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BALI: You make me freak out with excitement

Could you ever imagine yourself living on a warm tropical island? I can. Wait, let me think about it for a minute. Twist my rubber arm Thinking….Thinking….comptemplating for one more moment YES YES YES YES !!!   Crazy part about …


  Normally, I don’t have “any moss growing on me”….I am movin’ and shakin’ and doing this and that. Well.. I was moving and shaking until the flu stopped me in my tracks. Sad face.   This friday is a …

BALI ~ My Treasure Island ~

Bali has grabbed a hold of my heart.  Oh the treasures…. I am getting super duper excited…just dreaming of the day that the container will arrive from Bali to Ontario.  This is the fourth container that I have helped to …

Florida Ocean Life Goes Balinese

This is a home in Jacksonville Florida that I worked on. I had the pleasure of also living in this house, when we lived in Florida for 3 years over the winter seasons. It wasn’t always a pleasure, it had …

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