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With an eye for design and a mind for marketing, I’ve created a strong brand and a highly engaged following. I’m a designer, blogger, globetrotter, DIYer and love to share fantastic ideas with my audience.



It’s about helping others make their house a home.


Design The Life You Want To Live is highlighted as one of the top most influential blogs in Canada.  Engagement levels hit the roof at 50 – 900 blog comments per blog post.




Most popular blog posts:


Door Track Hardware: 700,000 views

Chunky Wool Blanket: 560,000 views

Start here:  317,000 views

How to make Grapevine Balls: 200,000

Man oh Man, MEN: 200,000

Homemade Baileys:  150,000


Design The Life You Want To Live has raving fans, a top-notch feature… the difference that makes the difference. I love my peeps. They create the best conversations and talk real on the blog. It is a cool place to hang out.

Every blog post is written from my heart. Every. Single. One. I will never promote or endorse a product or service that I don’t one million percent love love love.

My blogging audience have come to expect my authentic nature and real life honesty. They are a smashing lot of educated peeps and I respect the trust that they have given me. I will never display an ad, endorse a company or attach a link that is not a good fit with me or my readers. It would be a complete violation of what I believe in. I honor my  trust in me, and I have no intention of ever comprising that trust.

Ever. Taylor Swift ever, never.

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Here’s the facts ma’am.  Just the facts.



Google page rank:   4


Klout score:    72, in the top 1% of social media influencers.


Alexa US ranking: A top-notch ranking with the blog in the top 30,000 of blogs in comparison to millions of blogs in the US.


Readership:   Approximately 50% of all readers are women and 50% male. PS. 5% of the readership could be my Mom, Aunties, kids and pals.  The majority of readers are college educated and browse the site equally from home and work.  Don’t tell their bosses ~ that could be a career limiting move for them.  Although I am Canadian and based in Ontario, 73% of readers are from the United States.


Page views:   Average monthly page views: 120,000


Email subscribers:  22,000 and growing by 50-100 per day.


Comments:   Average of 50-800 comments per blog post.



Current Projects 


Airstream :   Renovated a 1976 vintage 31 ft Airstream into a glamp-tress of beauty. It’s a stunner. More photos here and on instagram here #DreamyAirstreamy.


Treehouse & Cabin:   Certificate of excellence with TripAdvisor.  Featured in Poppytalk, Treehugger, Apartment Therapy, Inhabitat, film & documentaries, Elegant Wedding Magazine, AirBnB & Cottage Life magazine/televison.  Photos here.  See all the photo features on Instagram via #TreehouseRetreat.


Kitchen renovation:    to be featured in Chatelaine magazine 2016 and throughout my blog and social media for 2016.  Photos here. Featured on Instagram here via #DesignYourKitchen


Travel:   Travelled to 28 countries, 264 cities, a top contributor with TripAdvisor and ranked as a hotel expert. In the top 1% of reviewers in the city of Toronto and top-tier of contributors on TripAdvisor.  My expert categories include restaurants, hotels and attractions.


Lets Get Social


Instagram: 22,300 followers.

I share photos and fun captions daily on instagram.  I tag my favourite brands organically and additionally @mention the brand name to make it easier for others to see/buy my faves.  I’m a reward style affiliate and can directly link to brands/websites within Instagram with links.


Pinterest: 9, 700 followers.

Average of times/impressions my pins appear on Pinterest = 154,000 daily. Average monthly viewers on my Pinterest: 2.5 million.  Most popular pins have been pinned tens of thousands of times.  Pinterest drives 75% of the social media traffic to my blog.  I adore sharing brands on Pinterest.  ADORE.



Twitter by @lynneknowlton

Twitter:  18, 300 followers.

I tweet daily and share blog content and favourite brands.  The majority of my tweets are photo centric as photos make the tweets more beautiful, they are more likely to be seen and retweeted more frequently.  I only share positive brand experiences.  If I receive a product that I don’t like, I won’t share it with my audience.  Fearlessly authentic is how I roll on social media.

Facebook Page Lynne Knowlton DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE


Facebook page likes: 5,500

I share daily on the Facebook page and organically share brands by tagging a brand page as well.  I also include photos in all of my Facebook posts as they receive more attention in a Facebook newsfeed.


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