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Design The Life You Want To Live has been highlighted as one of the top most influential blogs in Canada.   


*  Engagement levels often hit the roof with  50 – 500 blog comments per blog post.


*  Pinterest pins of photographs reach an average of 125,000  daily impressions and over 2 million monthly viewers.


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*  The most popular blog post has been viewed 400,000 times and continues to grow daily.


This blog has raving fans, a top notch feature… the difference that makes the difference. I love my peeps.  They create the best conversations and talk real on the blog.    It is a cool place to hang out.   Don’t ask me how that happened.  LOL.   It just did.


Products and Services : 


Every single blog post is written from my heart. I will never promote or endorse a product or service that I don’t one million percent love love love.


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Real  Life


My blogging audience have come to expect my authentic nature and real life honesty.  They are a smashing lot of educated peeps and I view them like my besties.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I never want to display or endorse an ad or attach a link that is not a good fit with me or my awesome readers. It would be a complete violation of what I believe in. I honour their trust in me, and I have no intention of ever comprising that trust.  

Ever.  Taylor Swift ever, never.


I have been approached by many companies to use their product in exchange for payment and/or endorsement.  I turn down approximately 90% of advertising inquiries.  Nothing will land on my blog page if I don’t love it.






Bloggy STATS :


An ahhhhmazingly reputable Google page rank of 4

An engaged Klout score of 68, in the top 1% of social media influencers.

A top notch Alexa US ranking:  This blog is in the top 30,000 of blogs in comparison to millions of blogs in the US.

An engaged visitor visits 2 pages of the site.  Approximately 50% of all readers are women and 50% male (of course) ha!

PS.  5% of the readership could be my Mom, Aunties, kids and dog.

The majority of readers are college educated and browse this site equally from home and work.  Don’t tell their bosses ~ that could be a career limiting move for them.   Although I am Canadian and based in Ontario,  73% of readers are from the United States.


Social Media 


All followers to all of my social media channels are authentic real people who genuinely engage.  I do not buy ‘vanity’ likes or followers.  Fake followers are, well….FAKE.  Blah.  I don’t go there.


Instagram followers  4,000

Facebook page  4,000 likes

Pinterest followers  6,000

Average of times/impressions my pins appear on Pinterest 125,000 daily.

Most popular pins have been pinned tens of thousands of times from the blog.

Twitter followers 11,000


Most popular blog posts have received between 100,000- 400,000 views per post, with hundreds of comments per blog post.

I believe one of the strongest assets of my blog is that it is highly engaged with loyal avid readers.  I receive hundreds of emails from my readers.


I adore social media (it’s SOCIAL) Haha… and happy to discuss opportunities with you on how to spread the love for your company as well.

{ If we are a fabulous fit }

Please feel free to contact me at


#Advertise on Design The Life You Want to Live @lynneknowlton . It's an epic #blog.

Look up. Things are looking good.


Affiliate Links 



Design The Life You Want to Live is a for-profit blog.  The blog contains occasional relevant affiliate links.  An affiliate link means I may receive a small commission if you purchase.  Please note : none of the fees for these links have been increased to compensate me.

I am also a RewardStyle affilate.  Links to products that I use in my home, or items that I wear, may also be affiliate links.   Again, they are only listed if they are top notch in my world and I luuuurve ’em.

Gifted and sponsored items are noted within content with “c/o” (courtesy of) or “provided by”.

All opinions expressed on Design The Life You Want to Live are by Lynne Knowlton (yup, that’s me.)


Sincerely and authentically yours and signing off from the treehouse …


Treehouse in Canada Lynne


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9 Responses

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  2. Joanne says:

    Hi Lynne, I love your blog and want to totally copy it–hahaha, just kidding! I do want to start my own blog, but I’ve become “blogged” down trying to figure out whether to use Weebly (supposedly very easy for newbies) or WordPress (looks sooo complicated). I’ve been procrastinating for about six months!
    Do you have any advice for me?

    • Hi Joanne
      I would love to sell my theme some day, so copying it may be able to happen :)

      I would definitely go with wordpress. WordPress is number one in the world, and google loves it.

      It all depends what your blogging goals are. If you want to blog for fun and personal reasons, I would go for a free wordpress blog platform from

      If you want to blog for business reasons, and want to grow your audience, build traffic and monetize it, I would use It is definitely more complicated to do that in the beginning, but worth it in the long run.

      I couldn’t have done it alone. I did it with the EPIC help of Waylay Design. (no one pays me to say that, I just really really love them). They are a young couple by the name of Wayne and Selina and I think they are the best thaaaaaaang since sliced bread.

      Happy blogging !!!
      I LOVE it, and I hope you do too !

      • Joanne says:

        Lynne, thanks so much for your advice. I honestly didn’t expect a reply, given what you’re going through right now. I’ll look into WordPress further.
        Sending hugs and prayers,

        • Ahhhh schmanks Joanne
          Truth is .. Blogging is a therapeutic distraction from what we are going through with cancer – so I’m happy to help.

          I have a big butt and I tell no lie. Okay- the big butt part was a lie – but the blogging distraction is the truth. LOL. XX

  3. Laleh Latini says:

    Hi Lynne! We love your blog and wanted to let you know that we have just launched the first in a series of limited edition designs from our new collection at! We hope you might post about us.

    Please check us out and let us know if you have any questions and if you would like images.

    Thanks so much and until soon!

    • Sorry Laleh,
      I only post about companies that I truly have a working relationship with, or with products that I completely LOVE LOVE LOVE.

      I also don’t do sponsored blog posts for free. Blogging is waaaaaaay too much hard work to give it all away for free. I need to pay for my liquorice and chocolate habits.


  4. Mary Cummings says:

    Lynne, I just have just a few words because I am In awe of it all !
    YOU ARE AMAZING !!!!!!!

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