DIY tiny cabin. LESS is MORE.

Epic #inspired ideas for building a tiny cabin via @lynneknowlton #DesignTheLifeYouWantToLive



Didja hear the news?    We built a teeny tiny cabin!  It’s so dang sexy!!  I’m going to show you how to do it too.  Why??  Because you deserve a sexy DIY cabin how-to.  Holy batman.  It’s juicy.  It’s awesome sauce.  You see, I love you like that.  You deserve to know the inside scoop on how to make a cabin too.


You’re welcome.


Pssst … You are going to want to give me a present for this one.  Bring wine.  I’ll meet you in the treehouse.  Race ya.


String  Lighting  From Target !

String  Lighting  From  Target!


Oh, Oh, Oh… and by the way …. Missies and Misters …. I’m not talking about building a boring {YAWN} cabin.  This cabin does NOT have the personality of a dull pencil.  It is a bathroom cabin and it rocks out loud.


It has pizzazz.  Just.Like.You.


Hmm,  if the walls could talk.  Uh-oh.


Oh la la.


#DIY Bathroom Interior

Live   Edge  Wood   Countertop   From  OneOneEleven Designs


How many days from start to finish ??!!

Truth bomb :  I wanted the cabin to be built FAST.   We had 30 days to go from a naked forest to a new 10 x 10 cabin AKA bathroom.


Like a speeding bullet.  Fast.

* Swoosh *


Our first TripAdvisor Treehouse rental guests arrived this month.  I thought they would perhaps like to have a potty.  Demanding, right? 🙂


Oh hells yeah. 


What happened next was part miracle, part swearing, part squirrel, part shots of hard liquor.   The cabin was completed in 30 days.  I only had tequila once for breakfast. {{Hiccup}}


The cabin is off the chain.


I’m losing my mind over it.  It’s pretty damn swell.  It’s ridiculous.  It’s love. I’m officially a smitten kitten.


 It’s all in the details …


Source :    Faucets   &   Countertop 


Do you want to build your own wee cabin ??!


Building a tiny cabin is not for wussies.  It’s for die hard glampers and DIY lovers.  It’s an up-cycle, recycle… cycle the freaking awesomeness outta everything you see, kinda project.


Okay, okay, maybe I’m being a little mellow dramatic.  You should seriously stop expecting normal from me.  We all know that’s never going to happen.


But still.


Technically, we built this cabin as a bathroom for our treehouse.  YOU can turn this cabin idea into anything.  An.eee.thing.  The cabin can be as wild as your imagination.  Got it?  Good.  You can do it.  Because you’re smart (and a little wild) like that.


Here’s the secret sauce …


Steal all my DIY cabin ideas !!!


I will be sharing all the inside DIY cabin dirt over the next month.   Some ideas will be on the Facebook page, some will be on instagram and I’ll try to get my butt in gear and share on Google Plus too.

The down low nitty gritty ‘how to’ details will be here on the bloggy.  The upcoming ideas will knock ‘yer socks off.  It will knock everything off.  Whoa.  You may just be buck naked at the end of this fiasco.

My eyes.  My eyes.


Click here or on photo below to be part of the DIY chain gang.  Signing up to the bloggy means you will receive weekly literary magnificence from this here bloggy blog blog … You may unsubscribe at any time in about 2 seconds flat {{ but you won’t want to }} …  



I  have an obsessive, unhealthy,  never want to leave,   kind of attachment to treehouse glamping.  My treehouse obsession led me {{naturally}} down the path of wanting to pee on a real toilet.  With real water and wait for it… wait for it…  a real flush.




I’m getting too old for poison ivy butt and animal threats ( mostly in my head)  riding my tail.  Life is good when you can tinkle without the scare of something creepy attacking your butt.  #ThankYouVeryMuch

We do have an outhouse, which is mighty fine.


But. Butt. Still…


For the love of Pete, I’m pretty demanding when it comes to wilderness out-takes. AKA Tinkles.  Ya know.  All that jazz.  It’s very personal.  I don’t wanna talk about it.  Ewwwh.


#Canadian #CountryLiving

I  Can  Be  Shy

What’s the LOO story ?!!

I had been itching to build a treehouse bathroom for just a wee short time.  Three years-eight months-five weeks-sixteen days-fourty two hours and ninety four seconds.  Don’t get me wrong, I lurve our outhouse but there are only so many times that this menopausal woman can trek to an outhouse in the middle of the night.  My hot flashes are my only saviour to seeing my way clear to the outhouse.  I light up like a firefly.  I’m a hot mess.


It's danger play for a menopausal woman not to be near a toilet.


Let’s face it….it’s cool to rough it… until you want to pee.


Composting Toilets :

I dreamed of making the tiny cabin from reclaimed recycled materials.  Mostly.  I didn’t want a recycled toilet.  I also didn’t want a composting toilet.  The thought of a composting toilet makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little.

I also wanted to build this cabin with the help of brands that I LOVE.   Scratch that.  I wanted to work with brands that I ADORE.

A Delta toilet answered my toilet prayers.  Yes, DELTA makes toilets and they are d’bomb dot com.


We bought this one at Home Depot.  I hugged it all the way home in the car. I gripped so tight, I gave new meaning to the expression white knuckle.  That white throne had my name all over it and I wasn’t letting go.


I thought you may enjoy a photo journey of our journey (minus the toilet gripping experience)


Click on photo to enlarge or share  …



Working with Brands for this DIY project :

I had lunch with a friend the other day who uttered the words … isn’t it easy to find brands and get free stuff when you’re a blogger?  I reached right across the table and slapped him.

Dude, take off your shirt, and let’s go.

Quick answer :  NOPE.

Followed by a punch in the face.  Jokes.  Not really.  I punched him with my eyeballs.


#DIY Tiny Cabin planning

Squirrels   Are  Involved  in  The  Creative  Process


I work with very few brands.  On purpose. By choice.   You can read about my media and advertising choices here.  If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you will know that I only write about brands that I love love love love.. with or without compensation.


If I love ’em.. you are going to hear about them.  If I dislike a brand or it’s customer service … I’ll probably just send out a saucy tweet and run for the hills.  I’m a chicken like that.

The three brands that I worked with on this tiny cabin bathroom are brands that I sought out because I ADORED them already.


*    Delta Faucet

*    Reclaimed Lumber Products

*    One One Eleven Designs 


Getting everyone organized at Casa Knowlton is like herding cats.   I needed the help of some epic brands.


Occasionally,  I got stumped.  Excuse the pun.

I’ve got this rare disease where I go blind and can’t use my hands when I’m around power tools, wheelbarrows or a chainsaws.  I find my hands again if it involves cabin design ideas and bottles of wine.


#DIY Tiny Cabin.  Less is the New MORE

Less  is  The  New  More


Lessons I learned while building a DIY tiny cabin :


*   Less is the new more

*   Squirrels are much prettier when they are behaving

*    Fireflies are the coolest thaaang on earth.

*    Don’t take shortcuts.  They take too long.



#DIY Tiny Cabin

The   LaTree’ N


Want to see some of my inspiration for this project?  Here’s a pinterest board full of tiny cabin ideas and a pinterest board with outdoor shower ideas!  If you like to add some pins to the TINY CABIN pinterest board of inspiration … let me know your email addy in the comments below and I’ll add you as a contributor.

Damn what an adventure this has been!!  Join Me while I share the nitty gritty details and how to’s over the next while on the bloggy.  I love it when we get to hang out together xx


Sources and where to buy :

Two Handle Wall Mount Faucet  c/o Delta Faucet,

Outdoor String Lights from Home Depot (with tin rim) and Target (with Edison Bulbs)

Wood flooring and Interior Walls c/o Reclaimed Lumber Products

Live Edge Wood Countertop c/o  One One Eleven Designs ~ Proudly Canadian Made

Exterior Walls made from reclaimed, up cycled old barn boards

Door Track Hardware c/o Reclaimed Lumber products

Interior bathroom lighting from Lowes

Bathroom wall mirror from HomeSense Canada.


this is where the real conversation begins


Leave a comment below and help us name the new potty !!  

With the help of my instagram pals on this instagram pic, here’s what we have so far : LooLoo, Nature Calls, Skip to my Loo, Luscious Lou, Bella Throne, PeaTree,  Bella Lou, Delta Dawn and LaTree’N.

Want to know more about how to create the DIY Tiny Cabin? … lemme know whatcha wanna know …



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49 Responses

  1. Richard Philbrick says:

    Let me preface this by saying I’m in the planning stages of building a 160 sq. ft. shantyboat., but I LOATH that expression “less is more.” NO IT’S NOT!!! MORE is `MORE.! Less may often be BETTER than more, but less is NEVER MORE

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  3. Jonnamae says:

    yes. I want to own and build My own cabin too! I would love to stay there and experience the joy and its peacefulness.

    • Ahhhhh it is pretty awesome to be in a treehouse 🙂

      You are in Australia? You may have to hop over a few oceans, hills and countryside to get here. Let’s trade places! I love Aussie land.

      With love from Canada,

  4. Most lovely cabin I ever did see! Great work!

  5. Jim Knowlton says:

    I would like to have a chance to see if I could use your beautifully designed latrine, it’s a a masterpiece of combining the new and the old special products into an original perfect design. WELL DONE
    Jim K

  6. AwesomelyOZ says:

    Uff loving your cabin!!! 🙂 When your house gets featured somewhere, like HGTV, let me know because at the rate you’re going it’s going to get there. It’s so charming and inviting! Hope you are doing well Lynne and have a great week if I don’t hear from ya 😉 -Iva

    • Hello lovely Iva!

      It would be so freaking coolio to be featured on HGTV….except… wait for it…. they seem to get things done in 30 minutes or less when they do projects. LOL.

      If they have an HGTV show that has projects that take 30 years or less… I’m in! Haha !!


  7. TucsonPatty says:

    I love the “LaTree’N” name – couldn’t come up with a better one myself! It is so gorgeous I can’t stand it. What/where/who is the sink – that is awesome looking! Congrats on your new “Little House in the Big Woods”. Ohhh – there’s a name, but I think maybe it is already taken.

    • That’s it … * throws down tea towel and stomps on ground * … that’s a great one too!!

      It is too difficult to decide on the best name. I think I should make them all. For reals.

      I feel a creative painting project coming on.

      Paint. Sip. Paint. Sip.

      That’s my kinda day 🙂 Who wants to join me? :)))

  8. One day, I will come to your tiny cabin so I can use the washroom. I like the idea of peeing almost outdoors, without the outdoors actually touching me. After that, we will make cake together.

    • Wanna know something cray-cray Rachael? Of course you do 🙂

      I read your comment before seeing who left the comment, and thought… that’s my girl Movi !!

      I loves you and your epic cakes.

  9. Shirley says:

    Hi, Lynne! I was going to suggest “The Necessity” (British slang for toilet), but I like “The LaTree’N” better! Love your latest addition!

    • Oh my oh my ooooooh my

      I love THE NECESSITY too ! Maybe I need to make signs with a few names just for laughs! I can hang them all up on the side of the house.

      I think I better make it a project for treehouse visitors. I’ll put them to work 🙂

  10. Linda says:

    I love the name La Treee’n …. But Craig is pretty funny peehouse+treehouse !!!

  11. Shakila Xavier says:

    Hi Lynne, I kinda knew u were going to say that… shoot.. I guess I’d have to make that trip sooner than later with a fat suitcase 🙂

    • Bahhhaaa Shakila,

      I’ve done that too and just about lost my mind in excitement with what I could pack in a suitcase. Until I arrived at the airport. My excess baggage fee was $1600.

      Erhhhmergerd! I left my luggage behind. No kidding !

      At first, I laughed, because I thought they were joking. I joked that I could fly my luggage home first class for less moola. LOL.

      I saw that luggage 2 years later when I returned. Oh my.

      Life is a crazy train sometimes 🙂

  12. Looks adorable. You could have a party in there. How about Party Potty? Actually, my creative brain is a little distracted right now with thoughts of buying trips to Bali. I remember all the drop dead gorgeous things I saw when I was there. I was able to drag a few home with me, but BUYING TRIP sounds like all kinds of amazingness. Let’s go!

  13. Craig says:

    Ahhh yes, the toilet….
    Make sure you get the
    heated, nightlight toilet seat…
    It will be of great comfort when dashing
    from Treehouse to Peehouse this winter…
    just sayin’ ….. gotta go…

    • Erhhhmergerd … that would be GREAT! Someone needs to invent that… Craig… not mentioning any names 🙂

      Maybe I will just paint the toilet seat with glow in the dark paint. 🙂

  14. mom says:

    Holy Stink…that’s a great name for your outdoor “hide from the kids & everyone” DIY cabin. The LaTree’n…very classy for the Poop-House. What I really want to know is why there’s a sign in the window that says “Grow dreams”? LOL

    • Haha Mom

      Good point 🙂

      My Bali shopping pal KIM gave me that sign, and I move it all over the house. There is just something about it.

      I LOVE IT. <--- I screamed that 🙂 You and Mark need to come for a visit and check it out. It's ahhhhhhmazing. Grad party at the Knowlton's Aug 23rd. I love how I'm inviting you to a party via my bloggy. Hahahaha. Love you xx

  15. My favorite name is La Treen! So cute. Nice job, Lynne! Did your hubby help out with the power tools? I look forward to seeing the upcoming ‘how to’ posts.

  16. Lynne, love the name you picked! That bathroom is outstanding and is way way way better than an outhouse. I know, I have used an outhouse and it ain’t pretty – OK it was pretty – but it was nasty smelling. I am sure your LaTree’N smells as great as it looks And with all the shavings outside, I bet it smells like a house in the woods. Love the sink and the wall faucets. You make a great place to pee. What if people never leave the room cause it is so darn sweet. Jo-Ann

  17. Elen Grey says:

    Fwump! That’s me falling into a dead faint over The LaTree’ N. Nothing else will do. Nothing.

    I swoon over your little water shed.

    No. Wait. I lust.

    No. Wait. I’m having a little LaTreen’ N-gasm.

    The end.

  18. Donna Gibson says:

    How Cute! Makes me want to pee more often LOL! You are so
    awesome Lynne! 😀 I wish I was lucky enough to meet you in person I’d love to go shoppin’ with ya’ Have a Great 4th (it’s our 23rd wedding anniversary YEEE HAAAA

    • Hi Donna

      I wish you lived closer tooooooo. You could have had your anniversary in the treehouse here !

      Drats, it is a loooong road trip.

      *Sad face*

      Have a beautiful anny on July 4th !!


  19. Deborah Main says:

    I awoke to this post Lynne and am inspired beyond words. We have 5 acres in Colorado and this little cabin would be d’bomb. BUTT, no pun intended, they have a minimum for square footage. I’m gonna check and see what that is cause I’ve always dreamed of having an escape plan to this land. (I would also sell it for a million dollars cause of its kick as view of the Rockies!!). So I’d love to know how big I can go with this “small is the new big” only because of their minimum requirement….drat cause I really want a tiny one with a front porch right on the edge of the cliff seeing the drop dead GORGEOUS view. As far as naming your potty….we’ll that’s kind of personal since it’s YOUR special place to do your bizness….but my vote is “Skip to the loo my darlin” and call her “loo loo” for short. Thrilled you now can pee inside…..woohoo…or wooloo!! I’m definitely inspired to create my own tiny cabin and I LOVE the sink….omg…fabulous. Enjoy!!! And watch out for the bares while skipping to your loo loo. Xo

    • Hi Deborah !

      What a great way to wake up LOL 🙂 I might be biased. haha.

      Minimum/maximum requirements are so different everywhere in the world, so I would check that out for your area.

      If you wanted ideas for bigger stuff, you can see some here in our treehouse blog posts :

      We have 100 acres and we are in the middle.of.nowhere in Ontario … but the maximum requirements for backyard sheds in our area is a 10 x 10. Not sure what minimums would be 🙂

      Maybe a Barbie Doll house. haha.

      So happy you feel inspired to build a tiny cabin. Honestly, it is a really fun project and it FEELS good.

      Keep your eyes open this month on the bloggy, I’ll be sharing a ton of great DIY ideas and how to’s for the cabin.


  20. Shakila says:

    Wow, congratulations! That is one amazing cabin. Indonesian designs own my heart. Is there an easy way to purchase stuff (sink/furniture etc) from there?

    • I am with you Shakila,

      Indonesians own my heart too. Bestest, happiest souls on earth.

      Easy way to purchase stuff from Bali? Quick answer : NOPE. Lol.

      I bought my sinks when I was on a buying trip in Bali and brought back a full container of furniture, sinks, and all that jazz. Even then, it wasn’t easy but totally fun.

      Sorry, that probably wasn’t the answer you were looking for.

      If you search the word ‘BALI’ in my blog search bar, you can read about my Bali road trips and buying in Bali.


  21. Melanie says:

    Well hello sexy lady you have been busy. Totally love the cabin the sink made out of rock is stunning. It really is cute. I get what you mean about not being able to rough it. Im all about being clean and not having to hover over bushes. Your guests will love it warning they may find it hard to leave. Now as for the name of the cabin my first thought was “Do bears s*I&t in the woods” but maybe that’s too strong I do like skip to the loo as well. You should be very proud of your hard work missy now go celebrate with some wine ;o)

    • Hi Melanie !

      The cabin sink is from Bali. Isn’t it incredible how they can create a sink from a rock?!! Ahhhhmazing !!

      I love the bear expression. Hahaha!

      Gotta joke for you :

      How do you catch a bear?

      You go out into the forest.
      Dig a hole.
      Make a fire.
      Let the fire go out and watch for some ashes.
      Open a can of peas and put peas around the hole.

      When the bear comes along to take a pea, kick him in the ash hole.


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