Farmhouse Style: Wedding in a barn

Wedding in a Barn! #Inspired ideas for you!

The time has come.

My niece is getting married in our barn on Saturday.

I thought it could be kinda cool to share wedding prep photos with you this week.

You up for it?

I thought the photos may help to calm me down this week, and to calm you down too. LOL.  Like you need it.


Yes, we live in the country.  I think I can do a better job of sharing that with you.


One of my blogging goals is to step you into our home,  barn, and treehouse more often ~ to give you some ideas for your home.  Simple ideas.  Decorating ideas.  Ideas with twigs, shells, rocks, mosaics… oh my oh my, you won’t believe all the cool things I have in store for you.




What do you think of that idea?

It’s easier for me to do that in short blog posts.  Otherwise, you may never see it.

I would love love love to hear your input in the comments.  Good idea?  Bad idea?

Step into the backyard…


#Wedding in a #barn : See what it takes to make that happen via @lynneknowlton

Back yard view of the fields


Setting the scene for a wedding can be sort of complicated and simple all at once.

The trees behave themselves.  They just stand there looking all tree~like.

There is a sense of calm in the air.  Don’t ask me how that happens.


Countryside living & a wedding in a barn... shabby chic wedding on DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE

The treehouse is hiding just around the corner


It just does.

When we have a big event that is about to burst on the scene at home… I remind myself to enjoy the prep time as much as the event….


“Life is a journey, not a destination.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson


It is seriously complicated to do.  I suck at relaxing.  I suck at sitting down.  I have to remind myself to just chill it.

Do you do the same ?   Or am I an alien ?

So… I just go about my daily tasks….

All the sheets get washed and hung on the line.  Someone needs to bottle that scent. 


Countryside living & a wedding in a barn... shabby chic wedding on DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE

Everything is better when it is hung on a laundry line


Taking one day at a time.

I hope that you enjoy this wedding week with me.  A week to remind ourselves to work hard, but also to just chill it.

Even when the cat poops on the chair.

Or the dog decides to have a mud bath in the pond after his shampoo.

Or cancer decides to act like a monkey ~ playing with your hair, and shitting on your shoulder.  { I wrote about that on the Facebook page this week }

May the journey to relaxation begin this week.  Want to join me?

We can try to relax it out together.

Relaxing and chillaxing for wedding week prep ~ A #wedding in the #barn via

Feel the warmth…



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Now ~ go ahead, leave a comment and give me some ideas for relaxin’…..

*hands waving frantically in air*  ha !!



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17 Responses

  1. Bobbie French says:

    A favorite quote of mine is “Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway”. By Emory Austin
    This one has helped me so much. It got me through some very bad times. It has also put me in a better frame of mind. When you start singing, you let all the stress float away.

  2. 1. I love wedding week already!
    2. It’s possible that I need you to fix my home. Also, if you could pay for that, it would be awesome.
    3. Should you agree to #2, I’m pretty sure I could convince at least one of our cats to sleep in a bed with you. (Because you’ll have to sleep here whilst completely redesigning our house.)

    • Wooohoooo ! Wedding week. I need a drink. LOL.

      I never say NO to a road trip, so you better be careful. I just may show up at your door one of these days.

      *knock knock* … quick….grab the cats, and answer your door. xx

  3. Chris says:

    My favourite way of getting away from all the noise in my head is going to a wooded area and wander slowly. Now that isn’t possible for you since you live in one. Another favourite is playing RPG’s on Playstation. Your kids probably have a few of them and its gets you completely away from all the lists of stuff in your head that you need to do. Be careful though! They can become addictive! I am just jealous of your property and would love to live like that. I can’t complain because I turned our tiny backyard into our oasis with a gazebo to keep out the skitters! Have a wonderful wedding. Barn parties are the best!

    • Hey Chris !
      Your backyard oasis with a gazebo sounds pretty amazeballs to me.

      Good idea about getting away from ‘the lists in my head’…. funny how that list just grows and grows.

      Sometimes, I write stuff on it ~ Just to scratch it off !! 🙂

  4. deneen mueller says:

    It’s sort of a sign that I had to think for a few minutes to figure out what I do to relax., don’tcha think?

    anyhow…I love to sit in a bookstore for hours over a coffee & a stack of books that I may or may not buy; Going for a ride with the windows down & blaring either the Aretha Franklin or Kelly Lee Phelps station on Pandora; rummaging around Thrift/Junk/Antique/Second-hand/flea-markets any day, any time; watching documentaries or foreign films (both a sure fire trick to run everyone else out of the room – making it an even more relaxing event); having ‘coffee-time’ with my husband every morning; This one is going to sound ridiculous – ironing cloth napkins. I love using cloth napkins so I collected them everywhere I go. I have a ritual where that involves the ironing board, the aforementioned docu/foreign film, a big stack of napkins & a nice beverage. Oh – and any time I can plop my ass down on a beach is like mainlining Xanax 🙂

  5. Danica says:

    I LOVE weddings! Especially whimsical romantic ones and I have a feeling this one in your barn will be so intimate and beautiful! Very much looking forward to the pictures you are going to share!

    Also, Daily Awesomeness sounds like tons of fun!

    • Thanks Dan-eeee-zzza.
      Did I spell that right? 🙂 xx

      Daily awesomeness should be fun this month.
      If not, I will go drink wine in the treehouse and write in my ‘nobody likes me journal’.


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