You’re pretty much my most favourite person of all time in the history of ever.

BlogTour update on voting :

Voting is closed.

I lost.

{insert foul language}

Sort of.

I was blown away by the epic love ya’ll laid out for me.  Legit love.  Like the kind of love that makes me want to kiss you.  THANK YOU.

*Sad face* I lost the voting challenge to travel to London UK for BlogTour

AND….drum roll….

I won PARIS BlogTour2014.

{ insert pee’ing of pants }

Errrrmaaaagawd.  Oh how I love Paris.

The key to your heart is in Paris. #Paris by @LynneKnowlton from Design The Life You Want to Live

More on that later.  For now ~ Here is the original quickie blog post I threw out to try and bribe you to vote for me.

  Oh. How. I. Love.YOU.

BlogTour LONDON challenge :

If you love me…..You will vote for me.

Not in a minute. Not five minutes from now.  NOW.


I need you.  STAT.

@LynneKnowlton from Design The Life You Want to Live


TODAY is last day to vote for the Modenus BlogTour to London UK.

Voting ends at 5 pm EST.

And I’m effffing losing at this very moment.

* hands waving in air, panicked face, crazed hair, sore loser face *


Don’t go pee.  Don’t go walk the dog.  Just click here and vote : Lynne Knowlton on Modenus …. then I will kiss you.   On the lips.  Legit.

 Oscar Wilde at Pere Lachaise Cemetery.

Hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge : You can vote once from every device that you own. Not that I want you to cheat like that. Totally cheat like that.




I will explain the whole contest later. We don’t have time for that now.  You just have to trust me on this one.

BlogTour #Paris 2014 ~ Come hang out with @lynneknowlton on the blog & we can talk frenchie :)

How much do you love me?   Because I love you.

You’re pretty much my most favourite person of all time in the history of ever.

Note: I’ll say anything right now if you will vote for me.

Want my first born child?  Deal

Want all my vintage jewellery ? It’s all yours.

PS. I have really cool vintage stuff.  A.K.A….Vintage = candy necklaces.  They are all yours.

I’m counting on you !

Vote here : Vote for Lynne Knowlton

Here are the rules of the game :

1.  You can only vote once.  Hint, hint , wink wink : per device.

2.  You are allowed to break into libraries and public computer offices to vote on every computer.  Just once per computer.  But every computer.

3.  You may steal all your kids mobile devices and vote on those too.

4.  You can break into your neighbours house and vote on their phones and computers.  Grab yourself a cup ‘o java when you are there.

5.  You can shout this out in public places :

I love Lynne. You should too. Vote for her. She is nuts.

What are you waiting for ?  Here it is again…Vote for Lynne Knowlton on Modenus

Click the box beside my name.  Then click vote.



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56 Responses

  1. Danica says:

    Pure awesomeness!!!!!

    I followed along all day, re-tweeted and reposted and then reloaded the page in anticipation….. so amazing that you are on the Paris Tour…

    You know when people say “Everything Happens for a reason” this couldn’t be more true considering how much you love Paris and lived there!

    Now I’m looking forward to next year as you post and tweet away about your experience!

    Congrats Lynne!

  2. Jeanine says:

    Girl, you know I just love you crazy!!! 😉 CONGRATS you deserve it! Jeanine (twitter follower admirer @j_nine_34)

    • Hi Jeanine !!
      Thanks for the big fat congrats ! I’m still doing the happy dance all over the place about BlogTour.
      Truth : I could NOT have done it without epic love & support from awesome peeps like you. THANK YOU from the bottom of my goofball heart. Lynne xoxoxoxxo

  3. Courtney says:

    CONGRATS!!!! that sure ended on a high note!! Thrilled for you! xx

    • Hiya Courtney !
      It sure did end on a high note ! Do you believe it? Hurry up 2014 and get here quick !! hahaha!
      Kisses, Lynne xx
      PS. Still loving your incredible photography from the Blogger Retreat. Sooooo beautiful !

  4. What! What?? WHAT??????
    (backflip into the pool)
    Giant giant congratulations hugs. I’m going to have a glass of prosecco right now just for you.
    PARIS BlogTour2014 has no idea what it is in for. BlogTouring with you is going to be *EPIC*. How do I know? I can just tell. In fact, taking a trip with Lynne Knowlton is on my lifelong bucket list. They might as well give up BlogTouring right afterwards and think up something better, because there will be no way to match PARIS BlogTour2014 with Lynne.. Unless they do 1 more and pick the Lifeovereasy Sisters. Then that will be a close 2nd. Hey, wait, can you chat someone up now and make that happen?
    FYI, I voted on more than 1 device, cause I’m sneaky like that! And I will take a candy necklace. Who wouldn’t?
    Paris had better start preparing for some over the top epicness. Stat.

    • Hilarious Dani !
      I just read the bestesst comment in the whole wide world from you… and giggled… and all I can seem to focus on is that traveling with me is on your bucket list ??!!

      Now I am uber flattered. I won’t be able to get my head through the door now.

      We need to chat road trip ideas in the treehouse. STAT.

      :) Luvs ya.

  5. Voted for London, but turns out it’s Tres (Insert foul language) Bien, baby! Gotta love the ooh la la factor gods sending PARIS BlogTour2014 your way. Congrats, friend!

    • Ahhhh Schmanks Darleen !

      I am oooh la la’ing all over the place. Someone needs to peel me off the ceiling :)

      To tell you the truth…. a free trip in an airplane to just about anywhere makes me want to do triple summersaults.

      Thanks for your ahmmmazing voting efforts. I could not have done it without all my lovelies in my life.

      Lynne xx

  6. Freebyrd73 says:

    I love shameless begging…. you got MY vote hun!

    • You are amazeballs for voting for me. Thanks! So happy that my shameless begging had some effect.

      I LOST London. Boohoo. But I won Paris BlogTour because of awesome peeps like you.


  7. Carina says:

    Voting…fingers crossed for you. xx

    • Carina !!!
      Thank you for all your loveliness yesterday. Where would I be without a beautiful soul like you in my life?

      To all my other pals on my blog…please go click on Carina’s name in this comment section. It will take you to her website of STUNNING Paris photography. It’s mind-blowingly gorgy gorgeous. Do it. Do it now.


  8. Becca says:

    Done. See you in London! FYI, it wouldn’t let me use any other computers in the house. I’ll have to swing by the library.

    • Thank you Denise !!! It was a crazy day and I am sending you a HUGE cyber hug for all your help. Wowswers !!!

      I lost the BlogTour London challenge by 29 votes, but I WON BlogTour PARIS 2014.

      Time for you to happy dance all over the living room. Shall we meet in Paris next year again? :) xx

  9. kristin says:

    vote- done! no child or jewelry needed. :)

    • Whhhaaaaat Kristin ?

      You don’t want my candy necklaces ? I only licked them once.

      I updated the blog post today. Have a look at what happened :)

      Thank you for your vote. I am sooooo very grateful.


  10. Rose Dostal says:


    Good luck! You deserve to go mon ami!

    • Thanks cupcake !

      I updated the blog post today… but you already know the news :)

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your vote and your big cheer !!!

      Hugs and love always,

  11. Suzanne says:

    Done best of luck!

  12. 2 votes just now from my house. so exciting – good luck, crossing fingers!

    • Dani
      Holy Hannah banana shakes…. did you see what happened…. AFTER I lost by 29 votes ?

      * insert temper tantrum * LOL.

      I updated the blog post today. Come see. Come see.

  13. Terry says:

    Did the deed!! You certainly deserve it – keeping everything crossed. Very hard for me as I’ve put a few inches on my thighs.

  14. Mary Ann says:

    I’ll pass it on – and good luck!

  15. Terri Betz says:

    Voted! Best luck! :)

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