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See the latest blog posts on Design The Life You Want to Live by Lynne Knowlton. Blog posts about the treehouse, cabin, airstream, DIYs, home decor and even cancer...with a twist of wit and real life uncensored talk.          Most popular blog posts by Lynne Knowlton of Design The Life You Want to Live          See a bonk ton of photos of the treehouse, airstream, gorgeous bunkie | cabin | cottage. Great design ideas, inspiration and beautiful ways to design with white. Paint can make a HUGE difference with a small investment.


shopShop all my current faves in Etsy ( all the goods are handmade!!!) by incredibly talented artists.  My all time fave is linen!   This small Lithuanian linen shop makes absolutely gorgeous linen curtains, bed linens..well, everything. I use their linens every single day and they just get better and better.

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See the latest SALE finds <– I update this page frequently AND meet my fave brands along the way too.  You can shop from home in your jammies.  Not that I would do that.  I would totally do that …


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my-productsAll my fave finds from around the world!!  Shop gorgeous bamboo knitting needles with these free knitting patterns for a chunky wool blanket.  Buy Amish hand crafted wooden wheels and hangers for door track hardware. Shop my latest jewelry collection, handcrafted in Bali (page to be updated soon!) Each piece is lovingly created by Balinese artisans.


Shop for knitting needles for a chunky wool blanket via          Shop Door Track Hardware ... beautifully handcrafted by the Amish. See the door track hardware here           


Want to know how to blog?  I’ve been blogging for a yonks age (what is that, exactly?!)  I’ve learned some easy and some not-so-easy *face palm* things along the way.  If I had a third leg, I’d kick myself with it…from all the mistakes I’ve made.  Want to jump to the front of the line and skip the mistakes?  Gotcha covered.

I’m sharing how to grow your email list (my subscriber list grew by 700% when I used this)… and ps. Your email subscriber list is theeeeeee most important part of your blog. <— I screamed that.  I was able to go from 1-2 subscribers a day, to 200 a day with a total of 27,000 email subscribers to date.  Wow! If I can do this, so can you!  You can read more about it here.

You’ll also see what equipment I use, how I edit photos (the freaking EASY WAY!!) because. hello. easy.  Note to self: I also sip wine while editing….wine has antioxidants and I like to fight cancer sometimes 🙂


Read the best blog posts on how to blog, how to grow your blog and email list of subscribers via Lynne Knowlton          The best tips tools and resources for blogging by Lynne Knowlton          The best blogging tool ever for growing your email list is @Leadpages !! It helped me grow my list by 700% !!



Learn creative ways to SIMPLY do things.  Simple is where it’s at.  Less is the new more.  Any nobody got time for wasting time.  I’m sharing how to creatively photo edit with easy to use apps. I also use Picmonkey (it’s free!) and yet I upgrade to the paid royale version.  It’s super inexpensive and it opens up a bonk ton of editing options.

Creative Market is another great one for so many awesome features like logos, fonts, blog themes and hand drawn graphic elements.  Most things are FREE *back flip* annnnnd, Creative Market has free weekly downloads and 95% off bundles.  Oh so good!!  I love it all! I get lost looking at fonts for hours on end.  It’s like font-crack. I’m a font-a-holic. Here you go…


One of my fave font, logo, graphics sites is @CreativeMarket ! They have so many free goods too!!           I love @picmonkey for their free editing and it's so so so easy to use!!!!           



We have been renting our treehouse, cabin and airstream for a couple of years now.  It’s been so awesome meeting really cool people.  PS. People who rent treehouses seem to be very cool peeps, and fast friends. That’s the good news. The bad news is that my hubby is quite sick.   We decided to only take a waitlist for treehouse/cabin guests and to just concentrate accepting bookings for a couple of weddings/events for the summer.  You can read more about that here.  Big love…


See fantastic ideas for a cabin |cottage| bunkie via @lynneknowlton          See more about the #TreehouseRetreat via @lynneknowlton #treehouse           Airstream before and after renovation via @lynneknowlton