the treehouse here : A recycled treehouse and one here too : An antique barn and outdoor kitchen.  Have you checked out apartment therapy?  It is a great site to get some super cool ideas for your home.  I just lose myself in the site and roam for hours.



Top 100 Interior Design Blogs 2013


Top interior design blogs

Modenus had a competition this year that compiled a list of the top interior design blogs.  The final list had 226 blogs and DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE ranked number 6.  To tell you the truth, the best part about the list was all the beautiful support and comments that I received.  My blog had the most comments out of the list of 226.  That made me feel pretty  darn ahhhhhmazing.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  I would not be blogging without all the incredible love and support that readers send to me.  I am so grateful.  Here is the list of amazeballs design blogs if you would like to check them out : Top 100 Interior Design Blogs.


Design Mom 

Design the Life You Want to Live FAMILY xxGabrielle Blair from Design Mom gave me the epic opportunity to write about our family and home life on her blog.

Gabrielle is not only a beautiful soul, she is a kind – kindred spirit.  I am so very grateful that she gave me the chance to be a part of her blogging life.

Gabrielle is one of the founders of Alt Summit and Design Mom has been recognized by Time Magazine as one of the top websites of the year.



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  1. Jeanette Diehl says:

    Hi Lynne,
    Tonight My Retreat will feature you, Michael and your treehouse. Its at the top of the show.. this show is called “Forest and Trees” will premiere at 9:30pm, then repeat a lot throughout the following weeks, and the full show will be seen on the Cottage Life TV website in another week or so. So please let your peeps know about it. I’m going to email a couple of photos I took of the shoot with the cameraman in the shot. Please post this if you want.

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