Shop like a BOSS and own it.

Shop like a boss & own it. Great shopping deals!



Hi love!  

No time for blogging chitty chatty today.  No time for nuttin’.  No time for tomfoolery.  We have time for bed lazing & shopping.  That’s it.  You up for the challenge?


Cyber Monday Deals via

Gold  Pillow  from  Target,  throw blanket  &  Quilt


Today is not a normal blog post.  It’s a GET YOUR SHOPPING SHIT DONE sort of post today.


blogging black friday


Stop expecting normal from me, it’s never going to happen.

*Palm hits face*


Today is about… Shopping. Shopping. Shopping.

Shopping peacefully.  From your computer.


Home office shopping

Linen  Sheer  Curtains  from  West  Elm


Imagine that?


I repeat.  We are going to shop PEACEFULLY.  Together. 



Black Friday deals on the blog

#GirlBoss  book …soooooo  FAB!!


My typical reaction to holiday shopping is to START THE CAR, START THE CAR while running for it.  A flying leap at a fast gallop.  I trip over dogs, babies, anything that moves.  I trip over things that don’t move.  I just trip.  On the daily.  I’m coordinated like that.

This year, I’m bringing the mall shopping to a grinding halt.  


We don’t have to start the car.

We don’t have to pile drive into anythaaang.



Relax from home

Relax from home … pillow… ahhh


We can sit, relax and shop like a boss on our terms.  In our bed. Or at our desk.  Or anything.  Just not a mall.  Just like that.  Today is our day to own it at our own pace.


I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be a few mall scrappers today.  Someone will go down.  It will be a fight for the latest what-not.  Someone’s going to get their hair pulled in a retail store.



I recommend vodkafor moments like that



Not us, right?  We aren’t hopping the crazy train in a shopping mall.




We can skip the lines and get great deals while wearing our fuzzy slippers & flannel jammies.


This is one of my fave blankets from Target

One  of  my  fave blankets  from  Target


Today, we can shop from home, bra-less, wild haired, footloose and fancy free with dishevelled hair.

Not that I would do that.

 I would totally do that.

A turkey hangover can make people do weird things.



Black Friday Deals

Shop from bed. Yeah!!

I love it.  You go girl.

Get ‘yer shit done.

Getting shit done


Here’s the thing…. I have the inside scoop on the best sales for YOU

These sales are HUGE.  Mammoth.  They will make your Christmas warm and cheery.



pottery barn blanket

Pottery  Barn  Blanket  &  Pillow



The sales this season are going to rock your socks, Amadeus.


Find a cozy chair, flop yourself down, arm yourself with some energy mud and perhaps a wee spike of baileys.  Shhhh

Today is your day to nail your hohoho shopping without stepping into a retail store.



Home office

Are  you  up  for  it?


Best news ever : You won’t have to throat punch strangers in a mall.


Kick Ass SALES :




Free People

Gap, Banana Republic , Banana Republic (Canada) and Old Navy(US), Old Navy(CA)

J Crew , J Crew (Canada)


Old Navy, Old Navy Canada 

Piper lime

Saks Fifth Avenue

Pottery Barn Kids


West Elm, West Elm Canada

World Market




Want to see my personal faves??  You can shop my all time faves right here on the blog!  I feel so smart for lining up my favourites for you.


I should get a new pony or some mammoth prize.  Maybe an academy award.

Yeah.  With George Clooney.


The things I do for you.   I’d take one for the team.  If it’s George Clooney.  Do you think he’d like my boots?    Totally his style, right?

Pffffttt to the super model 🙂


Shopping for Black Friday

My  Hunter  boots  &  Funky  Liners.  LOVE.


Here are my all time fave products that I own or swooning over:


My West Elm faves to buy /// Roots Canada ahhmazingness. I own almost everything in here. Crazy cool stuff. /// My fave Etsy sellers /// Amazon ///  Pottery Barn awesome sauce /// Wooden Wheels for barn door hardware ///  Free People oh la la /// My fave travel accessories from Etsy sellers ///


BONUS: A sneak peak of my Etsy travel finds.  Why?  Because I think it’s super important to buy handmade and TRAVEL too.  I love to support artists and online entrepreneurs.  Etsy rocks.

Click on photo to see the etsy sellers :


TRAVEL etsy faves


Soooooo whatcha think?  Do you love the online deals this year?  Talk to me in the comments!  Tell me what you find today.  I’m at my ‘puter all day today and shopping too.

I’m gettin’ my hohoho on with you.  Wait.  Did that sound dirty?  Hmmm.


twiggy love

There’s  Pretty  Stuff  Everywhere !!


I’m all about saving money for this jolly season. That’s what makes me jolly. 


You with me? xoxo

Have fun and remember …


I recommend vodka

haha, especially if it’s in this homemade baileys.

——- from home —–

Homemade Baileys Recipe !!

Kate Spade Candle & West Elm Glasses



home in the kitchen

Kate  Spade  Candle  &  Delta  Touch  Faucet !



delta faucet

More  Delta  Faucet  Awesome  Sauce



Holiday shopping Schedule:

Shop. Sip. Hiccup. Breathe. Shop. Rinse. Repeat.



I’ll hold your hand.  You hold my hand.  We’ll be done in no time. We can do this together. xo




GirlBoss  LOVE


PS. When you find hottie deals, scream them back to me in the comments below. Share the links to what you found.  Shout it out to me on Twitter, Facebook, anywhere.

For the love of Pete, just shout.  I want to hear about your deals and coolio finds.

K? K. Deal.

Where am I?  Right behind you.  Right where I’ve always been.  Talk to you soon in the comments below …



Shop the Post :


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29 Responses

  1. Pingback: Shop for the holidays like a BOSS and own it. - Sew Susie Designs

  2. Janet says:

    Yea!!! My Piperlime packages arrived today! They come in beautiful clothe bags adorned with ribbons!! These will be perfect for shoe bags in luggage. I also love my selections! Thanks for the heads up Lynne. I’d never even heard of piper until your Black Friday post!!
    Loves- janet

    • Soon sweet Janet !!

      It’s so fab how the online retailers are packaging things up so beautifully! I love how it just arrives at the door and BAM, ho ho ho is already looking good xoxox

  3. maureen carman says:

    I have three important words to say … Thank you Lynne!!!

    After four days of hustle bustle with family, friends, cooking and cleaning I found your recipe for Baileys on Pinterest!!! It is deeeelish!
    I made the most of a sleepless Sunday night … curled up with my laptop on the couch andI explored your blog! Whoooa!!!
    I appreciate your style and sense of humor … thanks!
    Gotta get back and shop!
    Warm hugs,

    • Great to hear Maureen!

      That baileys. Ohhhh it’s delish, isn’t it?

      Happy shopping and reading.

      Thanks for the blog love! Much appreciated. It keeps me inspired to keep writing more!

      Merry HoHo

      Lynne xx

  4. Janet says:

    Oh gees…reading your blog late last nite. Followed your link into Piperlime and got some great deals!! Are you guys covered in snow yet? Janet

    • Hi Janet!

      I did the same thing. Even tho the holiday codes were there for Black Friday, I left them up because they are still working. Woot woot!!

      I did some serious hohoho shopping over the weekend too. Almost done. Yipppppeeee!!

      What fab finds did you get at Piperlime? So exciting!!

      It feels good to shop from home and be ahhhhh relaxed, doesn’t it?

      Yes, we are covered in snow big time. We had 3 snow days for the kids last week. Crazy cray cray but true.

      How are you? Busy exploring this gorgeous world of ours? xo

      Big love!!!
      Lynne xx

      • Janet says:

        It’s cyber Monday – I’m back cruising the deals- wish I had made your Bailey’s! I got some summer dresses for a cruise to the Bahamas in Feb, at Piperlime. I Just got back from amsterdam (thanksgiving), it’s so magically christmas there. We got a smitten of snow. I’m on a golf course so my daughter and her friend rode sleds down the golf course hills. It’s freezing here (seattle) so I’m enjoying my fireplace….now what did I do with that Bailey’s recipe…..

  5. AwesomelyOZ says:

    Just fyi I made this Bailey’s recipe twice already. I’m sipping on it now. It’s 1:40Am here, no shame – just got back from the movies and it hits the spot! I don’t have alcoholic issues! I’m on the World Market site now to see if this sale is still going on – I adore World Market, they have the cutest things for the home and not to mention awesome food from all over. 🙂 Hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday (if ya celebrate) and take care love!1 -iva

  6. Ann says:

    You have the most fun and beautiful blog evahhhh. I enjoy every single image of beauty. Every single one.

    • Thank you Ann!

      Your comment came at the most PERFECT time.

      I was just thinking.. where is everyone… did they go shopping? 🙂

      Sometimes I look at the blog and say blaahhhhhhh grrrrr, and you just made my day.

      🙂 Lynne xx

  7. Stefanie says:

    Love it! Sad for “west coast nan” though

  8. West Coast Nan says:

    Loved all the options but boo hoo for me, nothing that I liked/wanted shipped to Canada. Guess I’ll have to take to the streets…

    • uuuhhooo …

      I’m a Canuck too, so I hope that it doesn’t happen to me today too.

      I will toats have a temper tantrum. I won’t have any witnesses to my tantrum … since I’ll be in my kitchen … but still. Ha!


      Big love!
      Lynne xx

  9. Danica says:

    When my boss comes to me on Monday morning and she says “Danica, why in the world was your internet time so high on Friday”

    WHAT AM I GOING TO SAY!!!!!! Wait, I know…BLAME it on Lynne Knowlton for posting this evil post on Friday morning just before I’m going to start work, on the last day of the month when I have a million things to actually do and none of them should include online shopping”

    Thank Lynne….you are the best!
    Your Pal who is now broke,

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