Pretty Pictures : Click on each photo for a full gallery & sharing !

Wanna do something cool ?   Click on each photo within this gallery of photos and it will take you to all the blog posts related to that photo AND a gallery of photos.  

That was a like saying a sentence with a mouth full of gum balls. 

Once you are in each of the photo galleries you can pin photos, share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + , Twitter and email…. the whole shebang.

It's pretty amazeballs.

Please share the photos like tequila at a frat party.  Share with your peeps on Facebook.  Share, share, everywhere.

I’d smooch you for it.

Super easy. Super fun. Just like us.

You floozy.




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5 Responses

  1. Linda Olivas says:

    I cant wait to use on my fb pages..

  2. Jennifer VanZant says:

    Im totally in love w/pictures. I came to site to find a easy way to obtain sliding barn door hardware for to old awesome barn doors obtained for FREE wow I even love your conversational informative aspects as well I’ve always wanted to blog but DON’T unserstand exactley how to begin any hints

  3. Dan Gullett says:

    I know this is about your pictures but do you look at others pictures. I have several I like but one I think is GREAT. Well just tried to copy and paste, that didn’t work. Please tell me how to get a couple of pictures.

    • Hello Dan,

      Did you click on one of the photos above and then it takes you to a photo gallery? I hope so. After that, you can double click on any photo and it enlarges it on your screen for you. I use a Mac computer, so I can just grab it at that point and save it in my iPhoto.

      If you have a particular photo that you love, let me know and I will email it to you.


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