A wedding in a barn without a hitch but with an explosion.

Wedding in a barn, treehouse, country property

But only one explosion.  Okay, maybe two explosions.

One transformer explosion, and one Lynne Knowlton explosion.

We can talk about the transformer, but we can’t talk about my temper tantrum.  If you ask, I will punch you.  The embarrassment of my 48 year old temper tantrum needs to be filed in the let’s not talk about that vault.   Like ever.  

A wedding in a barn is never dull.

Apparently my temper tantrums aren’t either.  Ooops.  My bad.  Alarm bells.  Vault was opened.

Shut it.  Slam it shut.  Slam it tight.  Slam it vault tight.

Our house was full of hustle and bustle.  I love that feeling.  The house is happiest when it’s full.

There was a buzz in the air.


Country side wedding in the barn and pool area via DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE

Insert people. LOL. For now, you get to see the dog.


An electrical buzz.  

Then a zap.   Poof.


The electrical transformer went up in smoke.   Snap.  Crackle.  Wtf.  Pop.

Hours before the wedding… we had no electricity and no running water.

* insert frenzy *

I suddenly felt wound up tighter than bark on a tree.

2 hours, one hydro truck, 2 hydro workers miracle workers , 2 big fat smooches on the hydro workers cheeks and 2 stiff drinks later…. it was solved.  I  also decided that everyone should have a brother that carries a flask of 18 year old scotch in his wedding tux.   I love my bro.   The scotch was so nice, my brother said it has a built in GPS system.  You can feel it traveling through your body.  Ahhhhh.  Thank you Scotch.

I think I love you.

No water meant no showers.  No showers meant dirty bodies.  Dirty bodies meant panic.  We all turned and ran for the pond.   In hindsight, I’m not sure if that was a smart move or a stupid move.

There was a frenzy of adults, kids, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters jumping in the pond.

Pond swimming = best.entertainment.ever.

If you are a polar bear.

A wedding in a barn.  Without a hitch.  Okay, maybe one. #Barn #wedding via lynneknowlton.com



For a moment we thought it would be a good idea to dunk in the pond.  It was a fleeting moment.  We soon realized that we were punishing ourselves with a dunk in an icy cold torture chamber. 


Bathing in a pond is like putting powder over dirt.


Have you ever tried to shave your armpits in a pond?  It doesn’t work.  Lesson learned.

Suddenly, being bombalicious didn’t matter.   I warned everyone about my hairy arm pits.  After all, some things cannot be unseen.  Sorry Nana.  I’m sure you really didn’t need to know that about me.  This blog post should have come with a warning label.


Lynne Knowlton from Design The Life You Want to Live #BLOG http://lynneknowlton.com

Keep arms close to body. Smile.


How does one prepare for a wedding in a barn?

Drink scotch out of a flask.  Oops.  Outside voice.

Chairs.  Chair prep.  Chair movement.  Pretty much just move chairs all over the place until it all just fits wherever.

We kicked the kitty cats outta the barn and filled the place with chairs.  There was almost a cat revolt over that one.

They think they own the joint.


A #wedding in a #barn.  Without a hitch.  Okay, maybe one.


The ceremony was beautiful.   I sipped beer.  Don’t mention that.  It was on the down low.  Hey , I needed it.  I was still shivering from the torture chamber.

I also bet money that someone would get looped and sleep under the barn chairs.

I didn’t stay awake long enough to find out.

Note to self : Do not eat 6 wedding cupcakes.  They induce a sugar high and then a  cupcake coma.

I have no idea who would be stupid enough to do that.  I totally did that.



A #wedding in a #barn.  Without a hitch.  Okay, maybe one.  Maybe two.


We even set up the treehouse for some chillaxin… Not that I would know.  I didn’t actually try it.  I have hogged the treehouse for the other 364 days of the year. I thought I would share it for a day.  Nice of me, don’tcha think?

Yup.  I know.

*pats self on back*


Any ideas on how to rent out our #treehouse ? Please come share and let me know on lynneknowlton.com

Best news about the wedding day :

Other than the obvious benefits of scotch, wedding bliss, and cupcakes….

  • The dog didn’t goose Grandma like he did last year.


  • He also didn’t chase the cats through the barn.  Clearly, miracles do happen on wedding days.


  • The environmentally friendly algae busting blue dye in the pond did not make us all look like blue smurfs.


  • The cats didn’t eat the cupcakes ( when anyone was looking )


  • The barn cats only catapulted off the pool umbrella once.


  • The treehouse mouse didn’t make an appearance.  Hey, we live in the country.  They just invite themselves in.  Jerks.


  • The squirrels didn’t run across the yard while flipping us the bird.  And you think I joke.  Country entertainment.  They could have their own television show.


  • Our dog didn’t eat an entire pie in one gulp.  A second miracle in one day.


Straw wreaths with mini lights in the barn for the #wedding

Mini lights on straw wreaths



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It makes me happy.

It will make you happy.


Read about a #wedding in a #barn, a dog, 3 cats, 2 squirrels and one mouse :)

It even makes my dog happy


Just do it.

I kiss people when it happens.  Then I sip scotch.  One should celebrate these moments of awesomeness.  You will have some fun with me, I promise.  If not, you can dump me like a hot potato.  You can unsubscribe in seconds.  I’ll cry and then make it all better with more scotch.  No worries.

Remember.  I respect your box.





Now… tell me your secrets about how to shave your armpits in a pond.  Or how to avoid temper tantrums when you are 48 years old.  Or how to defy the odds and outsmart a squirrel.  Tell me anything.  Bring scotch.

Tell me, tell me now….

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74 Responses

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  2. frankpolly says:

    “” Our house was full of hustle and bustle “” very funny you are 🙂 nice to read your post.

  3. Christopher Wong says:

    Lynne & Family,

    Thank you opening up your home to all of us. You hosted such a beautiful wedding, on a perfect day 🙂

    Thank YOu
    Chris & Kristen

  4. mrsugarbears says:

    YOu are sooo adorable! I love the barn wedding! So glad that your sweet animals were good for the party. Have a super fab day! Mwah!

    • Hi Shannon !!!
      It was quite a hoot. Swimming in the pond was a whole other story. Mind you, I was so dirty from wedding prep.. I would have swam in a pit of crocodiles if it meant I could clean up.


  5. Pete Walker says:

    Bourbon…not Scotch. Basil Hayden’s, or Blanton’s.

    You’ll never go back to that automotive parts cleaner stuff you’ve been drinking. The only worse drink is gin. or tequila. or vodka. yeah, bourbon for me, unless it’s a really great white, or red, wine.


    Shaving armpits in the pond…not sure about that…maybe not such a great idea. Razors and goosebumps, not a happy combination, I suspect.

    There’s always the French policy: go natural. Ask the husband first, though.

    OK…sounds like the wedding was a resounding success.

    What’s the rent on the tree-house? ;-)) (what Stephanie Rock said, but I don’t have candles or essential oils…what’s a fella to do?)

    • You crack me up Pete. You sure know how to chose your bevies.

      My brother is pretty opinionated about that 18 year old scotch of his… and hey, I wasn’t complaining. After watching a transformer poof up in smoke, I would have drank moonshine out of a cowboy boot.

      🙂 xx

      • Pete Walker says:

        Moonshine kills all germs, funghi, and other nasties along with multitudinous brain cells…so the boot issue is moot.

        I still have to understand the last leg of the trip to your house…apparently you’re so far out in the sticks that it involves hitchhiking?

        What’s THAT all about?

        And “box”? “Hootenanny”?? Are these code names for other shave-able lady parts?

        What the hell sort of Canadian shenanigans are you people up to??? They sound really, really fun.

        Except the shaving. Not so much the shaving.

  6. Um…YES! let me know which airport & I’ll start looking up airfare. Passport is ready.

  7. Gorgeous, Lynne. Next time I get married, that’s where I’m heading. If you’re not there, just leave a key under the mat. We’ll sneak in, do the deed, go for a dip in the pond, have a few drinks by the pool with the squirrels, and head home all married. And we’ll make sure to make a nice long toast to you before we leave. Cause you have a great barn, and you’ve always respected my box. xo

    • hahahahahahaa DANI

      Oh, you know I respect your box. You made me laugh out loud again.

      You would have loved to meet my new pal Ann Wertz Garvin. She is an amazing author and one funny funny funny lady. Anyhooooo…

      She also says ” don’t forget to spruce up your hootenanny ” …. I just lose it laughing when she says that !

  8. I can just picture it – all of it! Ca-rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrazy! Love it. You bathing in the pond? haha Love love love. Too funny. The photos are gorgeous, especially the one of u. xo

    • You wouldn’t believe it Norma ! Michael put some blue dye stuff in the pond (the local farmers recommended it to keep the algae down). It looks beautiful.

      Problem: I was so worried about looking like a blue smurf during the wedding. OMG.

      Why does this stuff only happen around this neck of the woods? LOL

      #DoesThisMeanI’mARedneck ?

  9. I had to reread this post 2x- I can’t focus on any more words once I read “rent out the treehouse’ All I was reading was oh my god, I want to stay there, how do I rent the treehouse, please let me stay in your treehouse. Really, I’m not a psycho stalker, I really just need to get away for a few days!

    • Great idea Stefanie !

      We can trade essential oils, candles, and some of your other epic green products for a treehouse visit !! Wanna ?! I totally would LOVE that.

      Pack your bags…. let’s make a plan.


  10. Donna says:

    OMG! I can’t imagine a houseful of people before a wedding then to have the transformer go! Unbelievable! You need your own flask – bet your Bro gives you one for Christmas – you will need it for your ‘Wedding in the Country’ business! Can’t you see the Bride arriving on a horse drawn sleigh, under a toasty warm blanket? Falling snow and soft lights all around? You get the picture! :))

    As for advertising your new business – I see there is a ‘Wedding’ section on http://www.kijiji.ca – link to this Blog – who could resist this setting and so much fun on their wedding day? You will be overrun with couples wanting to get married in the kitties’ barn!

  11. Courtney says:

    I love your stories you made me wish I was at that wedding! I love how you decorated it…..oh heck.., I love just love your barn I want to get married there next time someone asks me!!! If I ever end up in Canada I want to stay in your treehouse …… I sound like I want a lot of things don’t I …

    • HA Courtney !
      Deal. Deal and deal. A barn is always fun to be married in. The treehouse is a very welcoming home away from home and it is always good to want a lot of things. Kisses, Lynne xx

  12. Dream location for a wedding! Would love to shoot there someday…I’ll even bring my hydro husband 😉

  13. Rose Dostal says:

    I absolutely adore the barn wedding decor! Well done Lynnie Pooh:-)

    p.s. You should rent the barn (but after I come and visit). Haha!!

    • The barn door is always open for you Rosie posie puddin’ and pie. I always laugh… when I tell Michael that his ‘barn door is open’ aka ‘his fly is down’. He never looks at his jeans. He looks out the door to see if the barn door is legit open. hahahahaha !

  14. Janet says:

    Bah. Who would want a boring ol’ wedding-in-a-barn-withOUT-a-hydro-and-water-outage anyway? They would tell their friends, “Yadda yadda, we got married in a barn, yadda, there were cats…bla bla”. This way they get to add hairy armpits and a wigged-out aunt to their story 🙂
    Glad it went off without a hitch (ie. three explosions)

  15. Sandi says:

    Miss ya!! Be Well! Barn Wedding looks beyond outstanding

  16. This post makes me actually believe in weddings.

    • Do I feel a road trip coming on Rachael ? 🙂 The barn awaits you. So does the fire department. And the local electric company. And maybe the occasional squirrel. Things are always a ruckus around here. That’s what I call a REALwedding. 🙂 xx

  17. Betsy Mannino Kirshbaum says:

    Fun blog today Lynne!!! I love the idea of the wedding in your barn! Also I WANT TO RENT YOUR TREE HOUSE, lol!! Does it include airfare? 😉 Miss you tons and hope all is well! Micheal is always in my prayers:)

    • Hi Betsy !!
      It is so fab to see you in instagram. I have to tell you, it is my way of secretly stalking you and having you in my life still. I sure miss you!

      The memories of Florida. The memories of Paris. Next… the memories in the treehouse. 🙂 We are only a hop skip and a jump away.

      We can introduce you to the local fire department. They know us quite well. LOL. That’s a whole other blog post. ha! Never a dull moment.

      Now go hop in your car. See you in 20 hours. xx

      • Betsy Mannino Kirshbaum says:

        I love seeing you on Instagram as well! Your pictures make me happy:)
        Soooo… 20 hours…….is that all??!! Lol. Why didn’t you say so, we’ll see you soon!
        You know it’s funny but I miss Paris, I was only there for a couple of days but I miss it. I think it’s Europe all together:) XOXO

        • So true Betsy,
          Europe just gets in your soul, doesn’t it? I hear that happens with tree houses too 🙂 Hmmm, I think you newlyweds 🙂 should give it a try. Just sayin’. Bring that pal of yours with you. You know the one. The trouble making Balinese pal.

  18. Tantrums aside, even without the scotch I am certain no electrical glitch or hairy armpits would keep you down. 🙂 Glad the wedding was an excitement filled fun-fest. Life’s unexpected moments become the most memorable, perfection is dull.


  19. Um so yeah, where were you in 2005 when I was getting married and looking for a rustic outdoor venue…

    • Hi Alex !

      Let me think…. 2005… I was just being born. 🙂 Seriously tho, imagine the fun we would have had setting up your wedding in our barn?!

      Now that would have been EXPLOSIVE ! xx

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